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I was currently standing in front of Sonny Blackbones that's right from Galactik football, weird I know. What happened was one night this man kidnapped me and I was brought to the Shadows planet where I was sold as a slave I have been sold at least five times and after the second time I have stopped talking completely. Mainly because of the shock that I have actually been kidnapped by a person from a cartoon show!

My name is Shannon you don't need to know my last name, I am 13 now but when I was kidnapped I was only 12, I have dirty blonde hair which is layered with a side fringe and I have blue/green eyes.

'We aren't going to hurt you' Sonny said for the tenth time, I believed him but I forgot how to talk can you blame me I haven't talked for a year! 'Listen can you just tell us your name' I tried to talk but nothing came out so I just looked down. 'Artie can you show her where she can stay' 'sure thing Sonny' he led me to a bunk type room thing.

'Come on kid can you tell me something, your name at least' he asked. I pointed to my throat and shrugged my shoulders. 'You can't talk?' I nodded my head. 'Oh so you aren't being ignorant.' I shook my head. I clicked my fingers after getting an idea. I made a pen motion and Artie said 'you need pen and paper' I nodded my head smiling.

He turned around and got a pen and paper for me. I smiled when he gave it to me and wrote on the paper. He took it and read aloud 'your name is Shannon and you are thirteen from Earth' I nodded. 'So why can't you talk.' I took the paper again and when I finished writing he read aloud 'you were kidnapped from your home then took to the shadows planet and sold as a slave after the second time you were sold they beat you so since then you haven't talked, so you have forgotten how to talk'

I nodded my head 'I cant believe they did that to you, come on, right now Sonny thinks you are scared of him we should probably tell him you aren't scared, you aren't scared right?' I shook my head smiling slightly. We went back to where Sonny was and Artie explained the situation.

'So we have to teach you how to talk again' I nodded. 'ok instead of nodding try saying yes' I hesitated then tried 'y…y…ye…yes' he smiled and said 'Artie you can help her, remember no paper and pen just words'

(I am very lazy can't be bothered to explain the process of learning, now she remembers most words but not a lot)

Two weeks later.

'Ok so now you can talk' 'yeah thank you s…so much Artie' 'see you are getting better, now what can we do you cant do nothing all day, do you like playing football' 'I was never aloud' 'really why Earth doesn't have the flux does it' I shook my head 'no but my parents were Ambassadors I wasn't aloud to play it wasn't la…lad…lady like' 'so wanna play I can teach you' 'yeah I would love to'

He was teaching me all the positions but he said that I am probably best at offence. We were in the middle of Artie teaching me the main rules when the pirates – the ones who actually play in the professional games – came out and one of them said 'hey want to play a game' 'yeah I'll get some more players' Artie said almost immediately five more people showed up. It was me and a dude named Mark on offence, Stevens as a goal keeper, Hawkins and Rose on defence then Jake and Artie on Attack.

We were playing when I got the ball I felt a burst of energy and then was suddenly so high up in the air scored for the goals and got it, when I reached the ground everyone was staring at me in shock. 'Uh may I say I have never jumped that high in the air before' Artie then said 'Shannon you have the breath' 'The what?' I asked. 'It's the flux from Akillion' 'but I'm not even from Akillion'

'Well I don't know' Artie said getting frustrated. 'Do you think Sonny will know?' 'Eh it's worth a shot' we went to go and I shouted 'see ya guys'

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