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"Grace...Grace." A distorted voice called out to her subconsousness. Grace heard it, every word, every movement, every grunt that came from the cripple who was trying to hoist things about. Grace tried to move but she couldn't, even to open her eyes to look about. One thing she did feel, the growing pain that was rippling though her body. "Grace, if you can hear me which I think you can, I need to move you. It might hurt, but its just a little way." Grace tried to smile, Jake knew what he was doing. "On the count of" Grace felt strong hands under her back, one at the top near her neck, the other on her lower back. "Two..." She felt the hands apply pressure, "..Three..." She broke contact with the floor and seconds later felt the soft cushoning of her bed. "That's it Grace, We did it." Grace felt a cool hand on her forehead, Then it was gone and Grace could hear bangs echoing round the metal tub as Jake wheeled around.

Jake surveyed the damage. He looked down and saw the puddle of crimmson blood and gin. The shirt on the floor was well and truly saturated and wasn't soaking up any more liquids. The glass had spread far and wide that would be a bugger to clear up. Jake wheeled over the mess and over to a cabniet which he knew held a medi-kit. Getting it out Jake placed it on his lap as he pivitod on the spot and headed back towards Grace. Her arm was hanging off the bed and on the floor, still bleeding everywhere. If Jake had seen the damage before moving her he knew he should have sorted it first. The amount of blood she was loosing was vast. Picking up speed Jake made it to Grace and took her arm. He placed it on his lap and opened the first aid kit. "Grace...This..This will hurt but I have to do it, ok. Be brave." Jake gripped the glass piece and ripped it cleanly out of the wound. He had seen worse but this was pretty bad. It was made even worse when Grace shot up in pain.

"Bastard!" She hissed. Grace had felt the tug of the glass, the pain spread through her body right down to the tip of her toes. She was staring around her, looking for anything to take her mind off the pain.

"Grace I'm sorry," Jake was now holding a cloth to the wound tightly. It was quickly the colour of scarlet. "Grace can you hold this on there." Grace put a shaky hand on the colth and held it with an iron grip. Her head was fuzzy and all she could do was follow the simple instructions, not even regerstring what she was actually doing. Meanwhile Jake was ripping open a bandage packet and unrolling it slightly. "Ok lift the cloth," Grace did, Jake acted quickly and within seconds most of the wound was covered with the bandage.

"You know your way round a medical kit Marine." Grace pointed out.

"It won't do much but when Trudy gets here she can fly you back to Hells Gate where you can get proper medical treatment..." Grace snorted, Her head was loosing some of it's fuzziness as she listened to Jake's words.

"I'm not going back there Jake." Jake continued, pretending he hadn't hear her.

"And while you're there you can get help for your other problem." Jake gave Grace back her arm so he could put the bit of broken glass in the bin.

"What are you talking about?" Grace, who was now sitting upright in bed, pulled the medical kit that Jake had put on the bed towards her. She located some pain killers and downed them without water.

"You know what I'm talking about Grace, don't play dumb." Jake put some more towles and rags on the floor to soak up the liquid.

"Where's my cigarettes?" Grace asked scanning the tables for a sign of a small cylindrical tube. Jake remanied silent which flagged up suspision in Grace. "Jake?"

"I don't know, where did you put them?" Jake kept on cleaning up the mess leaning over to reach the floor, his back to Grace.

"Jake what have you done with them?" Grace stood up and tried to catch Jake's eyes. She felt a bit woozy but stayed standing anyway.

"Their bad for you Grace, you've have 9 of them today. And with your..."

"Don't you dare say my 'condition' I don't have a condition. I am not a child!" Grace side stepped the wheelchair so she could stand infront of Jake and putting her hands on her hips as she went.

"Grace...You can tell me please, we're friends aren't we." Jake finally looked up into Grace's angry face that was masking any other emotion.

"There isn't anything wrong with me! I'm going back in the link." Grace started to storm off but faltered. Her head span and she didn't know which way was which.

"Grace!" Jake wheeled froward and lead Grace back to her bed. "Settle down. I'll go get you something to eat."

"Don't bother unless it comes with a cigarette," Grace sighed and laid back down on her bed. She inspected her wrist which was hurting like a bitch. For a man, Jake had a very neat style when it came to bandages. She thumped her head down until her pillow started to feel more comforting as it cushioned her head and muzzled thebuzzing that was swarming her brain. Even though she deperatly wanted to go into her Avatar she knew that the connection wouldn't last long with her in this state. Anyone should know better than to commit to their Avatar if they are ill. There was only one person who didn't care what state his human body was in and that was the man now clattering around down the hall, looking out for his friend. She sighed. That had hurt coming from Jake. 'We're friends aren't we?' Grace couldn't deny that, but it was a blow to her when Jake used it against her, she was glad he couldn't tell how much it hurt as she masked it with anger. Yes they were friends, so shouldn't he respect her enough to not nag her or make her feely guilty for not confiding in them. No, she was right he was wrong. As she lay there with distant echoes reverberating round site 26, Grace realised that they were working. Personal stuff should stay personal, Jake was just getting in the way. Who was he to take away her ciggerrets anyway? The only thing that was making any sense and was haepling her current predicement was the same phrase. 'I need to distant myself.' 'I need to distant myself.' 'I need to distant myself.' 'I need to distant myself.'

Why was she always like this? He admired her, looked up to her but also cared for her. This wasn't just about some colleagues working in the same place. This was four people copped up in a metal tub, working but alos living together. They ate together, slpet in the same room, talked, fought, helped each other, Looked out for each other. So why didn't she let him help her? He slammed the fridge door shut with such force the whole unit budged back a few centimeters. He had said it, he knew that using it against her may drive her away but he couldn't help himself. She was the selfish one, not him. 'We're friends aren't we?' He had meant for her to agree. But she haden't. Infact he saw anger through her eyes. Just a few moments as a fire blazed deep within her, then it was gone. The flames puffed out by what made Grace known as 'The ice queen,' Only behind her back of course. But Jake pretended not to have seen anything, maybe playing dumb was the way to go about this. Letting Grace think she had fooled him, then slowly she would let her gaurd down, one brick at a time. Mean while Jake would slwly edge himself closer to her, getting in to her life even more than now. Not on a physical level, how could you get much closer than always being seconds away from each other. Even in their Avatars both of them could be spotted scouting the area. But on a mental level, an emotional level. As Jake continued to gather up cutlery, plates, drinks and food, He resolved himself to the fact that all he had to do was get closer to Grace. He repeted it so it was set in stone, all other problems; such as the impending doom from Hell's gate, or the hopeless diplomatic manouvers on the Na'vi were forgotten as one phrase took over. 'I need to get closer to her' 'I need to get closer to her' 'I need to get closer to her' 'I need to get closer to her.'

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