They say if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes truth.

The alternate ending to Orphan leaves a bit, in my opinion, open-ended in the story. I decided to write another alternate ending, and in doing so, I'd toy with an idea I had. In this story, Leena sustains a head injury in her final battle with Kate. As a result, she has no recollection of what has happened or who she really is. She really believes she is Esther. Parts of the story are borrowed from the original version of the Orphan script. Please keep in mind that this is only an introduction, a sort of "flow of consciousness" from Leena after the events of the movie.

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I guess I'll never know why it happened.

When I think back to that night, I still shudder in both sadness and fear. Truthfully, I can't remember much before the gun shots. I heard two, maybe even three as I was violently flung backwards. After that, everything became a blur. I can remember the man picking my body up into his arms and holding me close to try and keep me warm as he darted along the snow covered grass towards the city of lights in the distance. Everything happened so fast. Voices, glimpses of faces, everything was so unfamiliar to me. After what seemed like an eternity, it all swirled away into nothingness.

My next memories are of waking up in a hospital. Although my mind instantly began to wander as consciousness returned, the soft hum of the medical equipment soothed me. I breathed slowly in and out, searching my memory to try and remember what happened to me. I couldn't remember anything at all.

This scene replayed on and off over the course of several days and nights until I had begun to (somewhat) sleep normally. A very patient lady named Emily came to visit me. It was then that I learned of the fate my family. I was heartbroken after learning that someone had taken daddy from us. This wasn't the worst news though. I later learned that mommy was the one who killed him. The police had been forced to kill her in order to save my life. Emily said mommy kicked me down, and when I landed, I hit my head. Mommy was going to shoot me! She says that hitting my head is the reason I don't remember any of what happened.

It's for the best, I guess.

I later found out that my big brother Daniel also died in the hospital. They said that he had been injured a few days earlier and was just unable to hold on. He fought bravely to live, they said, but in the end he just couldn't make it. My little sister Max had survived, but when they brought her in to see me, she just broke down in tears and refused to come close to me. I was so sad.

Over the next few days Emily had been coming around more and more often to talk to me. She was so nice! Emily told me that she had arranged for a lot of my things to be taken from the house to here so at least I'd have my clothes and my school books. Of course, I didn't really care about my school books. She also told me that having my personal affairs may begin the healing process and help me to remember things about myself and my life before that night. I think she may be right about that. Something strange happened.

It all started later that night. I couldn't sleep, so I decided to go through the few small boxes of things Emily had arranged to be brought to the hospital. She had left for the night, and after her final visit, I was usually left alone except for a few visits from the nurses throughout the night. When I had looked in the last box, I found a smaller box in side of it. It was full of makeup. For some reason, I couldn't stop looking at it and the makeup inside of it. It was vaguely familiar, but I couldn't remember much more about it. I was drawn to it, and even though I don't know why, I had an overwhelming urge to put the makeup inside of it on. Maybe I just wanted to make myself pretty? I noticed that under the box of makeup was a large amount of cloth wrapping. Was this part of a mummy costume or something?

I don't quite remember the details of what happened next, it was all a blur, but before I knew it, I was staring into a small mirror admiring my own pretty face. I decided that I should start wearing makeup more often! After brushing my hair, I returned to my bed for the remainder of the night.

Is there something wrong with me?

Sometimes I think there is. I can't understand a lot of the things that I'm feeling. I have urges that are overwhelming and scary. These urges sometimes take over, and before I realize it, I find myself doing something strange and not even remembering having done it. Putting on makeup that first time started it all.

Something must be wrong with me.

Emily gave me more advice. She's really nice. She said that I just experienced some very rough things that a little girl my age should never have to experience. To help me understand what I'm feeling, she suggested I write down my feelings so that I could revisit them whenever I wanted to. She also said that this way I wouldn't forget anything, and that we could talk about it when she visited me. She said that eventually, if I'm lucky, I should be able to remember more about what happened.

I'm tired of being consoled by everyone. The doctors, the nurses, and even Emily. I'm tired of being told how brave and smart I am. They keep telling me I'm unusually smart for my age and that I speak very well. They keep saying I must have been very well educated and must read a lot. I don't know if they're right or not because I don't remember much about my past. They say I'm from Russia and even showed me a passport with my picture on it and birth certificate. I think they're right because I can read and understand the words on both of the documents.

I guess I'm just tired of hearing things about myself because I can't remember any of it!

I'm confused. How can I know my name, but not know who I am? I sit in this boring hospital and strain my brain for hours trying to remember something … ANYTHING AT ALL … but nothing ever comes to mind. Naturally, the frustration and confusion gives way to anger. Yes, anger. Emily told me that it's normal to be angry at the situation I'd just gone through. She said that she can't imagine how it must feel to lose two families in such a tragic way. Yes. Two families. This is when I learned that before mommy and daddy adopted me, another mommy and daddy had adopted me. They died in a fire.

When I was told about losing two families, I cried for hours. The only thing that made me feel better was getting mad. I was mad at the world, mad at how unfair life is. The only family I had left didn't want to even be in the same room with me. I understand that this must be hard on Max too, but we at least could have been there for each other. Emily tells me that she's taking the situation much worse than I am, and that her mind is desperately trying to understand the things that have happened. She said that sometimes we make things up in our imaginations to try and help us understand and cope with bad things that happen in our lives. Max is doing this, she said. Max thinks that all of this is my fault, she said that I had killed daddy. Why would she think that? I loved daddy! I got mad when Emily told me this… very mad. Yes. Being angry is the only thing I'm feeling that is strangely natural.

Something is definitely wrong with me.

End Part One