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Cajun Secrets

Chapter 1

The detective's squad room in downtown New Orleans Police Department was quiet at I AM. Savannah Lowe was one of the few detectives in the bull pen; the others either out on cases or taking their mid-shift lunch break. Finally back at work after her difficult turn into a vampire not quite a year ago, she had created numerous excuses for why she no longer went to lunch with her partner. Her latest effort to cover her lack of appetite for human food was to place an almost empty container of Chinese takeout and a bag of beignets on the corner of her desk. No one needed to know that most of the fried rice had been flushed down the toilet while she consumed a thermos of B negative and the sprinkles of powdered sugar on her black corduroy jacket had been applied deliberately. She worked the details that she hoped would stop any curious questions.

As she typed at her computer, recording her report on a drug gang shooting her and Chaz had covered earlier, her phone vibrated in her pocket. Pulling it free she smiled when she saw the caller ID.

"Hey Tyson, how is the stakeout?" she asked in a low voice.

"Dull. If there is anyone interested in stealing these piles of rocks, I will stake myself," Tyson's deep drawl flowed out of the phone. "I cannot believe that Southern Mutual has these insured for such an outrageous sum of money."

"You would think someone of your age would appreciate history more," Savannah laughed. "Those are some pretty priceless artifacts you are keeping an eye on. That is a lot of important Incan history you are guarding."

"You were a history major, weren't you?" Tyson grumbled.

"What if I was? You just do your job and I'll help you forget all about rocks and artifacts when we meet at home," she whispered huskily.

"You just made my night cherie," Tyson responded with a growl. "I can't wait love."

"My pleasure my sire," Savannah growled back at him. She looked up to see her partner Chaz Dupree making a beeline towards her. "Got to go, Chaz is headed my way."

"How's he behaving?" Tyson asked the question that had become routine since she returned to the job.

"Putty in my hands," she assured him. "Gotta go, protect those rocks. Love you."

"Love you too sugar," Tyson answered and hung up.

"Hey, Kojack, you missed some great jambalaya at Mama Lil's," Chaz announced as he stopped in front of her desk. "Was that Tyson checking in on you again?" He looked into the bag of beignets and dipped his hand inside. Withdrawing a sugary confection, he licked his lips in appreciation.

"Yes that was Tyson and he wasn't checking up on me, just lonely. Go ahead and eat the darn thing. If I have anymore they will ruin my diet," she laughed.

"Thanks partner," Chaz said and quickly consumed the pastry and then reached in for a second one. "Is Tyson still babysitting the Inca exhibit?"

"Yes he is, it's the last night and he is bored to tears," Savannah laughed. "I think he is hoping there will be a robbery attempt just to relieve the boredom."

"Leggett had better be on his toes, thieves always love to strike when you are not paying close attention."

"Don't diss my man Chaz, those artifacts are not in danger with Tyson on the job," Savannah shot back.

Chaz grinned and then contemplated snagging a third piece of bakery. In the past that would have earned him a slap on the hand from his sweet-toothed partner but lately he had noticed the change in his partner's habits. Ever since Leggett's crazy ex-girlfriend had attacked Savannah, there had been differences in her. Her wounds had healed and Chaz had to admit that the plastic surgeon had done some wonderful work to hide her scars, but the changes in her behavior were still there.

Savannah could sense the change in direction that Chaz' demeanor had taken. The questioning look in his eyes and the smell of puzzlement about her was becoming more frequent as each month passed.

"Don't you have some paperwork to do?" she asked with a sigh. It was becoming increasingly more stressful to try and deflect his suspicions and not add to the questions.

"I'm good. I understand your LA friends are coming to town soon," he said waiting to see her reaction.

"And just how would you know that?" Savannah asked her own suspicions aroused.

"I have a poker buddy who works at the airport in the private hangers. He is all hyped over the Kostan jet showing up again. The guy is a jet geek and he is blown away to see the Kostan Enterprise's jet is scheduled to be here for a few days," Chaz explained.

"Well, yes, Josef and the others are returning from a wedding in France. They gave Moriah and Robert DeClare a ride over to Europe with them," Savannah said casually.

"Ah…..the life of the rich and famous," Dupree sighed. "Jetting all over the globe to attend fancy parties…..you have quite the connections Kojack."

"They are Tyson's friends Chaz. And they have been good to me as well. I find it strange you are so jealous," Savannah chided.

"I'm not jealous; I'm just having a difficult time wrapping my head around that life style. Mr. Kostan is a curious character, there's so much mystery around him," Chaz said, not wanting to fight with her but finding his curiosity stirred up.

"Josef loves to be mysterious," Savannah said with a light laugh. "He is quirky that way. I guess with his money he can indulge that impression. Now let me finish this report so I can get home at a reasonable hour. I hate these gang shootings. Sometimes I wish we could just step back and let them take each other out."

"But that would be too easy Savannah and you know it," Chaz reminded her although he didn't totally disagree. "There is always some innocent who would get caught in the middle."

Savannah sighed and nodded.

"Right you are. That always seems to be the result," she replied, unable to tell him that her new life style had now colored her thinking. She rather liked how vampire justice dealt with trouble, the Cleaners made things very simple. Just then Captain Jonas stuck his head out of the office and called out to them.

"Lowe, Dupree….we have a body down on the docks. Go check things out and keep a lid on things," he ordered holding out a slip of paper.

"Yes sir," Savannah responded quickly and gave Chaz a curt nod. He grabbed the address from their captain and followed Savannah out of the squad room.


At the docks, Chaz parked and they headed towards a spot where uniforms were gathered near a dumpster.

"Oh man, I hope someone else has all ready gone dumpster diving," Chaz groaned as they approached the group.

"Relax Chaz, it looks like the body is all ready out," Savannah commented as they neared the scene. There was a bundle of plastic at the feet of the group of uniforms and a raggedy man that stood there. She spotted the senior uniformed officer who was presently questioning the man. "Hey Tomlinson, what have you got?" she asked as they reached the pair.

"Our enterprising friend here was looking for treasure in the dumpster. He pulled out this bundle of plastic and got the surprise of his life once he unwrapped his prize," the older cop reported, happy to see Savannah.

"I had no idea a body was in there," the guy mumbled, on the verge of panic. "I didn't hurt the girl…honest I didn't."

Savannah stepped closer to the body bundled in plastic with the top portion of her body exposed.

"I called you cops right away. I didn't hurt her," the man babbled on.

Savannah crouched down and inhaled. She was struck by vampire scent although there were no bite marks on her throat. Unable to see the arms and legs, she couldn't tell if this girl had fed vampires. She stood and looked for the ME wagon, hoping Scott Barlow would be on duty tonight.

"Is the ME on the way?" she asked. "We need a COD."

"I called for the wagon," Tomlinson confirmed. "I would guess strangulation from the marks on her neck."

"Good guess Fred, but we need more," Chaz cautioned. "Good work with this guy. Once you have his full statement he can go. I don't think he did this."

Looking around, Savannah made use of all her new senses. She was drawn to the sound of voices from further down the dock, towards the street. She focused on what those around her could not yet hear.

"Peterson, if that is the press getting ready to charge down here, please take the others and stop them now," she told Tomlinson's female partner. "No one from the media gets anywhere near this spot. Only the coroner's people."

"Yes ma'am," Peterson answered and motioned to the other uniforms to follow her down the dock.

One raised voice reached her ears and Savannah felt her gut clench. That voice brought back memories…..it couldn't be Blake, could it? She did not want to see that man ever again and if it was Blake Winter, then this was going to be trouble. This death would be front page news tomorrow morning and if he targeted her there would be even bigger difficulties. This soon after her turning, she did not need a reporter with a grudge focusing on her.

"Hey Kojack…you okay?" Chaz asked as he stood beside her and then looked down at the body. "Do you think that she is one of the girls who have gone missing lately?"

"I'm thinking she is," Savannah agreed. "And if she is the first to show up dead, makes me wonder if the others will soon follow. I have a bad feeling about this Chaz."

End chapter.

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