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Boot Camp


Author: JezebelStrike

Beta: xMissShizayaMichaelisx

Chapter I

Blue cobalt eyes lazily scanned over the many tired heads of students in the typically plain classroom, while in the background the obnoxious teacher droned on and on from his place by the white board.


The teacher was not even worth listening to. He was an extremely pathetic looking man; Overweight, greasy hair, not to mention balding. The hideous black thick framed glasses didn't help, and neither did the cheapclothing that looked like they were bought from a thrift shop. Threads of wool from his dark green jumper poked out from his sleeves due to constant wear. If pulled, the whole jumper could be beige slacks were discoloured with stains and his brown shoes were worn out. He looked dishevelled, as if he had just woken up and threw on the dirty clothes, of which he had most likely discarded the night before.

Ciel sneered at the man with distaste. He then glanced down at his opened copy book with a tired sigh.

Why do we even go over this? It's obvious that most of the students here are morons. They have no hope of understanding quantum, he thought.

He doodled aimlessly on the blank paper of his copy for a while in the hopes of escaping his growing boredom.


He was snapped out of his thoughts by the teacher,whose name, according to Ciel, was not even worth remembering, seeing as the man barely knew what he was teaching. The boy lazily peered up at the sickening excuse of a teacher, "What?" Ciel replied, his expression that of pure disinterest. He didn't mind disrespecting the swaying man at the top of the classroom. He deserved it as far as Ciel was concerned.

Said teacher tittered back and forth on the heels of his shoes until he gained his balance. He gave Ciel the 'come hither' signal with his fingers, "Come now and answer this problem on the board since it's obvious you weren't paying attention."

The teacher's brows rose knowingly and the faintest hint of a smirk grew to spread across his flustered, pudgy face.

Ciel liked a challenge, and he knew full well that Mr. Fatty was indeed trying to best him. But the boy just simply wasn't in the mood to humour anyone.

He rolled his eyes past the teacher and eyed the complex question that was being projected onto the board by the projector high above the students' heads. His eyes then languidly rolled back to meet the teacher's grey challenging pair, "No."

The teacher rocked backwards as if hit by an invisible wave of rejection, sputtering and spitting at being denied. The other students soon perked up out of their sleepy stupors. Always looking for a show, Ciel drawled inwardly. The small sea of students listened intently and watched like vultures.

"Ex-excuse me?" he stuttered, causing specks of saliva to fly from his mouth, "Come and answer this now,Ciel."

Ciel scoffed at the man, "Why should I waste my precious time getting up to work out a problem that is not even written correctly? You're a fool to think that I would do that, let alone pay attention to you."

The class broke out in hushed whispers. A few airheaded girls giggled behind their moisturised hands and the boys all glanced between one another with a weird sort of excitement in their eyes. Ciel could hear parts of conversations and his lips curled at some of the rubbish he could pick up from the whisperings of the idiots.

"I agree." came the sudden input of the new well-groomed Californian girl beside him, "I can't believe it either. I don't even know why they let him teach." she spat, delighted with herself for getting a word in. Her group of friends that were dispersed through the class heard and began to giggle once more.

It was obvious the teacher heard too judging from his almost purple face.

What a revolting colour, he looks more like a pig than a man, he mused darkly.

The teacher, clearly not amused, began shouting at his class to be quiet. He then turned on Ciel like an enraged bull, "Ciel Phantomhive," he almost hissed the name, "go to the office this instant!" he ordered, complete with specks of saliva. He attempted to click his chubby fingers and pointed towards the door that was a few feet away from his desk.

Outraged, Ciel bolted up from his seat, "For what? For pointing out your mistake? You know, it's not my fault you can't teach, let alone know what you're teaching." he sneered back.

The teacher was beyond furious. He marched towards the boy at the back of the classroom and stood in directly in front of him, face to face and close enough to allow the smell of coffee and cigarettes to hit his nose. He cringed back from the teacher and controlled his urge to gag.

The teacher by now was huffing and puffing due to his anger. He leaned in closer, causing Ciel to take a step back, "Listen here, you little shit." the fuming man hissed, "This is my classroom and I won't have a snotty nosed brat sitting here making a fool out of me. You will leave my class and go to the office. Now." he ordered, jerking a chubby thumb over his shoulder towards the door.

Ciel's eyes were downcast and his bangs blocked his view of the man in front of him. Trembling from anger, his eyes darted upwards. His facial expression was calm but his eyes showed heated rage. If there was one thing Ciel hated more than anything, it was being told what to do, especially by someone as inferior as the man before him.

He reached up painstakingly slow and wiped the spittle off his face that landed on him from the teacher's rant. He replied calmly, "Get out of my face."

The man chuckled mockingly and leaned in even closer, clearly enjoying Ciel's anger, "Or what?" he replied tauntingly.

Very brave, the boy thought, eyeing the amused glint in the teacher's eyes, for someone who's about to get it.

He raised his fist. "This," he snarled, and landed a blow to the teacher's left cheek, knocking him to the ground with a loud thud. The class erupted in shocked gasps and several pairs of arms held him in place.

Fools, they were clearly enjoying me tormenting this man but yet they are quick to rush to his aid. Foolish indeed, Ciel thought with a leer, causing his handsome face to screw up in disgust.

Ciel knew he was handsome too, with his soft navy-like hair that was slick like silk, a rich quality that these people would never in their lives have a chance to possess. He also had dazzling sea blue eyes that made many woman, as well as men, look at him in that appreciative way that made his ego inflate.

Sometimes if he was truly bored he would indulge himself in pleasure with both genders. It did not bother him; pleasure was pleasure. Though paying them the attention they demanded of him afterwards was quite tedious, therefore, it was not often that he did indulge in pleasure.

Still contemplating his looks, he was brought out from of his thoughts when he heard a low groan from the teacher who was sprawled on the floor.

He clambered up with the help of his two-faced students, and after he gained his bearings, he looked down his nose at Ciel and narrowed his puny eyes into a harsh glare, "Escort that boy to the office!" he ordered with a shout.

Two big pairs of burly arms clamped down on both of Ciel's shoulders and started dragging him away from the scene.

He struggled at first, uncomfortable at being touched, until he settled down knowing he wouldn't be able to take on the two boys who had at least a hundred pounds on him.

Ciel was short in stature, with him being 5"6, he was the shortest senior in the class.

Had he been born into another family, he would have most likely been bullied for such a weakness. But as it was, his family was one of the most influential and powerful families in the U.S. His Father, Vincent, was the owner of the Funtom Company, which Ciel was the heir to, as soon as he turns eighteen in a few months.

The company sprawled across the whole country. It brought in a plethora amount of money. The reason people were apprehensive about bullying him was because with one call to his Father, their own parents could be thrown into poverty. Not that Ciel would do such a thing. His pride would not allow such dependence on his father to take care of his problems, but they didn't have to know that.

There was a great amount of influence in this particular state; New York, seeing as the heart of the company resided here along with its owner.

Sighing, Ciel glanced around the empty school hallways, the only sound was the two ogre like boy's footsteps and his own light ones that were being echoed off the walls. The only other sound were of the teachers' muffled lectures behind the closed doors.

Though he may not show it, he was starting to worry. This was his last chance since, because just last week, he had gotten into a fight with a boy and had severely injured him, thus resulting in putting him in hospital for a week. Ciel was then warned that he had one chance left, should he get sent to the office one more time he would get expelled. With this incident that just occurred, he blew it.

Three strikes, and you're out.

His mother's words made him cringe with dread.

Ciel's school record was anything but clean, in fact it was all blotched up with late arrivals, many late arrivals, and suspensions.

It's not like that asshole was even well liked. Everyone should have saw it as a favour! Not that it was really. If anything, it was just to please my own self, the boy thought.

He caught sight of the dreaded office looming before him. A plaque adorned the door that read 'Mr. Wordsmith' and the boy to his right rapped on the door and waited until a muffled voice replied, "Come in."

They opened the door and Ciel jerked his shoulders free out of their grip and walked reluctantly to stand in front of the principal's desk.

Mr. Wordsmith looked up from his documents he was writing on and saw Ciel standing in front of him with a well-known scowl on his once grim features.

The principle sighed and dropped his fountain pen upon his desk. He leaned back in his plush chair and ran a hand through his brown hair.

Brown eyes regarded Ciel, "So, what are you here for this time? I doubt it is with an outstanding remark from a teacher." he drawled, hiding a yawn behind his hand.

Ciel scoffed and moved to sit down in a chair situated before the principle's desk, "Of course not. I'm here because I punched a moronic teacher."

The principal's eyebrows shot open wide, "You assaulted a teacher! Who?!"

Ciel leaned back in the chair and crossed his arms over his chest, "I don't know his name. He's overweight and has greasy hair with a huge ass bald spot. Does that ring a bell?" he inquired sarcastically.

Exasperated, Mr. Wordsmith sighed, "Ciel, you have been here since the start of the school year, which was three months ago and you don't even know his name?"

Ciel tsked while narrowing his eyes, "No, why would I even try to attempt to remember his name when he's beneath me, and I don't mean in the good way." He added with a twirl of his index finger. He paused at this and crossed his legs, adopting a haughty smirk before he continued, "He does not even know how to teach as it already is, so why should I waste time listening to him when I could just go home and hire a private tutor?"

The principal gave up, nothing could be said to get through to the boy, or so it would seem. He tried one last ditch effort, "His name is Mr. Bart and he is a teacher just like every other teacher here. He deserves your respect."

He leaned forward and placed his palms on the desk taking on a calm appearance, "Now, why did you assault him?"

Heaving a sigh, Ciel got up and started pacing. "Sire, he crossed a line, and he called me, and I quote 'little shit'. So of course I'm going to knock that fat oaf down."

Mr. Wordsmith shot up, "That is no way to talk about a teacher! Now I want you to head back to class and collect your things and while you're at it, I want you to apologize to Mr. Bart. You have had your last chance, from here on out you are expelled."

After a moment of an intense stare-off, he sat down sighing. He looked up at the boy who was fuming, and why wouldn't he be? The principle already knew that Mr. Bart was a competent as a sloth. But he couldn't do anything about it. That was the Department of Education's job.

"Just go Ciel and do as I told you." he said while pointing a finger at the door.

Ciel shook his head and stormed out, fuming. Like hell I'll apologize! That bastard doesn't even deserve to wipe my expensive Italian leather shoes, let alone an apology from me.

He came to a stop at Mr. Bart's door. Sighing, he regained his composure and placed a smirk on his face that made him seem even more devious.

He pushed open the door, laughing inwardly as a few girls jumped in their seats, "Oh don't mind me," he said with a wave of his delicate hand, "I just came to get my stuff." he informed nonchalantly. He walked confidently down the aisle, winking at a few girls as he did so.

That was another reason girls, and guys alike, loved him; he was a complete flirt. Though, as said before, he hardly indulged in pleasure. However, he did have a thing for games. That was his sadistic streak that often came out to play. He would string them along for a while until he got tired of the. Then, he would simply discard them like last night dinner.

Why they still fooled themselves into thinking they could change him, not even he knew. Ciel had yet to meet a person who could actually hold his attention longer than a few weeks.

He came to his desk, glad to see that no one had tampered with his stuff, and quickly shoved his belongings into his bag. Swinging it back on to his shoulder, he sauntered to the door, ignoring the stares he got from his classmates and the glare that was sent his way by Mr. Bart

He was just about to make an exit when Mr. Bart's crackling voice stopped him, "Don't you owe me an apology?" he asked, his voice taunting the younger boy.

Ciel turned to see Mr. Bart sneering at him. The boy sighed. He had forgotten about that. He thought about it for a moment until he shrugged his shoulders.

Might as well have some fun while I'm at it.

He cleared his throat, "I'm sorry."

The teacher smirked approvingly, thinking he had won. Ciel matched that smirk and continued.

"Actually," he began, tapping his finger against his chin, "I'm not sorry, for I am not a sorry person. You, on the other hand, are. So I will rephrase it; I apologize. I apologize that you are a sorry excuse for a human being. I apologize for pointing out all your flaws. I'm sorry that you are an incompetent teacher, but someone had to point them finally, I apologize that you cannot teach. But I am not, however, apologizing for punching your moronic fat ass to the ground. Understood?" he asked sweetly. He then smirked and merely shrugged at the teacher's shocked expression, "They never specified on what to apologise for." he added. With that, he strolled out of the room while encouraging cheers, whistles and claps broke out from his speech.

Ciel walked outside to the school's entrance while basking in the sun's warm embrace. He walked towards a bus stop that was a few blocks away from the school and sat down on the warmed bench. Dropping his bag by his feet, he pulled out his phone from his pocket and checked the time.

Twelve-forty two. Mom should be home by now.

He dialled his Mother's number.

It continued to ring a few times until a soft voice answered, "Ciel, why are you calling me during school hours? Are you sick?" she asked. She sounded frantic when she asked the last question, thinking it was something serious.

He hesitated before replying, "I… I got expelled." he whispered down the phone, cringing and waiting for the verbal onslaught that was sure to come.

The reaction was immediate, "What?! What did you do to get expelled?" she exclaimed, "You are so grounded when you get home. Even after twenty years, you'll still be grounded!"

Ciel interrupted her, "Mom, all I did was punch a was asking for it."

"Ciel!" she nearly screamed, "How could you punch a teacher? A student is a different thing entirely, though it is still wrong to punch anyone… but a teacher. You can get charged for assault." Rachel ranted. Ciel stopped her.

"I know, I know, but it will all blow over soon and I'll go back to school. All I need to do is get father to talk to the principle and I'll be able to go back in no time."

A pause ensued, until Rachel finally broke it by sighing, "No, your father will not save you this time. Remember what I said? Three strikes, and you're out. It's bad enough you had your fathertalk to a boy's parents last time after you got in a fight. He to talk to them and ask them to take off the charges but not anymore. Now where are you?" she demanded, "I'm coming to get you and when we get home, including your father, we're all going to sit down and talk about your behaviour. Is that understood?"

She seems more pissed than usual.

Ciel was uneasy. His mother never involved his father unless it was serious. The last incident was different, seeing as it was Ciel who chose to add him into the equation.

What has the world come to? Father? She never involves him, Ciel thought frantically.

"Ciel, stop daydreaming and tell me where you are." Rachel repeated pissily.

Sighing, he listed off the directions the bus stop from his home where she was likely to be.

"Did you get all of that?" he asked, kicking a pebble onto the road.

"Yes." Rachel said in a clipped tone.

"Ok, bye Mo-" he stopped midsentence as the phone cut off. He stared down at it in his hands.

She hung up on him which is something she would never do…but this time is different since after all, he did just get expelled.

He leaned back against the bench, closing his eyes to protect them from the harsh sun.

He was in his own dream world when a deep, inquiring voice called out to him.

"Hey kid, shouldn't you be in school?"

He glanced up from his laid back position, blocking his eyes with his hand from the sun's glare. He was startled to see a man parked by the curb, leaning out of the window of his black car, smoking.

But that wasn't what startled him the most. It was his eyes. They were a deep burgundy red, resembling blotches of an expensive wine. That was very had met many unusual people with unusual appearances, but this man was the first he had seen with marooncoloured irises.

It seemed to match the man's alabaster skin and his raven coloured hair that framed his angled face in strands. Ciel could only take a guess at the man's height. He seemed around the 6 foot area, making Ciel blanch. He could only ever dream of being that tall.

While Ciel was busy taking in the man's appearance, said man got annoyed, seeing as his question went unanswered.

"Excuse me, I asked you a question. What are you doing out of school?" the unknown man repeated in an irritated voice.

Ciel snapped out of his stupor by the pissy tone directed at him from the mystery man. Quick to anger, he scoffed, "I don't see how it's any of your damn business." he seethed, "Now why don't you go back to smoking your fag and leave me alone." he spat. Though he knew such vulgar language made him sound incompetent, he didn't much care for what the man thought of him.

He already had the Mr. Bart, Mr. Wordsmith and his mother bothering him. He didn't need someone else adding to his problems.

The man's eyes narrowed and his head retreated back into the car for a moment. His tinted window then rose up and his car door opened. He stepped out angrily and stalked towards Ciel until he was right in front of him, towering over him blocking and the sunlight. He took a long drag from the cigarette hanging from his mouth, threw it on the ground and grinded it to dust with his black leather shoes.

"Look brat, I was only asking a question since little boys like you should be in school."

'Pissed off' was an understatement for the man. He always had everyone trying to kiss his ass, but this one little kid didn't even so much as move a muscle.

Ciel shot up and came face to face with the man… well not exactly since he was shorter in comparison and came just above the man's shoulder blades. Noticing this, Ciel scowled, and in return, made the man smirk in victory.

"Look," Ciel snarled, "I'm not a little kid nor am I a brat. I am a senior and - Shut up!" heordered, yelling the last part when the mystery man raised his black brows in mock surprise.

The elder simply shrugged and said innocently, "Well, I'm just a bit surprised how someone so small has such an enormous temper. Almost like a kitten when antagonized." he teased.

"What are you, some sort of kitten freak? I mean really, who brings up kittens into a argument? Not to mention, you're bothering younger children. What are you, some sort to paedophile? How old are you anyway? Thirty?" Ciel questioned heatedly.

A twitching brow and narrowed eyes were his answer.

Ciel persisted, "It's okay." he cooed in mock concern, "You don't have to answer the age question. But it must be tough, huh, old guy?"

Ciel wanted to laugh so bad right at that very moment. The man's brows were still twitching while a smile was fixed upon his seemingly calm face… well, more like plastered on his face.

"Not at all." he replied smoothly, "I just turned 22. Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you stopped making such ridiculous notions. Even though I adore felines, I'm not a kitten freak. And secondly, I'm not a paedophile."

"Right. You keep telling yourself that. While you're at it, you can also-" Ciel was cut off by the man's phone that sounded from inside his car.

The man ignored whatever the boy was about to say and jogged back towards his car to answer his phone. Ciel could hear him murmuring until he ended the call. The man then turned around to yell at Ciel, "Bye brat, I do so hope we meet again. It's been riveting." he smiled tauntingly.

Ciel could only curl his lip disapprovingly as the man hopped in his car and drove off, leaving an internally stunned Ciel on the walkway.

What the hell? That man was weird but I will admit, it has been a while since I've met someone who can hold their own against me. I do hope I will meet him again. After all, it's not often I meet someone who can immediately interest me, Ciel mused.

Sitting back down on the bench, he settled down for a little powernap until his mother arrived.

After waiting another ten minutes, Rachel finally pulled up in the family SUV. She honked the horn impatiently, "Ciel!" she called out of the opened window, "Hurry up. I don't have all day."

He opened his bleary eyes, only to close them immediately after the sun nearly blinded him. Groaning, he sat up and yawned, stretching out his sore limbs. He then grabbed his bag after he was done and walked towards the SUV slowly.

"Hey mom," he greeted her sleepily.

"Don't 'hey mom' me. You are still in big trouble." she snapped testily.

Ciel slouched against his seat and adjusted himself awkwardly for a silent ride home.

The entire ride was silent and tense, but luckily it only lasted twenty minutes before they arrived at the gate of their home.

The mansion was lavishly furnished, thanks to his father's company. The estate was grand, with acres of land to accompany it. The mansion had two stories, with a variety of guest bedrooms should family and friends wish to spend the night. It's stone walls gave off a certain Victorian era feel, just how his parents liked it.

Rachel pulled up to the gates and parked the car momentarily to let the gatekeeper see who it was.

"Good day, Mrs. Phantomhive!" the gatekeeper, Tanaka, said heartily from his post.

Rachel gave him a warm smile, "Good day to you as well, Tanaka. I trust there was no trouble while I was away."

"Ho,ho, ho! None at all!" he replied with a chuckle.

"That's good." she sighed with a smile, "Well, it seems Ciel," she began, and threw a glare his way, "got in trouble again, except this time he got expelled." she finished with a roll of her eyes.

Ciel slid down even further in the leather seat.

Jeez, is she going to tell the whole world? Goodness, you would think a mother would be more understanding towards her own child.

The old man offered Ciel a sympathetic smile, before turning his attention back to the driver, "I trust you are waiting for to return home to talk about these matters?" Tanaka inquired.

Rachel sighed, "Yes. Hopefully he won't try to save him this time... I think we might take the offer we were given last time, you know?"

Tanaka smiled sadly,"Yes, I understand. Though it is a shame since the young master is still so frail."

Ciel perked up at this.

Frail child? Frail? Child? Pfft, frail child my ass, old man. And what offer are they talking about?

"Frail child? I think not seeing as he just assaulted a teacher… and let's not forget that he's beaten up other children in the past." she reminded him, "And as for the offer… If anything, it will be a good learning experience for him."

"Ah... Well good day, . I've kept you here long enough."

"Yes, same to you as well."

When the gates finally opened, Rachel drove down along the long sloping path towards the front of the house.

Pulling the front door closed behind her, Rachel sighed as Ciel immediately made for the stairs.

"Ciel, come down here when your father returns." she ordered with a wave of her hand.


And with that, Ciel continued up the staircase towards his room.

Rachael sighed again, shaking her head. She did not like being strict with him seeing as he was her only child, therefore being dubbed as her baby. But she will take the measures that need to be taken or else he'll never learn.

Upstairs, Ciel locked himself away in his room. He loved his room. He adored it. It was his space, and no one else's. It described him. His room was always neat, with him being a generally tidy person. He could not stand for it to be dirty and he forbid his maids from stepping foot in it.

The room's walls were a dark sea blue that matched his eyes. He had a queen size bed pushed back against the main wall of the room. The bed was adorned with equally blue, soft sheets. His walls, though, were bare because he didn't see any reason to mark the paint with blu-tack or sellotape. It was completed with a balcony that he hardly ever used, but he did look out of it from time to time.

He walked towards his bed, throwing his bag by the bedside drawers and laid down on the smooth sheets.

Such soft cool sheets. It just absorbs my body; I could stay here forever.

A car could be heard from outside. The gravel crunched under the tires as the car rolled over them.

Seems he couldn't stay on his bed forever.

"Ciel! Come down here, your father's home." Rachael yelled from downstairs.

With a heavy sigh, he heaved himself off the bed and went downstairs to face his impending doom.

As he calmly walked down the carpeted hallway, he pondered his thoughts.

I don't understand the need to even bother father with such a ridiculous thing as my expulsion. Ugh. This should be good, he thought sarcastically.

When he reached the end of the staircase, he saw his father, Vincent, standing in all his glory, adorned in a black two piece suit. Ciel looked at his father before putting on his most pitiful expression. Vincent stared back blankly.

"Ciel, your mother said she wanted to talk to all of us in the study. Come along."

Seems it didn't work, he sighed and followed his father through the maze of halls until they reached the study.

Vincent held the door open and gestured to his son to go in before him.

Ciel quickly spotted his mother by the fireplace and it was quite a comic sight. She was sitting in the 'Boss's chair' as Ciel called it. She looked petite in the big, intimidating chair, especially since she had her arms folder under her chest making her look as if she was engulfed in a bear hug.

"Sit." she ordered and pointed at the chair opposite her while Vincent went to the smaller chair beside her. He knew not to mess with Rachael when she was in one of her moods. It made being married to her all the more exciting.

"Now, I'm sure you already know that Ciel was expelled, correct?" she directed the question to Vincent. Her eyes never left her son.

"Yes I do. So," Vincent began, a grimace on his lips, "who do I have to talk to this time." he replied wearily.

"Oh no, Vincent. Not this time. I think we should take the school's offer." Rachael said, her eyes finally meeting her husband's.

He felt sorry for the boy across from him. But he knew better than to disagree with his wife, "I knew it was coming to this," Vincent sighed, running a hand through his navy hair,"So, I will go with you on your decision."

Rachael's eyes were downcast, but knew it had to be done, "It's settled then."

Ciel glanced between them with eyes knotted with confusion, "What offer?"

"Boot camp." Vincent stated.

"Boot camp? You can't be serious." he cried, shooting up from his chair, "I'm not that troubled! Sure I punched a teacher… but he had it coming!" Ciel exclaimed, "I won't go!"

He knew he was acting like a child, but he couldn't bring himself to care.

Vincent shot up as well and boomed, "Sit down, Ciel! You will go and that is final. We've made our decision. You're going to boot camp whether you like it not."

"No! Go to hell!"

His parents froze. There were completely stunned. Ciel had never raised his voice or cursed at them before.

Vincent sighed and sat back down, looking older for a brief moment, "It seems with that outburst we are making the right choice. Now, no matter what you say or think, you will go to your room and start packing. Even if you don't, I will carry you kicking and screaming if I have to. Now go." he commanded with his eyes closed while he pinched the bridge of his nose to ease the oncoming headache.

Rachael had been silent and merely looked on at what was taking place until she spoke softly, "Ciel," she cooed, trying her best to calm him, "we're sorry but it is what's best for you."

Ciel merely looked away from his mother's pleading gaze and stalked towards the door and exited silently.

His parents looked at one another, thinking the same thing.

I hope that we are making the right choice.

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