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Yami sighed, relief flooding him, his crimson eyes closed in contentment. "Promise me that you'll never fall silent again, hikari-mine… please?"

Yugi stroked Yami's cheek until he opened his eyes, Yugi smiled, the smile said; I promise. But his voice sealed it "I promise… I'll never fall silent again" Yami smiled and they lip locked briefly before they stood up, the outside world beckoning to them both again. "Please don't leave me?" Yugi half asked and half ordered.

Yami saw the flickering gaze to his parent's shrine, he knew that was what Yugi feared the most, Yami leaving him like the rest of his family did. "Never" Yami promised.

Then the two walked down to meet the police, the evidence in hand, this was the beginning of the end, soon everything would be right.

Yugi smiled as he read the morning paper. So much has happened…

The police that had come to see them that day had been amazed that they'd found the lost evidence. June was amongst them "How did you find this?" she asked in shock.

Yugi showed her the false bottom of his puzzle box "This is 'The holder of the puzzle' that my Dad meant. I figured it out when I realised that Dad didn't aim that message at a person"

June nodded mystified and carefully took the evidence into her hands, she looked at the beginnings of a roll of film and her eyebrows knitted together. "This has just solved about three murder cases…" she muttered. She nodded at her fellows "Bag and tag, we're going to need a lot of sorters later"

As soon as everyone was gone June smiled at the boys "Thank you so much for giving this to us… I… I can finally put Maximillion Pegasus away for the murder of my Father" she smiled at them both "That evidence will allow us to put away their entire organisation. There's a list of names in that box and nearly all of them are on our list of criminals that have gotten away" she pulled out her number and put it on the counter. "You hold onto my number, I want to know if anything happens. Many people will want revenge on you two now…" she warned.

Yami nodded "We knew that when we found the damn things"

June agreed with her own nod "Just as things calmed down, eh?" the boys laughed. "I've got evidence to sort, see you when I see you" June called as she got into the car with her two buddies.

Later that month about nine big bosses went to prison for crimes that had just popped up and kept on popping up, people getting courage from the fact that they weren't above the law and untouchable now.

Dartz's trial was dramatic but it only lasted about three weeks, Yami and Yugi were always being called up to the stands, the questioning seemed to have no end, the defendant lawyer was always looking for holes but didn't find any that would stick.

The moron even went as far as picking at the boy's sexuality just to try and make people wonder if they were being truthful, but one look at Yugi's large honest eyes and the argument was shot right back at him and the lawyer was fined for racism in a serious court case.

Yami had only slightly less bother, the same lawyer trying to fid a hole in his story and even tried to make him admit to being in the plot with Dartz, June was their lawyer fighting for this case, as well as being a policewoman –"Man, what a busy woman!" Anzu commented when she heard- and a CSI, she gave more than enough evidence in her first sentence that proved the lawyers accusations false, then went on so convincingly that the case should have been closed from that second because there was nothing anyone could do!

Dartz was caught.

At last.

The following weeks passed in blurs after that. Many arrests were made and people who were untouchable were suddenly in the cold clutches of jail. There were rumours that three had made the electric chair because so many had suffered.

Anzu had called a month after everything and had screamed down the phone, so happily, that Teá was coming back home!

Teá had changed, she'd turned her life around and become a whole new person, she was likeable and funny but she'd never be as 'out' as Anzu was.

Anzu had been ecstatic and the two twins had hugged for five whole minuets crying and arguing and crying again about how badly they missed each other. Serenity had moved into the mansion with Anzu and Joey and she had also received a heartfelt welcome from Teá, surprisingly.

Yugi smiled, maybe the three could start patching up their broken ties now.

Yugi peeked around the corner of the door, he'd stayed the night over at Yami's again, it was like a second home, or a collage with all his friends there. The two boys had steadily grown closer, the school knew about them and had mostly not been a bother about it, they didn't have a problem with Anzu or Seto or Joey, and now Teá, but there was always the one dork who wouldn't keep his or her hurtful opinions to themselves.

Yugi had, thankfully, ditched the crutches and could now walk again, he had hardly scarred from the ordeal, only the bullet wound and few crisscross scars on his back from the belt were left to remind him of that horrid night. But Yugi was happy with Yami and Yami knew how to make it all better.

A quick kiss or cuddle and Yugi would soon forget the world of worry and just loved him back.

Yugi smiled when he saw Yami working at his desk, typing at his laptop and trying to cram before the exams. Yugi sneaked up behind him and slipped his slim arms around Yami's shoulders "Yami…" he sing-songed in his ear, nuzzling his neck unconsciously.

Yami smiled and a hand came up to press Yugi's head firmly against his own he sighed blissfully "Hikari-mine… as much as I'd love to spend the day with you I have to get this over with" the tone of voice falling to a grumble.

Yugi giggled and kissed Yami's cheek "Yeah, you need to. I just wanted you to see this" he pulled the newspaper open to the front page.

Yami's attention was instantly away from work "The Notorious Crimes of Maximillion Pegasus Brought to light in court" he read aloud. Yami blinked and pulled it from Yugi's hands to his own "The lost evidence provided by the deceased Charlie Moto and Son has brought hundreds of criminals to justice over the weeks, has now turned on Pegasus; the man has been accused and found guilty of a series of murders, exploiting families in Asia and Africa for profit, and being the boss of the largest underground criminal mob that has been discovered to date. The accusations keep mounting 'I wouldn't be surprised if the man receives the death penalty for half of what he's done. The lost evidence has put right many wrongs and brought justice to hundreds of people and criminals, I can only promise the public that we'll keep putting away those who have broken our laws and hurt others' Says June Valerie who has recently been put in charge of the entire Lost Evidence case, as the media has now dubbed it"

Yami and Yugi smiled at each other "June got her man" Yami said.

Yugi nodded "And I know that my Dad can rest in peace now that I'm safe and that he didn't die for nothing" Yami nodded in silent agreement. Almost everything is right… Yugi kissed Yami's cheek again then reached a hand into Yami's pocket and pulled out his car keys.

Yami raised an eyebrow at Yugi as he innocently smiled jangled them, he had just gotten a good feel of Yami's backside as he did that, and neither was complaining. "Where do you think you're going hikari-mine?"

Yugi's face fell slightly "There's something I have to do" he said softly.

Yami was on his feet at once. "I'm coming too"


"No Yugi. I promised to stand by you, I'll never leave you" Yami reminded the smaller teen. Yugi smiled with a relieved sigh, thank you…

Yugi slipped into the car and told Yami where he wanted to go, not quiet capable enough to drive though he could. Yami nodded and got them there just as the sun was sinking.

Yugi sighed as he looked around the strange and familiar city he had left a long time ago, he walked with Yami at his side to the graveyard and paused before his parent's graves. Yugi knelt down and laid the beautiful white roses he had with him against both the headstones. "Hey, Mum… Dad…" Yugi felt Yami squeeze his shoulder and kiss the top of his head before giving him some space.

Yugi fiddled with the final white rose and sighed "So much has changed… I've changed. We did it, Dad, Dartz and those others have been put away, Gangsly, Pegasus, Raphael, everyone. We got them" Yugi laughed softly. "I'm talking again, the scars are fading… I can barely see the ones on my legs anymore, and you know those were one of the worst" he laughed again, his face still on the rose and downwards.

"Next year I'm going to collage… Yami and I are going to be studying together, we're living together now. I mean, we haven't done anything yet" he blushed. "I'm so happy with him, I hope you understand, I guess you won't be getting those grandchildren you used to tease me about" he chuckled at the memory.

"Seto and Grampa are working together to try and promote some of the old forgotten games. Anzu's got her twin sister back, and she told me that as soon as we're all settled into collage she's asking Serenity to marry her. They'll be studying law together, Serenity wants to be a lawyer and Anzu wants to be a judge"

"Joey's going to become a system tester at Kaiba corp next year, Yami'll be another big boss in there if he wants to be, but we want to study too. I'm planning on looking at Art, Song and Psychology and Yami wants to take Sociology, he's good at that…"

"Teá and Miho will be leaving for New York to study Dance and Miho wants to learn about stage makeup, they're a good team. Tristan's joining the Army and requesting to become their chef so he can do what he loves and not disappoint his parents" Yugi smiled as he went down the list, just talking and feeling better for it.

Yugi placed the final rose of his Dad's grave "I'm not sure I want to believe that you were one of Dartz's partners… You were a great Dad, and I'm sure a good husband too… I hope that you'll be able to forgive me if I say I still blame this mess on you slightly" Yugi winked at the gravestone with a giggle "I'm going to pay for that when I see you again, aren't I?"

Yugi pressed his fingers to his lips and touched both the stones "I miss you both. I love you both, I've got to get back to Domino now… home… I've got exams to ace if I want to take all three subjects in collage" he laughed and stood up.

Yugi's eyes lingered on the graves a moment longer "I guess I'm here to say; goodbye" Yes, I'm finally letting go of what happened, that's what this visit was for… "Goodbye…"

Yami looked up from his seat in the car when Yugi climbed in "Yugi?"

Yugi leaned across and cuddled Yami's arm. "Kiss me?" he asked.

Yami smiled and did just that. "Ready to go home?"

Yugi nodded "That sounds nice… Yami!"

Yami jumped "What?"

Yugi pointed up at the clouds, there was a gap that let the golden sunlight through to the pale city, it was as if gold was raining onto the world around them. Yugi smiled and gasped in amazement "Wow…"

Yami blinked as well, it was suddenly so light and warm. He leaned back and let the light warm his fingers. "It's beautiful" he whispered.

Yugi leaned into his boyfriend, wanting to share the moment with him. Yami put an arm around Yugi's shoulder "Nothing compared to you though" Yugi blushed and Yami laughed with a kiss to his forehead "Let's go home"

Yugi nodded with a small, peaceful smile… goodbye…

As the red car rolled away two ghostly figures held the roses with smiles gracing their knowing faces. Goodbye sweet little game boy…

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