Takumi glanced at his appearance in the mirror of his closet and nodded approvingly, a mild smile gracing his soft, handsome features. He was dressed in a pair of simple dark blue jeans, a light pink T-shirt and a purple jacket, the perfect outfit for a lunch date with Gii, not too casual and not too formal either. Technically speaking this meeting couldn't really be considered as a date since Akaike and Shingyouji would join them as well, but Takumi was happy none the less. It was Tanabata no Hi after all and the fact that he got to spend some time with his boyfriend meant a lot to him, especially because their current circumstances didn't allow regular meetings, let alone romantic dates, the freshman being all over Gii at every chance they got.

Even for today's meeting they had decided that it would be best to leave the campus separately and meet up at the restaurant, just in order not to raise any suspicion and to protect Takumi from the sophomores' and the freshmens'jealousy. With one last quick glance at his reflection the ebony-haired boy closed the doors of his closet and checked his watch. He and Shingyouji had agreed to meet in the entrance hall of their dorm and it was almost time. Smiling to himself he grabbed his bag and the room keys from his bed and made his way down to the hall, the light bounce in his steps speaking of the excitement and the happiness he was feeling.

The entrance hall was deserted with no Shingyouji anywhere in sight. Takumi strolled over to one of the benches that were interspaced here and there throughout the room. Sitting down he took out the paper with the directions to the restaurant Akaike had given to him the day before and began to study it. When he heard footsteps and voices coming from the stairwell he looked up to see who had arrived, only to groan inwardly, wishing instantly that he hadn't. For, standing at the foot of the stairs and immediately fixing his gaze upon him was none other than Kurokawa Minoru, a freshman, son of a rich influential family and without any doubt Gii's most ardent admirer.

As usual he was surrounded by his own personal fan club and Takumi couldn't help but become a little nervous and uneasy when he noticed the group approaching him. If there was one guy among all the first-graders who made him feel uncomfortable it had to be Kurokawa. Not only had this freshman earned the reputation of having a bad temper since his first day at Shidou, but he was also known for being insanely jealous when it came to Gii and the relationships other students had with him. It was an open secret among the students that several boys had already become victims of verbal attacks and threats from Kurokawa's side. That thought slightly scared Takumi and he tried to avoid the freshman as best as he could.

Although Gii had done everything in his power to hide their true relationship, the fact that they had been roommates for the past year could not have been concealed and this mere fact was enough to drive Kurokawa mad with jealousy towards him. By the way the younger boy used to glare at him whenever their paths would cross, Takumi could tell that the guy loathed and hated him with all his heart. "Hey Hayama," the freshman said in a commanding voice, his arms crossed in front of his chest and glaring daggers. "Yes, is there anything I can do for you Kurokawa-kun," Takumi replied politely and rose from his seat, putting on his distant and indifferent expression he quickly had become famous for among the other students since his freshman days.

"Are you going out with someone," the first-grader asked slyly and stepped closer, forcing the other boy to sit back down. "Not that it's any of your business, but I'm waiting for one of my friends, Shingyouji Kanemitsu," Takumi answered quietly, forcing himself to remain calm and to hide his growing uneasiness. "We agreed to spend the afternoon together and go to town." "Liar," one of Kurokawa's followers piped in. "Excuse me," the third-year student asked, feigning innocence. "Don't you dare lie to me," Kurokawa growled angrily as he bent down and pushed Takumi roughly against the back of the wooden bench. "I heard that you and your friend are going to meet with Saki-senpai to have lunch," he continued, towering over the ebony-haired boy, glaring at him menacingly.

"I'll only say it once. If you know what's good for you, you'll stay away from Saki-senpai because if you don't I'll make you regret it! Saki-senpai belongs to me!" "Excuse me, but I think Gii doesn't belong to anyone," Takumi replied defiantly, his voice firm and steady as he bravely held the freshman's glare without blinking. Thanks to Gii and his other friends he had become stronger during the past year and he wouldn't allow himself to be intimidated by an arrogant first-grader and his fan club. "As you know, Gii and I have been roommates last year and we got along well. It's only natural I guess that we sometimes meet for a meal or a chat. I do the same with my roommate from my freshman year, Katakura Toshihisa," he explained quietly, attempting to resolve the current situation as best as he could. "Besides another one of Gii's friends, Akaike-kun, will join us as well."

"How dare you talk back to me like that," Kurokawa exclaimed furiously and forcefully grabbed Takumi by his collar, yanking the ebony-haired boy roughly towards him. "A mere commoner like you should know his place!" "Hey! Leave Hayama-san alone," Shingyouji's voice could be heard from the stairs before the freshman could go any further. "If you don't, I'll report you for bullying and you know the rules here at Shidou. You could get suspended or even expelled for repeated bullying and if I remember correctly you've already received several reprimands from your homeroom teacher and the head teacher," he added with a smug expression on his face. Growling in anger the freshman let go of Takumi and pushed him back lustily onto the bench. "You are lucky today Hayama, but I'm nowhere near finished with you. I'll teach you a lesson and I'll show you where you stand. Just you wait," he hissed dangerously and mentioned for his followers to get ready to leave.

"Are you alright Hayama-san? You're almost as white as a sheet," Shingyouji asked concerned once the group of first-years was gone. "I'm ok Shingyouji-kun, thank you. He didn't hurt me or anything," Takumi replied and drew in a shaky breath, trying to calm his racing heart. The violent encounter with Kurokawa had scared him more than he wanted to admit. "That's good," the younger boy said, letting out a sigh of relief and placed his hand gently onto Takumi's shoulder, squeezing it reassuringly. "But I think we should tell Saki-senpai and Akaike-senpai about this incident," he stated. "Kurokawa is a troublemaker and it seems that he's declared you to be his personal enemy. He won't leave you alone and things could get really ugly for you, given his bad temper and his insane jealousy." "That might be true, but I don't want Gii to worry. He has enough on his hands as it is. But I promise that I'll talk to Akaike-kun later and get some advice how to handle this," Takumi replied sincerely and smiled mildly at his friend. "But now let's get going or we'll be late."