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Third Person POV

As he waved goodbye to his parents and walked up the tunnel that led him to his plane, he couldn't help but wonder who would be living in the house with him this year. He knew Sabrina and Ebony would be there, but that was it.

Sabrina had been at the house for only a year and he knew she was coming back. She had been very shy when they first met and really only spoke to him and Ebony, her roommate. But now? He couldn't get Sabrina to be quiet.

Ebony had been there since she was 13. When she came, her and Tony hadn't really gotten along, but now they were good friends.

He sat down in his seat and looked out the window. His parents couldn't get a one-way ticket this year so his plane was making a layover in New York City. Tony couldn't wait because he had four hours to wait there, which gave him a chance to look around. His plane took off and Tony took out his laptop and watched a movie. When a flight attendant walked by and told him to shut off his laptop, he did so begrudgingly and looked out his window.

He watched the tall buildings appear in the clouds and then his plane landed with a thump. He grabbed his backpack from out of the compartment above him and walked out of the plane. He wandered around the airport, looking at all the booths, until his next plane was set to leave in an hour. He walked to the gate, handed his ticket to the lady at the counter, and walked onto the plane.

For the next hour, he watched person after person walk onto the plane, but two girls caught his eye. One was vaguely familiar with her long blonde hair and blue eyes. The other one was following close behind her, her long dark brown hair in a ponytail and her blue eyes shining with excitement. He looked at the blonde once more and realized why he recognized her.

"Brina!" He exclaimed. The blonde stopped and the other girl fell into her. She looked down at him and she smiled.

"Tony" She cried. She leaned down to hug him. "What are you doing here!" She exclaimed.

"Probably the same reason you are Brina." She smiled and realized she was holding up people, she compared her ticket to the girl behind her and sat down in the aisle across from Tony.

"The summer just went by so quickly! How are your parents?" Sabrina asked.

"Same as usual. Mom was on a dig half the summer and dad and I went fishing a couple times. How was summer with Dalton, Daphne and your aunt?" Sabrina smiled.

"Dalton was hanging out with his friends almost all summer so I hardly saw him but I took Daphne to see a couple musicals." Tony nodded.

"Sounds like fun." Tony then remembered the girl sitting behind Sabrina.

"So Brina you gonna introduce me to your new friend?" Sabrina's face grew confused and she turned around to see the mystery girl.

"Oh! I'm sorry Madison. I forgot all about you!" The girl gave her a small smile and shook her head.

"It's okay Sabrina." She said quietly.

"Madison, this is Tony, one of our housemates. Tony, meet Madison, one of the new girls." Tony waved and Madison gave him a small wave back.

Madison turned towards her phone and smiled at it. Tony turned back to Sabrina.

"So you ready?" Tony asked. Sabrina shrugged.

"I guess. You know why I begged to stay last year. I can only hope for answers this year right?" She said. Tony nodded. Before Sabrina had came to the school, her parents had disappeared after she, Dalton, and Daphne had been accepted. Her aunt had pulled Dalton and Daphne a month into the school year, but Sabrina begged to stay, hoping to find information on her parents disappearance.

Tony's hair fell in his face and he flipped it to the side. He grabbed his laptop and plugged in his headphones, effectively blocking out the rest of the world, except for Sabrina's quick glances at him, until the plane landed in Britain.

He really did hate her. She was so nice to him when his dad was around, but when it was just them, she was horrible.

People called him Troy because he hated his first name. John. Who names their kid that? But anyway she called him John, just because she knew it irritated him. And now she did this.

She told his dad it was because he was so smart and this school would be good for him. It's not that he wasn't smart, she just wanted him out of the way. So that's what led him to be sitting in the backseat of his father's car, smiling, but glaring daggers at Jennifer's head.

"You'll love it here Troy." His father told him with a smile. Troy nodded.

"I know dad. I hope my housemates are nice."

"Don't worry John." Troy flinched. "I bet they'll love you." Troy gave her a fake smile and continued to glare daggers at the back of her head. About five minutes later, his father took a left and announced, "We're here!"

They pulled into the school and Troy's jaw dropped. The campus was huge and had large buildings all over the place. His father pulled into a parking space and turned around in his seat to look at Troy.

"You ready?" Troy nodded and they all got out of the car. His father opened the trunk and handed Troy his suitcase and sports bag.

"All the rest of your stuff should be in your trunk in your house. You got everything?" Troy lifted up the brochure in his hand and gestured with his other hand towards his things.

"Yep." His father hugged him and Troy was quick to hug back.

"I'll miss you. Promise you'll email me at least once a week?" His father asked. Troy nodded quickly. "Good. I can't wait for them." He squeezed Troy's shoulder and then Jennifer stood in front of him.

"Oh John!" She exclaimed, the obviously fake tears streaming down her face. "I'm going to miss you!" She cried, burying John in her hug. He lightly wrapped his arms around her and then she pulled back.

"Well we should go." She said looking at Will, Troy's father.

"You do well John." He gave her a small nod and she kissed his forehead. She walked to the car and climbed into the passenger seat. His father walked up to him.

"Remember Troy. I'm just a call away. And so isn't your mum." Troy nodded.

"I know." He said. His father hugged him again and looked down at him.

"See you at Christmas okay?" Troy nodded once again and his father hugged him one last time. He pulled back, squeezed Troy's shoulders and walked to the car. They drove away and with one last wave, and Troy was left alone. He looked at his paperwork and saw that he was in the House of Olympus.

He followed the signs that had been set up and when the signs for his house finally stopped, he looked at the house in front of him. There was a sign on the front that said 'Olympus'. There were two doors and a small set of stairs that led up to a porch. Troy climbed up the stairs and knocked on the door. He waited and about a minute later, a woman with green eyes and blonde hair stood in front of him.

"Oh! You must be one of the new students. I'm Jennie Patrick. I'll be your housemother." Troy stood in the doorway and Jennie pulled him in.

"Now who are you? We have a lot of new students today."

"I'm Troy." Jennie's face grew confused.

"I've got a Parker, a Jayden, a Jemma, a Madison and a John coming but no Troy's. Are you sure you have the right house?" Troy nodded.

"Sorry. My name's John, just most people call me Troy because I don't care for John." Jennie nodded.

"Okay then, Troy." She said, emphasizing his name as if saying it louder would cause her to remember it. "Well you'll be rooming with Anthony, but people call him Tony." She said as she led him down the hall towards his room.

"He's American and this will be his tenth year here." She told him as she opened the door. "And here's your room." She said. Troy looked around the room and saw that it was reasonably sized with a closet, a set of dressers and a bed on each side.

"I'll leave you to set up a little or you can leave your things and I'll show you the rest of the house." Troy nodded and Jennie shut the door. He walked over to one of the beds and plopped onto it. He fell back onto the bed with a sigh and stared up at the ceiling.

He ran down the stairs and into the living room where Camryn sat.

"Okay Lil Sis where is it?" Camryn looked at him with an exasperated look on her face.

"Stop calling me that!" She yelled.

"I'll stop when you tell me where you hid my brochure in your mess of a desk!" Camryn smirked.

"Nope." He picked Camryn up and swung her onto his shoulder.

"Parker! Set me down now!" He carried her into the kitchen where their mother, father, brother and sister sat at the table.

"Make her tell me where my brochure is." Parker said. Dylan and Danielle looked up at their twin siblings and smiled.

"Camryn where is Parker's brochure?" Their father asked.

"Make him tell me where my laptop is then." She said from Parker's shoulder. Their mother looked at Parker then.

"Parker give her her laptop and then she'll give you your brochure."

"I don't have her laptop!" He exclaimed.

"Yes he does!" Camryn yelled.

"No he doesn't!" Dylan yelled, a smile on his face. Everyone but Camryn looked at Dylan.

"Dylan, where is Camryn's laptop?" Their father asked.

"In Cammie and Parker's room!" He exclaimed.

"Where in their room?" Danielle asked. Dylan grabbed both Danielle and Parker's hands and pulled them to Camryn's and Parker's room. He led them through Camryn's messy side of the room and stopped at her desk. Parker flipped Camryn on her bed and looked through her desk. Underneath a pile of sketches and school papers was Camryn's white laptop.

Parker held it up and Camryn sheepishly looked down.

"Oops." She said.

"Yeah, oops. Now give me my brochure. We have to be out of here in an hour and I haven't eaten breakfast yet." Camryn pulled the brochure out from under her mattress and they traded. Parker set the brochure on top of his suitcase and hockey bag.

He walked downstairs, Dylan and Danielle trailing close behind him and started eating breakfast. About an hour later, his mother, father and Dylan were all sitting in the car.

"Danielle! Camryn! Hurry it up! I have no problem leaving you two here!" Two sets of footsteps pounded down the steps and flew outside.

"That's what I thought." He said as he took one last look at his house and walked outside. He climbed into the third row of the car and put his headphones on. He spent the five hour drive alternating between playing a game with Dylan, talking with his parents, or listening to music. When they pulled into his school, all six of them climbed out and Camryn and his father set his things on the ground while he said goodbye to his mom.

"Parker." She said. She hugged him tightly and Parker hugged her just as tight.

"Promise you'll behave mia preziosa." She said, her Italian roots coming out.

"I promise madre." She nodded and hugged him once more. She moved and Parker squat so he could be eye to eye with Dylan.

"Why you go Parker?" He asked.

"Because I need to go to school bud. Promise you'll take care of mom and Danielle?" He asked. Dylan hugged him.

"I even take care of Cammie." He whispered into Parker's ear. Parker laughed.

"Be good bud." Dylan nodded and ran to their mother. Danielle walked up to him, tears in her eyes.

"Parker." She launched herself into his arms and started sobbing.

"Who's gonna be there when a boy starts to like me Parks? Who's gonna be my big brother?"

"I guess Camryn's gonna have to do won't she?" Parker whispered into her ear. She laughed and pulled away.

"Don't you go get a fancy foreign girlfriend while you're here. You got me?" Parker nodded and Danielle hugged him.

"Bye Parks."

"Bye Dani." She walked towards their mother and Dylan. Camryn and their father walked up to him.

"Who's gonna call me 'Lil Sis' now?" She asked.

"Thought you didn't like it when I called you that?" Camryn hugged him and smacked the back of his head while she did.

"Shut it Parks." She pulled back and Parker looked at their father.

"Dad." Parker's father nodded, tears filling his eyes. His father took a deep breath and held out his hand, not really a hug kind of guy.

"See you at Christmas Parks." Parker nodded and shook his hand.

"Bye dad." His father nodded and all five of them climbed into the car. He watched them back out of their parking space and drive away, waving to Camryn, Dylan and Danielle as he did. He looked at his brochure and saw that he was in the House of Olympus. He could only hope the house was appealing as the name.

He, Anna and Finn all sat in the back of one cab.

Their mother had to work today and couldn't find a replacement. They all knew she wanted to come. Now their stepfather? Probably not. After he started gambling, he could care less about all of them. It was because of him they were all going here.

Yes, he had gone to this boarding school when he was Finn's age. But the reason they were going was because he and his mother couldn't stop arguing and his mother didn't want them around it. So she sent them here. It was close to home. But they weren't actually living at home.

If they wanted to see them bad enough, they could go to her restaurant on the weekends and see her.

The cab pulled into the school and Jayden paid him while Anna and Finn grabbed their things. Jayden grabbed his suitcase and the three of them set off looking for Finn's house. They followed the signs to the House of Horus and when they could just barely read the sign on the house, Finn stopped them.

"I can bring myself there." Finn said. Jayden sighed.

"Okay. Just remember. I'm right on campus if you need me." Jayden told him.

"I know Jay. You're in the House of Olympus. See you around." He said and then walked into his house. Jayden led Anna towards her house and as they followed the signs, he noticed how Anna was becoming more shaky.

When they finally reached Anna's house, she began to cry.

"Annie. What's wrong?"

"I, I don't want to be without you or Finn!" She cried. Jayden pulled her into his chest and she sobbed. He held her for a few minutes and then pulled back.

"Annie. You can see my house from here." He pointed at his house which they had passed on the way to the House of Anubis.

"You'll be fine and if you ever need anything you'll have your housemates, or your housemother. And if you just want family then you have me or Finn okay?" She nodded and hugged him once more.

"I promise everything will be fine Annie." He pulled back one last time.

"I'll see you later okay Anna?" She nodded and Jayden kissed the top of her head. Jayden watched as she walked into her house and when she reached the door, she turned around, waved and walked in. Jayden smiled, happy that his siblings were getting settled in, and walked back to his house. He walked up the stairs, smiled at the sign, and opened the door.

She sat in a cab, her music notebook sitting next to her. Ebony had came a day earlier than Ivy and Luke because Ebony had wanted to meet the new kids. Only her, Brina and Tony would be the returning students. All the others had either graduated, resigned from the school, or transferred houses. That meant that there were five new students.

She hoped that her and Brina were still roommates because she didn't think she could break in a new roommate. Brina was really bubbly but she kept her side of the room clean and they didn't argue, which was a plus for everyone. Brina thought she was too quiet and was a little unemotional, but Tony knew how she really was.

She really was emotional. In fact, she's a hopeless romantic deep down. She showed her emotions through her music. Tony had found her in the forest one day playing one of her songs. She hadn't known he was there and he had clapped.

She hadn't talked to him for a week after that, but eventually she started talking to him again.

He understood why she doesn't show her emotions. She did it through her songs.

So he was her personal song experimenter. He listened to every song she wrote and most of the time asked what it was about.

So she considered Tony to be her best friend. Next to Brina that is. She was her roommate after all.

The cab took a left into the school and stopped at the drop off point. Ebony got out, grabbed her suitcase and guitar and paid the cab driver. He pulled away and she walked towards her house. When Ebony reached the house, she sighed.

She really considered this place home. She walked up the stairs and opened the door. She walked into the house and when she stopped in the foyer she looked around.

"Jennie, I'm home!" She sang. She heard footsteps but when she turned around, she didn't see Jennie. She saw everyone yelling, "SURPRISE!"

"What's going on?" Ebony choked out.

"Don't you remember that we always do that to each other?" Tony says while smiling. Ebony smiles back. She's definitely going to like it here this year.

"Do I have to?" Jemma and Gabe say at the exact same time. They didn't want to leave their mansion in London, especially since they are having a decent life.

"Yes, you have to." Their grandma says. "You two aren't having the best life at your school, so I think it's best to have a new start."

"But, but, fine." Jemma and Gabe hesitate. They are twins. Jemma poured her suitcases in the limo and Gabe tries his best to kiss Kendall, Jemma's best friend. Of course, it ends up miserably.

"What are you doing?" Kendall says, her green eyes flicking with anger. She was really weirded out.

"Nothing." Gabe says hastily while sighing. Kendall waves goodbye to Jemma and the limo starts to run.

"Look, I'm sorry that your mom and dad can't say goodbye to you before you guys head off." Jemma and Gabe's grandma says. "You guys know that they always have to be on business trips. And they'll send you both something afterwords." Jemma and Gabe knew that their parents could never visit. Jemma even thinks that her parents would ditch her wedding.

"It's fine." She mutters. "I hope the souvenir's good." Gabe nods slowly and the rest of the trip was silent. Jemma had no clue what to expect. At her old school, everyone hated her except for Kendall. And Gabe was crushing on Kendall. The exact same story loops until now. Now, Jemma didn't know what everyone would think about her homemade clothes (yes, she does make her own clothes) her rich background and her personality. When the limo finally got there, Jemma and Gabe jumped out of the car. They felt eyes piercing at them.

"What house are you in?" Gabe says, trying his best to fill in the silence.

"I think I'm in House of Olympus." Jemma answers. The wind was blowing so badly, her 3 feathers attached to her hair were flying. She so badly wanted her brother to be with her, so then she could always rely on one person. But, her heart dropped when he says, "Well, I'm in House of Latin."

"Oh, okay." Jemma chokes out of her mouth "Good luck."

"You too." Gabe says. Jemma hugs Gabe, smiles and heads to her left. When she got to the house, she was shocked. She didn't expect the house to be this big!

"That's the House of Olympus." she mutters. She then walks up the stairs with her luggage and opens the door. She looked around and saw that everyone was there. But, there was one girl that was eyeballing her. Like she did something wrong.

"Hi." Jemma waves and smiles shyly. "I'm Jemma." Almost every single silhouette waved back. Except for the one that was eyeballing her.

"What are you doing here?" the eyeball girl says. "You're kind of late."

"Oh, I am?" Jemma asks. "I'm so sorry!"

"Save it." The girl says. "I'm Ebony, most people call me Drew, and I'm not excited to see you."

"Why?" Jemma asks. She was shocked that there was already one hater in the house.

"Because look at you!" Drew says. "You're an Asian that has a British accent. You have the Asian qualities, except you have freckles. Your clothes look like a mess and your hair? Why would you attach three feathers to it?"

"I'm half Asian and half British, so that explains that. I make all of the clothes I wear, so that really hurt my feelings. And I like the hot pink, lime green and sky blue feathers. It gives me individuality," Jemma defends herself.

"I think the clothes are super cute!" Madison catches herself say. Am I not shy for once, she thought.

"Well, I think it's weird." Drew says as she storms off. Another girl comes up to me.

"Don't worry, she'll loosen up. She's just not a huge fan of girly girls." The girl whispers in Jemma's ear. "I'm Sabrina, people call me Brina and I hope that we can be great friends." The girl then runs off.

Jemma's POV

Well, of course Drew hates me. Everyone at my old school hates me, so this is not a shock. I run upstairs, with the suitcases still attached to my hands. When I saw my room, I also saw a brunette with her hair in a long ponytail.

"Hey." I say. She smiles back.

"Hey. I'm Madison." She says.

"I'm Jemma." I say back.

"I know, we all saw that fight back there." Madison chuckles.

"Yeah, thanks for sticking up for me." I say.

"You're welcome." Madison says. "I felt really bad for you. I don't judge people until I get to see their personality."

"Well, I hope you like my personality." I joke. We both start laughing. I look around to see that she's already done unpacking. Her part of the room had hockey posters. Her bed was pretty much purple, and her clothes were neatly placed in the closet.

"Do you want me to help you unpack?" Madison asks with a smile. I nod.

"Of course." I say. We both start working really hard, putting my clothes in the dresser and in the closet. Then, I placed my Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift poster onto my wall. I also had two frames on the wall, one was with Kendall and I and the other was with Gabe, my parents, my grandma and I. Then, I hid the case that had all of my souvenirs in it under my bed. After I was done (finally) a woman with green eyes and blonde hair went into our room.

"Hey, I'm Jennie, and I'll be your housemother. Right now it's dinner, so if you two could come down, it'll be great!" Jennie says with a smile. I could tell that she came from Ireland. I tugged slightly onto Madison's arm.

"Let's go!" I shriek. Madison slowly follows as we head to the dining hall. It was a long table, 3 seats on the long end and 1 in the short. Madison sat on the closest end to the door. I sat next to her, and so did Parker (she told me who everyone is while we were unpacking) Next to me was a boy named Jayden and next to Parker was a boy named Tony. Next to Jayden was Troy and next to Tony was Brina. Then Drew (or the girl who hates me) sat at the other end. Jennie came to us.

"OK, everyone, before you guys enjoy pizza for dinner…" Jennie starts

"Pizza? Yes!" Parker stands up and shrieks. Everyone starts laughing, except for Madison who looked a little bit sorry for him. Is she crushing on him? He then looked embarrassed as he sat back down.

"As I was saying, our housefather Cedric would like to say a few words." Jennie says while smiling. A tall guy with black skin and a long beard then walked into the dining room. His presence scared everyone except for Tony, Brina and Drew.

"Hello." He says loudly. "I am Cedric Rodinmakre and I am your housefather. You must follow these rules. Curfew is at 10, and you must be in your room by that time. If you're not, you must get to your room as fast as possible. You must get up at 7. You'll then have an hour to get to school. School is from 8-4. You each have 7 periods. Your classes are based off of the period and the day. Of course, you will also have an hour for lunch. Dinner is at 7, so you must be here unless you have a note stating that you can be somewhere else. You can't leave the campus unless a parent has signed you out. The attic and cellar in this house is OFF LIMITS. You got it?"

"We got it." Everyone says in unison. You could tell that everyone was bored. Cedric then leaves and Jennie hands out plates with two slices of cheese pizza and some water. After Jennie leaves, everyone went into full on conversation.

"Cedric scares me." Madison says.

"Who doesn't agree with that?" Parker says. They both smile. I am SO getting them together. I felt someone tap my shoulder. It was Jayden. His blonde, spiky hair and his green eyes was looking at me.

"You going to eat the pizza?" he asks.

"Of course." I say.

"Can I have a piece?" Jayden says.

"Don't you have your own to take care of?" I ask.

"Of course, but two is a little too little for me." Jayden retorts. I roll my eyes.

"Why don't you ask Jennie for more?" I ask.

"Because she's already out." Jayden answers. "She's a really talented chef."

"That I can agree with." I say. "And too bad, you can't have any more pizza."

"Fine!" Jayden says.

"Good" I say back. This has to be an interesting year, especially with Jayden around.

Sabrina's POV

"And that's the Cedric we know." Tony says. I haven't really told him yet, but I have the tiniest crush on him. But, I really don't want to ask him out because Drew used to date him (because of a dare), until they broke up last April, even though they're BFF's right now. It feels super wrong to do that. Drew, Troy and I start laughing. The conversation then formed into horrible teachers and embarrassing moments. Troy is actually pretty cool. After dinner, Drew dragged me to our room.

"Yes, Drew." I say. She closes the door and locks it.

"Drew, why are you so antsy?" I ask. She looks at me.

"You can't tell anyone what I say in here, okay?" Drew says while looking into my eyes. Her dirty blonde hair is a little messy because of all her running.

"You can trust me." I say, plopping my right hand up.

"I know." Drew says while smiling. "I think Troy is a little cute."

"Really?" I say with happiness, for her and me. If it's true, then I could ask Tony out once and for all.

"Yep." Drew says. "I don't know why. It's just his blonde hair that perfectly falls into place and his blue-green eyes. Wow, I'm becoming a mush."

"Don't worry." I say. "You two will be together one day, trust me." Drew smiles and unlocks the door as she leaves the room.

"So will Tony and I." I mutter dreamily.

Madison's POV

It's obvious that Jemma and Jayden like each other. I can see it. Just like I can see that Parker is cute. Only a little.

"What do you think about everyone in the house?" I ask.

"I think everyone is nice, even Drew." Jemma answers. Even though Drew has been ignoring Jemma a little bit, they seem to be getting along.

"How about Jayden?" I ask. Her face expression immediately became dead.

"Ugh." She answers. It'll be hard to get them together, but it'll happen one day, trust me. I hear Cedric's voice echo through the whole house.

"It's ten! Go to sleep, you idiots!" he says. I can't figure out if he actually meant it or not. I just knew I had to get to sleep. Jemma nudged me.

"Come on, let's get some pie!" she says.

"What?" I say. "Oh, no, no, no! I don't want to get into trouble."

"Come on, what's the worst that can happen?" she asks. She's definitely a troublemaker, but she's also a loyal friend.

"Fine, only because Jennie's pies are super good." I say, which I kind of regret now. She smiles, and we sneak down to get two pieces of pie before going back up. But, we heard an interesting conversation coming from Cedric's room.

"Look, I know it's only the first day, but we need to get going! We need to find the artifacts, because this is the year. I can see it." Cedric says.

"But what if the children figure out?" I heard a man's voice. "Is exposing our true purpose here worth immortality?"

"Of course!" Cedric says. "We need to find those artifacts, before anyone else does. Then, we do blah blibbity blah and we have immortality."

"But someone is going to die, Cedric, DIE!" the man's voice says. "If we kill one of the children, their parents will sue us!"

"Don't worry, Derek, it'll be fine." Cedric says. Then, I heard footsteps coming toward us.

"We have to get to our room." Jemma whispers. We grab our pies and run, but mine dropped onto the floor.

"My pie!" I whisper, trying to pick it up.

"Don't pick it up, there's no time. I'll let you share mine, but we got to go." Jemma says. We hurry into our room, panting when we get in there.

"What just happened?" I ask while trying some of the key lime pie. It was perfect.

"I don't know." Jemma replies. "But, what I do know is this, once we're in, we can't get out." The rest of the night was silent because we both finished the pie easily and Jemma drifted off to sleep. But, I can't because a voice is haunting me. Jemma's voice.

Once we're in, we can't get out.

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