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Becky Slater walked down the hall of her wonderful, cough, high school. It was a dark, cold, winter day. The whole prospect of life seemed bleak, and the endless halls made it even worse. She passed people she used to consider friends and continued walking. She wasn't even sure where she was going. Then she saw him. Kevin Arnold. The boy she hated. The boy she loved.

It had been over two years since their breakup. Even the school's gossip ring had given up the topic, even though it involved Winnie Cooper. She doubted anyone really remembered it. Kevin least of all, she thought bitterly. They'd had something. Something she'd never had with anyone else. It was no wonder that she had a tendency to not trust men.

Her anger towards Kevin had started off real, but after a few weeks it was an act - a way to hide her feelings without him suspecting anything - a way from keeping anyone from suspecting anything.

"Sorry," came a voice, shoving past her.

She was just about to walk on when she realized who had said it. And even though she was supposed to be angry, her heart melted. He'd dropped all his books, and with the bell just ringing everyone was rushing to get out. A part of her wanted to be with them. But she forced herself to turn around, to face him.

"Here," she said, gathering his books and handing them to him.

"Thanks," he said. He looked surprised and pleasantly relieved.

She smiled at him briefly, and then got up. She felt her heart beating fast, and she was glad to be going. It was a Friday; she wouldn't have to see him for three whole days. She would think about him though. She could never stop herself from that.

On her way out the door she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around, to see Kevin holding something out to her. It was her algebra textbook.

"You got yours mixed up with mine," he said, as she took it from him, and then took the other book out of her bag to give to him.

She began to walk away, but then she turned around. "I'm sorry!" she called after him. He looked over his shoulder, and then stopped.

"Okay," he said. But the smile on his face changed when he saw she was about to start crying. He walked back over to her and pulled her into an empty classroom. "Hey, don't cry," he said reassuringly. Behind his calm composure there was nervousness, she noticed.

She was trying to stop, but she was failing. The pain that was already there mixed with the pain of him smiling at her like that was almost too much. Her heart was aching in a way she hadn't thought possible until now.

And then, as though this wasn't abnormal at all, he leaned in…...

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