-Episode 1-

I looked around inside of my classroom, and watched as everyone boasting about the new phones, or some sort of jewelry, and inwardly frowned. How can people be so materialistic?

"If we go clubbing, we need the life of the party!" The girls who sat around me gushed, and turned to me."Sohee-yah! You need to come clubbing with us on Saturday!" Ginger said, and I snapped out of my thoughts. "Huh? Oh, yeah. Sure." I said, absentmindedly, as I pulled out my bag.

"EVERYONE!" Someone shouted in the halls, making each of us freeze. I felt my blood start to freeze, because I knew what was coming next. "LEE MINHA, YEAR 2, CLASS A HAS A RED CARD!"

Tons of kids started to rush out the classroom, and I stayed. The F4 always made my blood boil.

"Excuse me." I heard a small and mousy voice asked behind me. I turned to see a very pretty girl behind me. She was the newest student, and very kind from what I had seen. "I-is it okay to go?" She asked.

"There is a lot of trouble that is going on. Are you sure you really want to?" I asked, and she shook her head. "I don't think I would want to." She stated.


Later on, I walked aimlessly around the hallway, because I didn't feel like going into the Café at the moment. The halls were full of life as students from all over bustled through. I casually talked with some younger students, but easily lost interest. They were gushing about a new watch somebody got.

"There were only two in the entire world! Baekho had one, and so did Gu JunPyo!" A girl named Haemi exclaimed. "Didn't Baekho lose his watch last week?" Summer, an overseas student asked. Haemi looked side to side, and then leaned toward us. "I heard that Gu JunPyo threw it into the pool. My boyfriend said that he saw it from the locker room" She explained in a very low tone.

'Typical', I thought.

Gu JunPyo's behavior had never changed of all the years I've known him. He always hated when someone had something similar/better than him, even if it was one of his equally as stubborn friends.

"SoHee, look out!" Summer exclaimed. I stumbled back, as a bike with a clothes hanger on it sped past me. "Sorry!" I heard the person shouted, as she went through. "Since when did we get such reckless Laundry deliverers?" Haemi scoffed.

"Hey! The roof! The rooftop!" A student shouted, running downstairs in hysterics. "Lee MinHa is about to jump from the rooftop right now!" He exclaimed. The poor guy almost got ran over by the tons of people running upstairs.

"Is he just putting on a show?" Someone asked. "No, he's covered in blood!" The guy replied.

When I opened the steel doors, I was met by a horrific sight. The poor guy had blood all over his face, and was almost ready to jump off. Many kids were taking pictures and recording it.

Every student at Shinhwa knows of each other. If a student gets a red card, they become prey to the entire school. The red card had been invented by the F4 to intimidate anyone who got in their way. It has put many people in fear of what the F4 was capable of, including me.

I have learned that there are good people, bad people, evil people, and then the F4. It's inhumane, especially for the people I know that they are.

What is going on right now is horrid for this poor student, and someone has to stop this.

Even if it's me.

"This is what you want, right?" Lee MinHa asked, and the students didn't even respond, but kept recording.

"No." I said in a very sharp voice , and some people turned my way. "What does this prove? That you lost, and they won?" I asked, and some kids gasped, because I'm talking about their 'precious' F4.

"You shouldn't do this to yourself, especially because of Gu JunPyo." I stated.

This was like social suicide, but I didn't care. Even if I had to slap some sense into this boy, I wouldn't want him to waste his life over this incident.

He remained silent, and stared into my eyes, as if we were having a conversation.

The door suddenly burst open , revealing that girl on the bike earlier. "Wait!" She yelled. "Who..Who are you?" He asked. "Me? Well speaking for myself. I came to deliver your clothes" She said, I looked very confused as students snickered.

"Is this girl serious?" I muttered to myself. "When I'm dead, you can bill it to my house" MinHa said sarcastically. "Aw, don't be like th-" The girl, presumably JanDi (It said so on her nametag) said. "D-Dead? You're going to die now?" She asked, surprised, as if it weren't obvious.

Is this girl slow? I thought.

"Why? You go to such a great school" She asked, waving her arms around. "This isn't a school...It's hell" He muttered.

"Excuse me? Real hell is outside that building. Have you ever heard of admissions hell?"

Yes, it's obvious. She's slow.

"Have you ever heard of the F4?" MinHa asked suddenly.

"F..F what?" I rolled my eyes. "F4, What's that?" She asked. "The moment you get a red card from them, you're prey for the school. Remember that"

"You can't just let them do that to you! It's always lame losers who walk around like there the shit! If this was my school I would have grabbed them and broke them!" JanDi argued, with a bunch of hand motions.

"You're friends are fortunate" He said. "Why?" She asked. "Because they have a friend like you" He complimented. JanDi was obviously flattered, putting her hand on her heart. "Aw, well I suppose..." She said, looking up.

He then started to jump.

"NO!" She shouted, going after the boy and grabbing him, all of us gasped in amazement; and I seemed rather impressed.

This girl has nerve.


Later on my driver picked me up, and I got home. I turned on the TV and saw that girl on the news. "Brave common girl, not rich or poor" I read the headline.

The F4 needs to be stopped. Rioting about the school is not going to do anything. I turned off the TV because the news was starting to get sickening.

I started to think about earlier, and how saddened Lee MinHa looked when I stared into his eyes. From now on, I'm not going to let bullying get to this point.


The next day, I walked out of the car, and thanked my driver, while he drove away. "GEUM JANDI! DRY CLEANING!" I heard a voice behind me. I turned around to that new girl walking out of the car, with a miserable look on her face, and I shook my head, walking away. I straightened my jacket and walked in. A bunch of students noticed I was there, and it got silent.

I walked down the corridor, just when school was about to start. Ginger, Sunny and Miranda were following me like lost puppies, as usual.

All of the girls were crowding the hallway, waiting for their F4 'Princes' to appear. I rolled my eyes, and started to remember when that demon, Gu JunPyo put super glue in my hair about a few years ago. I had to get my hair cut all the way to the middle of my neck.

"Good Morning, SoHee sunbae!" A bunch of freshman boys greeted me. "Good morning. Focus well today!" I smiled, and bowed, and they all smiled like a bunch of idiots. "SoHee sunbae, can I carry your books today!?" A freshman, by the name of JungAh asked. "You really don't have to, JungAh Hoobae." I said, politely.

"But I do. A pretty lady like you shouldn't have to carry all her books!" He said, and I smiled. "That's very sweet of you, but you should impress girls in your grade." I said, genuinely. "You can carry my books, if you want." Ginger said, smiling. JungAh, just smiled, and walked away. I giggled inwardly, which Ginger caught on to, and glared at me, slightly.

I'll admit, I am popular. A popular girl is to be perky, bubbly and nice all the time. I'm not always like this. To be truthful, there are some days where I just want to rest, but in Korea, juggling a 'High and Mighty' social status and School, I just can't rest. I have to be perfect at all times.

Suddenly. the door opened. All the girls perked up, but to their disappointment, it wasn't the F4, it was just a regular student.

"THE F4 IS HERE!" A girl shouted, and I rushed downstairs before I was ran over by girls and boys. Everyone stood in silence and awe. What were they seeing?

There was Song WooBin, the 'Don Juan' of the group. He's notorious for being the less cared about one, and the peace maker, but he was a player, and a very snobby one who would only go for older women.

Next was So YiJung. He was the 'Casanova' of the group. He's most known for having a girl around his arm every week, Sunny, Ginger and Miranda being 3 of them. No matter how hard he will try, (And trust me, he has) He will never get me. He's also known for his Pottery.

Then, there's Yoon JiHoo. He's very conserved and quiet. When the other guys pulled at my pigtails, and disclosed me from whatever they were doing, JiHoo would be the peace maker. I've always respected him for that.

And evil takes human form in Gu JunPyo. He may seem like your average conceited, scum sucking, rich boy but he's WAY worse. Our parents are friends, and they forced us upon each other, as I've mentioned. They'd probably think we'd click, but we never did. We have nothing in common.

He moved to the left, and faced a kid. After getting a better look, I could see that they had the exact same shirts on. "I-I there a problem?" The student asked. "I will give you 3 seconds" JunPyo said. I gave a disappointed look towards his way.

"3...2...1" He grabbed the kid by his shirt, emotionless. There were a bunch of gasps. "Woo Bin-ah. Any of that V8 juice left?" He asked. "Yeah" He handed it to him, and dumped it down the kid's shirt. Everyone disbanded when the F4 did.

When the 3 girls who were still walking with me heard JanDi's rant, they each turned around. "Oh..My...Gawd. I can't believe what I am hearing" Ginger said. "Who are you guys?" The girl asked.

"Oh, we haven't introduced ourselves. I'm Ginger" Ginger made a pose. "Sunny" Sunny made a pose. "Miranda" She made a pose, and I didn't pose but I smiled. "I'm SoHee" I said, in a kind manner.

"You can call us the girl version of the F4. or the Four beauties of Shinhwa. Whatever you want" Ginger said. "You said crazy beeping something. You weren't referring to the F4, where you?" Ginger asked.

"F...F what?" She asked again, and I mentally face palmed.

"So the people who publicly humiliated that kid was the infamous F4?" She asked. "Infamous? More like famous!" Sunny cheered. "If you don't watch your mouth, you're going to be in trouble" Sunny said, going closer to the girl.

"You guys own a Laundromat" She said, out of nowhere. "No, it's dry cleaning" JanDi said, and Ginger and Miranda laughed.

"It's my first time looking at a dry cleaner's daughter" Miranda said. "It's so fascinating" She said. I rolled my eyes, and JanDi fake laughed. "Look all you want. I won't charge you" JanDi said. Those were fighting words.

"Since it's your first day, we'll let it slide, common girl" Ginger said, with a glare. "What?" She asked. "Speaking ill of the F4 princes" Sunny said. "I can't state an opinion?" JanDi said. "Don't you have a clue who they are?" Ginger asked.

"No, I don't" JanDi said, and they all gasped, walking away. "SoHee, are you coming?" Ginger asked. "My 1st period is free, remember?" They nodded and left.

"I'm sorry about them, they can be really kiss ups sometimes. I'm Kim SoHee" I said, extending my hand, which she hesitantly shook. "I'm JanDi" She said. " I can tell you need a friend. I know how it feels being new here" I said, walking around.

"Thanks?" JanDi asked me. "Any time. I'll show you around since me and the 'beauties of Shinhwa' don't have the same lunch tomorrow, arasso?" I asked her, and she nodded. "That would be you SoHee-sshi"

"Cool. see you later. And call me Unnie. We can't hang out if you're going to be all formal" I said, walking away.


After dancing in the studio for the 8th time, I decided that it was time to stop practicing, and go upstairs of the night.


I heard a familiar voice behind me, my eyes widened and a nostalgic smile came across my face. It was my brother who I called Mogi. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming back!?" I hugged him, and he spun me around. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in Canada" I smiled.

"Yeah, but I just couldn't resist to visit my SoHee" He smiled. "I know, aren't I just irresistable." I joked.

"Come upstairs. I just made brownies" I smiled. "Do they taste terrible?" He asked.

"Like always!" I replied, happily.


JanDi's brother typed as fast as his little hands could. "Song Woo Bin. a bluechip in the construction business. He is the successor to the II Shin Construction. There is even a rumor that half of the Jeju island is the companies."

"So Yi Jung was the youngest artis to debut at the Biennial and is a gifted ceramist that appeared like a shooting star. UNESCO selected him as one of the best young artists" He said, as he clicked to the photo of a former president.

"This is the old, old presidents photo" JanDi commented. "You see that kid beside him? That's The F4's Yoon Ji Hoo. His family owns the Su Ahm Cultural Foundation, a European soccer team, and a Major League team" He commented, then he clicked on a photo of Gu Jun Pyo. If you are even a 3 year old you would know of the Shinhwa group. He is their successor. Gu Jun Pyo is F4's leader."

"Can you search up Kim SoHee?" JanDi asked, and when he searched it up, there was a picture of her already.

"Kim SoHee's family comes from the Kim corporation: They own a Task Force, an airline here in Korea and SoHee's a ballerina. She's also a model. She has her goals set on becoming an entertainer, but she's not a successor to run her family's corporation" He said. "She's even on the top 5 most wealthiest. Next to Jun Pyo!" He exclaimed.


I was walking in the halls the next day, when suddenly I heard a scream, and everyone froze. "Did you hear that?" Someone asked, and we all shrugged, going back to our classes. Mine of which was ballet.

"Remember SoHee, playing the role of Giselle takes a lot of emotion, which I know you can do." The teacher said to me, and I nodded. "Cue, May Ju!" She said, as we heard a shrill 'Neh' across the room.

I started to dance, and the teacher watched intentively. As I spun around alot, ignoring the aching from my pointe shoes as the dancing took over, and when I stopped, I heard a bunch of claps. When I looked down, I noticed blood was seeping through my shoes.

After class, I realized that someone put glass in my shoes.

'Glass, how original.' I thought, talking out a first aid kit from my bag.

~Lunch Time~

I picked up my usual lunch and looked around, and saw JanDi eating alone. So, I sat down next to her. "Oh, Hi unnie" She said to me. "Hello!" I got slightly disgusted by the way she ate. "Uhm, JanDi?" I sheepishly asked. "Yes?" She asked, with her face filled with food.

"Nevermind" I commented.

"IT'S THE F4!" Some girl screamed. I could have sworn it was the same girl from a few days ago. A bunch of girls bunched over them. "Oh god" I said, rolling my eyes. "Hi, is it okay if I eat one of those?" The same girl from yesterday asked, as JanDi was about to eat something yellow. We stood in silence a bit, as she sheepishly smiled at us. "Sure, the more, the merrier" I said, truthfully.


(3rd POV)

"Come again" Her friend said, bowing. JanDi picked up bowls. "She's a heir? and the other's from Germany?" She asked. "Yes, and their very pretty, and the heir is a model" JanDi bragged.

"I thought she was a doll" JanDi said, thoughtfully. "She was the only one who talked to me at first, and the girl from Germany I met today"

"That's a relief. You found some friends already. I was worried you'd be a loner" They both giggled. "I am a loner" JanDi frowned. "What?"

"You're right. I am a loner." JanDi said, her friend turned her around. "Who are you?" She asked. "Where did our courageous JanDi go, huh?" She said.

"The girl who taught those kids a lesson for me in kindergarten. That girl who fought that girl who robbed me in middle school. That was the strong girl Geum JanDi" Her friend gave the most inspiring speech ever. "What can I do? I'd probably be nagged to death by the end of school by my mom anyways." JanDi commented.


(SoHee's POV)

I just came home with my hair dyed, and I feel brand new. I saw my mother left a note for me.


I won't be back for 2 days for a buisiness trip.

Love ya,


I sighed, not even knowing if the 'Love Ya' was true.


I walked into school the next day with my new hair style. Some people looked at me in awe. "Aw, Is that SoHee?" A girl whispered. "She just wants more attention" I stopped, and looked at the two girls.

"Who do you two think you are, huh?" I asked, looking at the both of them. Both of them looked intimidated. "Please don't ruin us socially!" One of the girls cowered in fear.

"You're both lucky that I'm in a rather good mood today." I said, and they both sighed in releif. I turned around and waked away. I saw the Gin-Mi-Sun trio in the hall.

"Oh Mah Gawd. SoHee? Is that you?" Miranda teased. "Yeah, it is. I feel much better. I-"

"F4 IS HERE!" The SAME girl squealed. I'm getting sick of that girl. Everyone bunched over them, I rolled my eyes, and strolled over to them, casually.

As they walked in, a girl blocked them, she had a cake. 5 bucks says, it's gonna get smashed in her face. "Jun Pyo Sunbae" She smiled, guestering the cake to him. "I made this all by myself. Please accept my heart" I was about to tease and say 'Awww' but went against it. All I needed was a red card now.

A bunch of gasps happened when he took it, but ~Smash~ it went in her face, as they walked away heartlessly. "Why'd you do that? You could have just taken it!" I snapped, and a few students gasped at me, and I saw the four turn around. "Nice going" JanDi muttered."Do you have something to say?" He asked me, emotionless. The word 'Red Card' mumbled in my brain.

"I..I-" I trailed off a bit intimidated.

"Don't get involved. I'll handle it" JanDi said to me, walking forward, then backing up when she noticed the height difference, I stood next to her for support. "Who are you?" Jun Pyo asked her.

"Do you have something to say?" He asked her, I opened my mouth to talk, but she silenced me and I looked at her, when she started talking.

"Yeah, I do have something to say. Don't you even have the slightest manners for another human being. I don't even expect a little modesty from a person who has so much. If you didn't want to eat it, you could have just said no nicely. You are despicable. Does it hurt to think about the sincerity of someone who made it and just accepted it. What will happen if she said she wanted to jump off a roof you heartless bastard?" She said, I stared at her wide-eyed.

This will get interesting.

"JanDi. We can make a rap out of that. And laugh about in the future. I'll start. hahaha...Too soon?" I said, looking away. "Do you have something to say?" Jun Pyo asked again.

I looked around and noticed everyone was looking at me. I got an intruding gaze, and felt my throat tighten up. I raised an eyebrow, with a smart comeback tugging at my lips, but, I looked at JanDi, who shook her head.

"Not to you, JunPyo" I said, clenching my teeth and glaring, as they walked away, I saw JiHoo with a smile on his face, while walking. I had to admit when he walked away, I smiled, while JanDi was mumbling curse words and walking away. I shrugged and ran to my 2nd period class: Math.


I watched as JanDi glided through the water. Me and my friend watched. For the past a few days, we've been insufferable. We pulled Jan Di out of the water, and she gasped for air. "Why do you swim like that? You'll tire yourself" I commented

"It was my punishment" JanDi said. "Punishment? Why?" I asked. "A punishment for being a strong girl, but being so cowardly today" She said, still gasping for air. "Are you better now?" MinJi asked.

"Yeah, the reason why I go here is so I could swim" JanDi said. "Any other reasons?" MinJi asked. "Yeah, so I could see my two best friends Kim SoHee and Oh MinJi each day. Plus the fact our names rhyme booyah!" She bumped a fist in the air. Me and MinJi shruged at each other and put our fists in the air.

"Booyah!" We shouted.

We walked on high slopes and on the grounds with ice cream in our hands, not caring about the stares us 3 got by giggling around school. It was all fun and games until MinJi fell.

We froze and looked up in sync...Gu Jun Pyo...Oh god this isn't good.

"Oh! Sunbae! I apologize Jun Pyo sunbae" She bowed.

"You're sorry? If everything worked out because people were sorry, their wouldn't be a war"

He got me there.

"I'll buy the exact same sh-shoes for you" She said, looking down.

"Do you have more money than me?" He asked. "Excuse Me?" She asked.

"Even if you did, you wouldn't be able to, These shoes were made by a craftsman in Fiorenze so how would you buy me the exact same ones?" He asked. "I apologize. I'll do whatever I can."

That's like signing a deal with a devil. Rich People and Power...a huge no no! "Whatever you can?" He asked. "Lick it" He said, gesturing her to the shoe.

I narrowed my eyes. "What? this is stupid" I muttered. "What?" MinJi asked. "You said you would do whatever you can, so lick my shoe" He said. I think I wanna barf. She looked at us, I looked green and JanDi looked like she was going to say something.

"Won't you stop?" See?

"Did she fall on purpose?" She asked. "If she apologized then that's enough" she continued. "What is this? Hey, second year. I don't think it's been long since you've been here. but American style is restricted here" He said. Then one of his friends whispered in his ear.

"Ah, is that so? You're the wonder crap people have been talking about" Jun Pyo said. "I was hoping for an S-line, D-Cup girl when I heard wonder woman-"

"Pervert" I coughed. "Sorry, I have a cold" I said, in a fake-hoarse voice. "- As I was saying...That's a total disappointment." He said. "We're all happy to disappoint you" I said.

"In what place are you? You and you're partners in crime are always butting in to people's business." Jun Pyo said. "It's called standing up, It should stop the head-swell. Why don't you look in the mirror. It's really serious" I said, chuckling a bit.

"And she's not a stranger, she's a best friend. MY best friend" JanDi smiled our way. "Okay, lets watch some of this 'Friendship' Lick her shoe for me" He said. "What?" She asked.

"Lick the shoe for me, did I stutter?" He asked. We looked at each other, and JanDi bended over, then all the sudden she rammed the icecream into his face. Minji and I slightly looked at each other, and backed up slowly, until we were running.


I was playing pool, while JanDi sat on the couch in the entertainment room, ranting to her self. "Babe, you gotta chill~" I told her, as I made a shot. "I can't. That stupid JunPyo. He gives pigs a good name" I chuckled at that.

"He can give you a red card and you'll be a social disaster." I said, as I noticed her violence in Grand Theft Auto.

"Man I wish this gun was real" She said, as she shot the curly haired dude. "Okay, don't say I didn't warn you. But if you get a red card, well, I'd possibly might get one, so we'll die together. I mean, If I got one, you'd stand up for me, right?" I asked her.

"Of course, unnie. Because I know you'd do the same for me" She said, and we pinkie promised as she died in the game.


I paced anxiously at my locker, coldness going through my system. "Me first" I said. When I opened the locker, people gasped, but there was no red card in there. Then JanDi opened her's and saw a red card.

Kids rushed off. "Second Grade, Class B Geum Jan Di!" Someone shouted. "But SoHee didn't get one. Neither did MinJi" Another one shouted. "She got the red card everyone!" Someone else cheered. Then we heard a bunch of 'Woot's

I looked at her in regret and touched her shoulder.



"Your screwed" I truthfully said, walking to my class.

Later on, I heard laughing in the halls, so I walked out and saw JanDi being covered in eggs and flour. MinJi just stood there, doing nothing, but I got in the middle of this. It just got personal.

"Stop it! Do you guys even have the courtesy of a proper human!?" I said, pulling JanDi from the silent crowd.

"Get it from my eyes!" JanDi shouted. Closing her eyes, in slight pain. "I'm trying! Shouting isn't gonna make me go faster!" I said, calmly, taking a rag from the bucket of water and helping her. "I'll buy you a new uniform, okay?" I asked her. "You don't have to." JanDi insisted.

"I want to. We're friends." I said calmly. " You're like the sister I never had. Or always wanted." I muttered the last part. "Should I surrender?" She asked. "Surrender? Surrender my ass. You should stand up for yourself" I said, as she started to cry, I hugged her, then I noticed I got flour on my shirt.

"Aw.." I muttered. We laughed at each other. "Wait. This is gold dust" I said, knowing the smell. "Dumbasses." We said together. Then the bell rung. "Aish, you're in trouble punk. Go to class" I said, giving her a sympathetic look. "Unnie..." She whined. "I understand. Just don't let it get to you, and may god be with you, sis." I touched her arm, and she smiled walking away.

I looked at my appearance and sighed. "Gold dust...So wasteful" I said, then I heard a yawn, and turned I saw Ji Hoo. 'I can't let a guy see me like this', I thought as I looked at my gold dust covered hair. Especially JiHoo.

"First your friend and now you. You both are equally as noisy" He said. "Oh? I apologize" I fake-smiled. "Hey, do you know how to make hotcakes?" He asked me. "Huh?" I asked, confused about what I just heard. "Hotcakes" He repeated.

"You make the batter out of Flour, Eggs, Sugar, and Milk, then you fry them" I said. "That's pretty simple" He said, deep in thought. There was an awkward silence, as I looked down at my appearance and shook my head, cursing hugging JanDi. I could have shook her hand-

Then all of the sudden, my face was being touched, it was JiHoo, wiping away the powder on my face and my shoulders.

Right there, at that moment, I felt warmth everywhere, and I could tell I was blushing.

Now, let me tell you a secret: I like JiHoo. I have for years, but he is so damn cold and distant, and I knew why: SeoHyun unnie. She's a mentor to me, she's so pretty and nice and all around perfect, but she moved away, and I can tell JiHoo was hurt. Well, still is.

He's a very nice, and has nice hair, eyes, style...skin...

Dammit, I'm doing it again, I must be smiling like an idiot. I must look so stupid.

He folded it, and handed it to me. "Thank you but, this is yours-"

"Keep it. I don't need it" He said, about to walk away. "I'll return it when I see you here again" I insisted. "I'm not coming back here. It gets a bit too noisy. Thanks to someone" He said, referring to JanDi, and he walked away.

I looked at the handkerchief and tried to steady my heartbeat. 'God, I'm so stupid' I thought. I started getting my book bag so I could go to my next class: Chemistry. Then I noticed, the cook book right there and it had a model I know quite well: SeoHyun Unnie.


"Yoboseyo?" I answered my phone. "Yes, I am JanDi's friend...Okay, does it matter to you? And how did you get this number?" I hung up, and ripped the battery out of my phone. I got calls like this all day since I got home. I have to ask for a new number soon. I answered the house phone. "Stop calling!" I said, the I heard Mogi's voice.

"Um, okay?" He said. "Oh, i'm sorry, Mogi oppa" I said, talking to him. After we talked my house phone rung again. "Yoboseyo?" I asked. "Unnie!" I heard JanDi say. "Hey, is anything wrong?" I asked, from her stuffy voice. She told me everything, and I was so angry. "I will kill Gu JunPyo!" I Yelled.

(Scene freezes dramatically SS501 'Because I'm Stupid' Plays)

niga neomu pogosip'eun nalen

neomu kyeondigi himdeul naleneun

neoreul saranghanda ipgae maemdola
honja dasi tto CRYING FOR YOU
honja dasi tto MISSING FOR YOU
Baby! I love you! I'm waiting for you!



THIS TOOK 3 FREAKING HOURS! I'm afraid if I do more, my hands will fall off. This is the first chapter which is episode 1 and it's the full episode. I tried hard to be descriptive. How'd I do?

Who will SoHee fall for?

Will She Kill Jun Pyo?

Did she really give Ji Hoo the right ingredients for hotcakes?

Why am I asking you all of the questions!?

FIND OUT ON BOYS...OVER...FLOWERS! EPISODE 2!lly SS501 'Because I'm Stupid' Plays)