Chapter: 21

Poster boy for Obedience

Today officially bites the dirt. After seeing Sebastian almost first thing in the morning, Ciel was silently praying to whatever force was out there to end his misery. End it quickly.

His little blue head peered up at the hot sun with squinted eyes and he started mouthing a prayer. 'Please, I know you're out there. Just end me. I'm right here waiting'. He spread opened his arms in a 'come and get me' motion. But it was no use.

Ciel was toast. Not even toast as in a food item, but toast as in burnt to smithereens just like his pride with having Sebastian watch him every minute of this day.

A elbow gently (not really at all) nudged him in the ribs making his lips pucker as he turned to face Alois because who else would it be? "What do you want? Can't you see I'm praying?"

Alois, with his hair pulled back in a small ponytail, laughed and wrapped an arm around his smaller friend. "Yes, I can but do you see this?" He gestured to the air right in front of him.

Ciel scowled a bit before answering. "There isn't anything there you asshole. What is there to see? My last hopes fading away as Sebastian continues to linger or my patience with everyone today?" He cast a glance over to where Sebastian was talking to Spears as they overlooked some kids running a lap.

The blonde smiled brightly with his eyes squinting lightly at the sheer force of his smile. "No, there is nothing there because that is all the fucks I give about your problems right now. I am currently in need of a running buddy and you're the only not doing anything." Alois grabbed Ciel's arm and started pulling as if he was a stubborn mule. The only thing missing was a load on Ciel's back and some reins.

Ciel dragged a hand over his face, collecting the sweat streams and wiped his hand on Alois's already sweaty t-shirt. Of course the idiot didn't even notice. The dark haired boy rolled his eyes as he continued being dragged.

Hell, the idiot probably thought he was patting his back or some dumb shit like it. 'As if'. If anything, Alois deserved some form of abuse as payback. But if he did, a fight would break out and Ciel would win another trip to Sebastian.

That was one trip he did not ever want to win.

Ciel spoke to the blonde's back in hopes of getting him to stop his pulling."You know why I don't even want to go in close contact with that stupid buffalo."

But still, the blonde didn't listen and soon they came to the dirt tract that had a few runners. And of course Alois had to have them in Sebastian's line of sight.
Ciel made himself not even spare the two men speaking one glance and instead looked at Alois who was stretching. "We literally have spent the morning running around n' shit so why bother?"

The stretching teen snorted before straightening up then stretching to the side with his arm above his head. "Because I was standing there waiting for you to stop praying to Jesus which made my muscles relax." After shrugging his shoulders and rolling them around to loosen them up further, he was then ready.

Ciel just shook his head and got into position before he looked over at Alois. Then a peculiar look washed over his face and boy, was it devious. It was sort of like a smirk with the small tilt of his lips, but not quite. It was much more devious with that shining twinkle in eyes that spoke of another matter.

"Hey Alois, wanna race again?"

The blonde frowned and looked at him like he was suggesting they run nude. "Um no thanks. I just finished passing out because we raced."

Ciel shrugged and with a mocking tone he sang, "Someone's a chicken~!" He proceeded to make clucking noises like that of a hen. "I'll finish before you whether or not we're racing and I'll make sure to let everyone know that you suck your thumb when you sleep." He chortled at the thought and the all the talk people would do. It was too good for him.

Ignoring Alois's protest, he braced himself. "Okay, ready, set, go!" He spat the words out and took off like a rabbit, leaving the other male in the dirt. This time there were no taunts and he knew that Alois was following right behind him. His back tensed and he could practically feel Alois's hot breath.

Okay, the louds pants were a good indicator, but he liked to think that he had good sensing skills. As he ran, he reveled in the great feeling of running in the hot sun and he just knew that the excitement of running is the real reason why he loved to race.

Also he just wanted to push Alois into a really good run and leave him in the dust.

Without looking back at the gasping male behind him, he taunted in a jauntily tone. "Haha! I always knew you were like a dog who likes to run after his owner!"

A sudden shove which threw off his pace made him laugh a bit before he fixed his stride. The blonde was slightly in front of him, but it was okay. Ciel still had a little more energy stored somewhere. He just had to focus on bringing it out.
He ignored the sweat dripping into his eyes and his heated limbs that were working together like cogs in a gear.

He ignored the way he felt like he was going to have a heart attack; he ignored it all. Instead of speeding up like he wanted to, he let Alois stay in front of him and took the rear.

Turning his head an inch to the side, he saw the finish line where some kids were gathered and he knew he only had so much wiggle room to let loose. It was now or never.

He turned back to glance at Alois and was happy to see that the blonde was already slowing down. If that's one thing Ciel knew, it was that the blonde had shitty stamina.

After a few more running steps from Alois, Ciel took off with a sudden burst of speed. He laughed gleefully; after all, he didn't practice his stamina building just to lose to Alois in something like running.

A few beats and he was right behind Alois; so close that he could hear him gasping and most likely on the verge of collapsing. The finish line was right in front of them and he was so close to cutting in front.

Just a bit more ground to cover…

"PHANTOMHIVE! TRANCY! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" Spears was at the finish line with the angriest expression that they had seen and the race was forgotten as they both crossed it.

Standing beside him was Sebastian of course which made Ciel inwardly roll his eyes. Yet, he still approached him with a dying Alois right behind him choking on his breath.

"DID YOU NOT LEARN THE LAST TIME?! ARE YOU BOTH THAT FUC-" Their instructor was cut off by Sebastian holding a palm out towards him.

"Calm down, let's not overreact and just talk to them calmly." He cleared his throat and ignored the other man's exasperated action of throwing his clipboard on the ground. Sebastian's eyes flickered towards the fuming instructor. "You're paying for that if you break it."

He then directed his calm and somewhat steely eyes to them. "The taller one looks like he is going to faint. Again." He closed his eyes and placed a hand to his forehead while sighing. "Trancy, go the infirmary. Get another student to escort you."

Alois, who was bent over and gasping for breath, pulled on Ciel's shirt. "Let's go-"

Sebastian's eyes snapped opened and he took his hand away from his face while giving them both a hard look. "Not blue eyes there, get another student who last name isn't Phantomhive. I expect you'll find the infirmary all the same. It won't change if you don't have you little boyfriend tagging along."

He made a shooing motion to dismiss Alois and ignoring the blonde's look, he spoke to Ciel. "You, on the other hand, will stay here and finish your activity. If I'm correct," He glanced down at his watch, "You have half an hour more before you go to your first class."

Ciel groaned out loud before finally looking away from his friend's retreating back. "Of course." At Sebastian's questioning gaze, he just huffed at him before saluting him. "I'm going to go finish this before I head out to class, sir." With a scathing look, Ciel walked away.

He knew he was trying to be sarcastic even though the mock salute probably did nothing but acquire Sebastian's revenge later on in the day.

With a furrowed brow, Ciel spit to the side since there was a piece of breakfast that was stuck in his teeth. He wish he could spit on Sebastian and-

He rubbed his hands together as he prepped to climb the wall. Cocking his head, he pondered briefly. Spitting on Sebastian should not enter his mind at all anymore.
At least not after what happen in the days of the office. Reaching into his pockets, he grabbed his gloves and put them on before clenching his hands briefly.

He was ready.

Shaking his head to get rid of the 'dirty' thoughts, he tensed his body before springing in the air.

However, his hands missed the rope and he promptly crashed into the wooden slab that was there to serve as a 'mountain' wall. This camp should spend some more money to buy equipment. It's not like we even have a football team to suck up all the money like in normal schools.

As he laid on the ground, he wished that god would give him a chance today.

Just one.

He didn't even move to get up as a few students crowded around him, no doubt wanting to see if he was bleeding out. As it was, the sun was shining right into his eyeballs so that must be the gates of heaven coming down on him as he slowly died.

Also he was pretty sure he felt something running down his temple and it might just be sweat or it might just be his blood.

Though it does smell like copper so he's just going to go with it being blood.

Ciel murmured "Hmm, that's a strong smell. I should lay off foods with iron in them" He kept his eyes closed. "Just leave me here, guys. I won't mind since the grass is pretty soft."

"Phantomhive, why does this part of the morning always end with you on the ground? Get up, you're not even bleeding." And there was Sebastian who seemed to follow him everywhere like some sort of …

"Dog. You follow me around like a dog. Y'know I had a dog named Sebastian. He was pretty smart, "Ciel was rambling and it didn't feel like he was going to stop anytime soon. Even some snickers were heard which most likely came from brave souls.

Still, the boy on the ground continued. "He was the best dog ever and he knew how to play fetch. You, on the other hand, do not. You slobber a lot like him though and –"

"Boys, get him up and take him to the shade to cool down and then stay with him until he stops talking nonsense."

Ciel sighed when he felt twin pairs of arms pull him up. He pursed his lips and opened his eyes as he shrugged his arms away from the two males. "I can walk on my own." He patted himself down before smirking up at Sebastian who was practically killing him in his mind. "Well, I guess I'll take my leave, sir."

Sebastian crossed his arms and dismissed the other students with a nod. "You, Phantomhive, are in deep shit. Get to class and tell Spears to end this early. Right now." With a swift pivot, he walked away with tensed shoulders that were a little hunched up showing how pissed he truly was.

Ciel whistled in disbelief, "Well shit."

"He said what?" Spears had his hands on his clipboard and it looked like it was about to crack.


Yep, there it was.

Ciel cleared his throat and peered up at Spears as best as he could with the sun violating his retinas. "Michaelis said to end early for today. His words, not mine." Ciel held up his palms up in surrender.

Spears slid his glasses up his nose from where it slid down from the small beads of sweat. "I assume it has something to do with you, is it not?" Seeing Ciel was about to respond, he stopped him with a hand. "Never mind. I don't care enough, but for right now, get out of my sight. GO to class and clean my board."

Ciel felt relieved at hearing that because it could have been much worse than cleaning the board. "Yes sir!"

Right after he turned to walk away, Spears spoke. "After all your classes, you will report to me in my room for some extra work to do. You're not getting off this easy, Phantomhive."

Ciel sighed and closed his eyes before whispering, "Damn, I was so close." He should have known he would never get off this easy because more work is something Spears would do just to harass him.

While he walked to the main building, he glanced back with a hand shielding his eyes. Yep, Spears was looking away. He flipped him off and mouthed a 'FUCK YOU'.

Next was Sebastian who was talking to a student and Ciel used both hands and gave him a double fuck off. He then mouthed 'SUCK MY-'.

Sebastian looked up as well as the other student and made eye contact with Ciel who still was giving him double birds.


At least the two might think that he was flipping off the other student, but since Sebastian just dismissed the other kid with a nod... Ciel knew that was not the case.


He turned away while placing his hands in his pockets and pretended he didn't see Sebastian making his way towards him. Actually, he did more than pretend. After seeing that Sebastian didn't buy his facade, Ciel took off running towards the building while ignoring the shouts.

Glancing back, he saw Sebastian sprinting after him with a very intrigued class. Ciel turned away and shouted, "I GOTTA GO PUKE!" He made a big show of covering his mouth and kind of scrunching over as best as he could while sprinting.

This was like the beginning of his early days here with Sebastian running after him. Ahh good times.

He came upon the steps and he took them two at a time before he overcame all of them like some famous athlete. Smacking into the door, he pushed into the building and made his way to around a big pillar to try and wait out the dean. Hopefully, he'd get tired of the chase and just go back to hell where he came from.

Yes, he was hiding from Sebastian but it was for a good reason.


Ciel jumped at the loud sound, but he held his position. He was about to engage in war and he was not about to flee and reveal his position. That would be like jumping in the range of fire and that is suicide.

He held his breath and waited for the loud footsteps to pass him before releasing his breath in one go. That was really close; any sooner and he would have been a goner.

"Do you honestly think I don't know you're hiding behind a pillar?"

Ciel froze before sighing loudly and stepping out from behind the marble. "Honestly, I kinda did." He crossed his arms and tried to give Sebastian his snootiest look he could managed. "I also would think that this walkway would be busier, but I was wrong about that too." To show his point, he gestured to the emptiness of the building.

In all actuality, it should have been bustling with some students switching. Sometimes the situations he was in made Ciel question his reality because it can't be real.

"No, the rest of students are in class or in activities. The staff are doing their jobs so that just leaves you and me playing this game of cat and mouse." As he spoke, Sebastian started walking closer. "I would think that giving someone such a vulgar gesture would be beneath you, but apparently not."

Sebastian came to a stop a good few inches away from his student. "Tell me, did it make you feel any better?" His vibrant eyes stared down at Ciel, imploring him to answer.

Ciel clicked his tongue in annoyance and met Sebastian's stare straight on. "No, not really. I would have preferred to call you a wimpy, mangy, flea-bitten mutt." He tilted his head at Sebastian who was trying to not kill the student. Hopefully, if he acted smart, he could get out of this without anyone's feelings being hurt.

The dean swallowed harshly before he spoke tersely. "Do not let our past happenings fool you into thinking you can act so familiar with me. I am still your dean and I will not let you off so easy just because I happened to think you were a cute little butt-boy."

At Ciel's aghast look, Sebastian continued his little tirade. "I can have you clean the bathrooms along with the staff cleaners in a heartbeat. I can even have you expelled; it's all at the tip of my hands." He wiggled his fingers in front of the boy's face. "So what will it be? Are you going to act right?"

The younger male snatched the wiggling fingers and gripped them tightly. He wanted to snap them in half and it showed in his tone as he spoke. "So that's it. This is all that we are to you? Just a bunch of fuckboys for you sick bastards? This whole school must be a whole fucking sausage fest and you all can just pick whoever you want." Ciel reached up and yanked on Sebastian's collar and twisted his fist in it trying to show how much he wanted to choke the life out of his dean.

"Tell me, what made you chase after me so much?" Ciel shook his fist making the collar constrict tighter. Yet, whether or not it made a difference, Sebastian didn't change his expression. It was still smooth and calm; however, his eyes were ablaze with emotions as he stared down at the angry and spitting student.

"Was it my perfect smile with my perfect teeth? Oh, or was it my perfect soft twink-looking body? Ooh boy, I sure grew out of that!" Ciel smiled at Sebastian except it wasn't a nice one. It was a feral one with teeth gnashing together in a certainly painful way. His breath was coming out in a hissing sound as it forced itself out through his teeth.

"WELL? I'm not hearing any answers, M.I.C.H.A.E.L.I.S." Ciel jerked the dean down and at the last moment, he decided to kiss was, after all, what his dean wanted all along.

It was a harsh kiss with a bite at the end as he moved in for another. Ciel kissed him harshly and spoke in between each biting peck. "Is this what you're after?" His nose mashed again Sebastian's and the unyielding lips beneath his own were soon moist.

Another kiss.

"Answer me!" He gave another kiss and yet, Sebastian had yet to speak or even move a tense muscle. Then Ciel had a light-bulb moment and he mocked gasp. "Or do you…" He trailed off in a fake teasing voice with elongated letters ending his words.

His rough hands went to Sebastian's belt and started fumbling in trying to take them off. "Do you want something even better?" He bit his lip in a false innocent act before dropping to his knees. "I can suck you off right here just like-"

Finally, Sebastian snapped and pushed the younger male to the ground. "Just stop." He started fixing his appearance as soon as he spoke as if he wanted to erase what just occurred from his person.

Though Ciel's butt was hurting, he was pretty sure his stomach was hurting more from the literal boulder Sebastian dropped on it.

Sebastian was staring down at him and his eyes were dull and that's all that Ciel saw before the man looked up as if he wasn't sprawled out on the ground. Without making eye contact anymore, he ordered the student firmly. "Get up and go to your class. I'll speak with you later; I need to calm down or else I might do something I'll regret." Shaking his head briefly, he walked away from the boy on the ground.

It was good timing though since his mates burst through the door as soon as the dean walked out of sight.

"AYE CIEL! What are you doing on the ground? Did you pass out?"

It was some unknown kid that just had to yell right in his ear. As if he didn't have enough problems, he has to be deaf now too.

Ciel stood up (which is one times too many that day) and faked a smile. "Oh nothing, I just saw the biggest roach known to mankind and got scared."

It's better to be known as a chicken who is scared of roaches than some simpering kid who got blown off by the 'heart throb' of the camp. Even if said heart throb was after his ass a few minutes ago.

The kid bought it and clapped him on the back before walking away to join the rest of his posse. Ciel just rolled his eyes because even though he felt sick, he still was able to manage some sass.

After some students started trickling in, Ciel finally got tired of the curious looks and stood up. He had some thinking of his own to do and a class to get to unless he wanted another pissed-off person on his case.

Wait, Spears was pretty pissed at him too.

Well yeah, I'm pissed too.

He was pissed at Sebastian for pushing him down like some animal and he still was curious why the dean had some 'thinking' to do.
Ciel snorted. 'Yeah right, more like some jacking off to do'

As he walked to Spears's class, he tried to convince himself that Sebastian's thinking was really just rubbing out one. Yet, he also thought it wasn't as black and white and he wanted to believe.

Also feelings were definitely hurt and Sebastian's words left a stinging pain that wouldn't go away so easily.

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