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"I don't want to die, Cato. I don't want to die," Clove struggled to say. Her breaths came short and her chest was rising up and down slowly. Too slowly.

Cato cupped her cheek gently, wiping the tears that were stubborn enough to escape her eyes. "You're not dying, Clove. You're not," he said, strangled. There was a huge lump in his throat and it took all of his strength not to break down and cry. He was Cato after all. He was a career, a killer. He would not cry. Especially not in front of Clove. He would remain strong. For her, for him, for them.

Clove mumbled something too softly for him to hear.

"What, Clove?" he asked, his voice gentle and soothing.

"I'm scared... I'm terrified, Cato," she whispered, fear evident in her voice. "What happens after I die? What happens then?"

For once, Cato was speechless. Not because of the fact that Clove admitted that she was terrified, but because he never really pondered on the question she was asking.

They were Careers, after all. Most of their time was spent on training, training and some more training. All their lives, they were taught to think of how to survive, how to adapt, how to be resourceful, how to be strong, how to win. They grew up thinking that they would not be defeated. They were the best after all, weren't they?

So even the very thought of losing and being defeated was wiped away from their brains, gone forever, never to come back.

Cato just smiled sadly at her. "Don't be, Clove," he said. "I'm here. I'll protect you, I promise."

But promises were meant to be broken.

She laughed – she tried for it to be a happy chuckle, but instead it came out as a strangled cry.

"Shh," Cato hushed her. "Shh."

Clove struggled to raise her right hand and put it on Cato's cheek. She used her thumb to wipe off the tears that had fallen. "Look at you, crying like a baby."

Crying? I hadn't even noticed that I was tearing up already.

Suddenly, her hand fell from his cheek and her body went limp.

No, no! It's too soon! I haven't even told her!

"Wake up, Clove! Don't leave me here! Clove! Clove! Goddamn it, Clove! Clove!" he shook her fragile form. "Clove! This isn't funny! Open your eyes, damn it! Clove! Clove! I... I..."

He couldn't hold it in anymore. Screw the Capitol. Screw whoever would see. Screw them all. His vision blurred and his cheeks were wet with hot tears. "Clove, I-I... Damn it! Clove, I love you."

He shook her again, weakly calling out, "Clove?"

No response. Nothing.


Then, there was a gush of wind that passed by, ruffling his hair slightly. And if you listened hard enough, you'd hear a faint I love you too.

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