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It's been a while since I've posted a story hasn't it? You can blme my good friend Amyat-chan she's been getting me addicted to Yugioh and Puzzelshipping.

This is my first Yugioh fanfic I'll get some things accross right now so that there isn't any confusion later okay?

I'm using their 4Kids names but I'm also including Anzu and Miho. In this Teá and Anzu are twins. Anzu is a very 'out' Lez, if you don't like same gender pairings then bug off and read something else.


(Yami X Yugi) (Joey X Seto/Kaiba) (Anzu X Serenity) (Tristan X Miho) There will be some Teá bashing throughout this, just because it's fun to do it and she was just the ideal person when I was writing this, sorry girl.

I don't understand the rules of dueling so if there's something odd with any of the card scenes; don't blame me, I've never played in my life, I just watch the anime...

With all that babbling finished (BABABABABABLE) let's move onto the story!


Just one thing! Inspired by Sassybrat's story "Speak" found in my favourites. They have elements that are the same but I hope it's different enough.

I don't own Yugioh or they would have been lots more Shirtless Malik and puzzelshipping.

Fire! That was all he could see. "Sir! Hand the boy out of the window! We're here! Hurry!"

"Dad! I'm scared!"

"Don't be scared Yugi. Take his hand"

Yugi thanked his stars that he was small and began to get through the widow that was seven stories up, the cooker below him suddenly erupted in flames like a volcano as his foot touched a switch. He screamed as the fire swallowed him.

Then there was cool air and endless pain as rough but caring arms held his fire cursed body. "We've got you, son" the fire fighter said gruffly "Oi! Get this boy en rout to the hospital, he's got some serious burns!"

Yugi looked at the house as the started to pass him down to the ambulance men, his Dad's body on the floor unconscious or dead, the fire cutting off any other escape route. Yugi stared for another endless second then screamed "Dad! No!"

Yugi sat bolt upright in his bedroom with a strangled shout, nothing came out of his throat, and breathed hard. Hand on his chest, shivering and then bursting into tears. Dad…

Yugi sobbed and felt the fire all over again as it burned his arms and legs, leaving faint burn scars on them, and a large one on his back… reminders that this wasn't a bad dream… his Dad was dead. Killed in that fire he escaped from with a collection of scars…

Yugi breathed slowly then got out of bed, he rubbed his eyes and grabbed his clothes. It was four in the morning.

Yugi got into the shower. He looked at the scars… they were almost unnoticeable on his arms, his legs were another story… as was his back. Yugi winced as he looked at the vividly fiery red flame-shaped burn on his back.

Yugi sighed softly. He knew he was ugly now. The burns had a chance of fading… the others didn't.

Yugi's tears mixed into the shower water. The car crash was a cruel twist of fate… just as he had gotten out of the hospital, he was involved in a crash, his car had been purposely shoved off the road and his Mum had died while he was scared all over again.

And traumatized into silence…

Yugi sat down at the table hours later, after getting changed, some more tears in between, and brushing his gravity defying hair and packing his bag for his first day at a new school. Yugi looked up as his Grandfather appeared.

He got up and rushed into a warm hug, with a smile.

"Good morning, Yugi, did you sleep well?" the violet eyed elderly gentleman said, his grey hair as spiky as his Grandsons only his was pinned back into a bandana.

Yugi shrugged and half nodded. Solomon was used to the silence now. "I'm glad. You all packed for school, then?" Yugi nodded reluctantly, pouting and looking nervous. Solomon chuckled "Don't worry, it'll be fun, you'll make new friends in no time"

Yugi patted his throat and looked down, feeling so small. Solomon pulled him into another hug. "I know, I miss them too… they'll understand. Here, I've written a letter for the headmaster, or mistress, and you're personal teachers. It tells them that you don't talk because of… certain events"

Yugi's amethyst eyes filled with tears as he smiled and he sniffed before hugging his only living relative again, gratitude filling him to the point of overflowing. Thank you.

Yami frowned as Joey and Tristan bickered yet again over who won the race to school, they were often doing that to annoy Yami, because he hated pointless arguments, they drove him up the wall. Yami's eyebrow twitched then his patience ended "Shut the hell up already!" Yami snapped.

Joey snickered at the remark "Yes! Under five minuets! Pay up, Seto"

Seto Kaiba groaned as he dug out a fifty dollar bill. The tall teen had soft brown hair, hard and icy eyes and a lean but intimidating frame. Joey was one of the few who had managed to stand up against that. Joey had honey brown eyes, dirty blond hair, even when freshly cleaned, and pale skin. He wasn't as tall as his boyfriend but he had voice to make up for the inches between them.

"You win, Puppy" Everyone snickered at the nickname.

Joey instantly got mad and started to protest but Seto silenced him with a bruising kiss. Yami and Tristan groaned "Sheesh! Not in public, come on!"

Seto broke apart and smirked at Yami "What's wrong, Atem? Jealous?"

Yami growled, he hated it when his cousin called him by his real name. It was the name his kiss-ass Father had named him, he hated it and insisted on being called his middle name, Yami, that his Mother had called him. His Mother had been dead for about ten years, his Father hadn't contacted him since then, he had dumped him on his younger brother and left his life. Yami wasn't complaining. Seto's Father had died two years ago, leaving Kaiba corp in his icy but capable hands.

"Never. Call. Me. That" Yami said slowly and dangerously. His crimson eyes flashed angrily and his lightly tanned hands fisted. He wasn't entirely tanned like his Egyptian Father as his Mother was whiter than snow, the tan he had was from a sunny vacation.

Seto backed off, raising his hands in mock surrender to show he didn't want a fight. Tristan was gazing adoringly at Miho, a girl from another class who just stopped by every now and then, mostly because she was following Teá around, she was slightly hippy like because she walked around in a daze with nothing getting more or less attention than the next thing. Tristan fiddled with his spiked hair and ran a hand over his uniform.

Joey snickered as he pocketed his bet "It's no good, man, she don't even know you're alive"

Yami kicked him under the table "Give the guy some credit, he's not giving up"

Joey shrugged "Yeah.. but it ain't healthy…"

Seto opened his laptop and firmly placed himself in 'work-mode' where any interruptions apart from; Joey, end of the world, Joey, start of class or Joey wouldn't drag him away.

Tristan looked glum when the tall blond haired blue eyed, fairy figure-like girl left without even glancing his direction. "Aw. She's so popular…"

Yami and Joey rolled their eyes. Poor Tristan… Yami sympathised then looked up as the rest of the class piled in. "Oi, Seto. Class" Seto glared but nodded and saved his work before putting his laptop away and scowling at the front of the class. Yami sighed, the guy needed to chill a little.

Yami moved his bag firmly under his desk, but it made no difference as Anzu tripped over… not entirely sure what -she always managed to trip on something going down that row of chairs- as she rushed to her seat. She fell on her face with a curse no good girl should know. "Fucking son of a bitch! Oh, hey Yami" she added as she slid in behind him.

Yami smirked "Good to see you so lively Anzu… is Teá…?"

Anzu sighed "Sorry, Yami, she's still obsessing over you're sexiness" she chewed her pencil absently. Teá was Anzu's twin sister, they couldn't be more different.

They both had blue eyes but Anzu's were a blue that was all welcomes and laughter, Teá's were cruel and sly like a foxes, they both had brown hair, Teá's was cut short in the latest style in a girls magazine while Anzu's was long, to her hips and had lots of random braids with colourful beads and brightly vibrant ribbons in them, she had a colourfully bold braided head band in her hair today.

Teá hated her twin with a vengeance, Anzu was fine in her book until she started acting unladylike; swearing, not wearing pretty clothes, not beautifying her face with makeup, then finally there was the fact her sister was dating another girl… Teá was very homophobic and made sure that Anzu got the backend at home.

But Anzu was a tough cookie, she wouldn't crack under bullying or her sister's remarks, and she impressed the entire school by jumping up in assembly, interrupting the headmaster as she did so, and said "I just want everyone to know; you're a bunch of Gayist bastards! I'm Gay! Get over it! And I'm proud of meself!" then she sat down like it was a normal day and that shocked and impressed everyone into respecting her and the harassments stopped.

That was one of the reasons why Yami didn't mind hanging out with her. She had pluck, she wasn't interested in dating him, she wasn't even interested in his money, also she was blunt and funny.

Yami sighed, Teá was his stalker. She was deluded, thinking that she was the best girl for him. Yami shuddered, she wasn't his gender…

Anzu poked him in the back "Hey, Yami. Sorry, I tried to explain to her that you ain't interested, but she's a stubborn bitch if there ever was one. I'll keep her off your back as much as I can" she raised a slender hand in mock scout salute. "As I failed in my sacred duty to deter obsessive fan girls, I will be a body guard"

Joey snickered "Ya're a odd bodd Anz. I'll help ya out Yami, I know what those crazy harpies can be like, no offence to ya're cousin, Mai, dere Anzu"

Anzu winked "None taken"

Yami smiled tiredly "Cheers"

Anzu smiled sympathetically "Head up, honey" Joey and Anzu were close as Anzu was dating Joey's little sister. Serenity was younger than Anzu but they were happy and that was all that mattered. Joey hadn't been too sure at first, but he warmed to the older girl over time and thought of her as another family member.

Anzu and Serenity had a bit of a long distance relationship because Serenity went to a private school that was still in the city but it often made sure that they were lonely a bit more than they'd like. They made it work though and they were happy together…

The teacher read out the daily roll call then said "We have a new student joining our class" everyone buzzed with excitement. The teacher scowled at being interrupted "If I could have your attention" her hawk eyes silenced everyone "Thank you-"

"You're welcome!" a trouble maker chirped up.

The teacher sighed and rubbed her temple "That wasn't called for. Please come in now!" she called at the door.

The door opened shyly and everyone gasped as the boy entered the class.

He had the same spiky hair as Yami, something that caught everyone's attention at once. He had no blond lightning stripes in the spikes, he had a cute little blond one in the middle of his forehead, his skin was white, he had his eyes turned downwards so it was hard to see his face. He was shorter than Yami, and anyone else in the class for that matter.

The boys stood by the teacher's desk and handed something to her, then turned back to the curious class of students and looked up at them all.

Yami froze.

The boy had the most beautiful amethyst eyes in his childlike face, they were large and deep and sparkled better than any stone you could buy that colour. The eyes were mournful and scared looking, he had a belt decorated choker on his neck and some sweatbands on his wrists. Everyone was murmuring about his unusual eye colour.

The teacher read the letter then gasped softly and looked at the boy in sympathy. "Alright, dear. Everyone! This is Yugi Moto, he'll be studying with us; I want you all to know something before you can ask him questions; He doesn't speak"

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