A/N: It's Christmas time, my favorite time of the year! Here is a Auslly Christmas Story for you ;) Warning: Mature Content and Language

Austin huffed and puffed as he pulled electrical streams of lights and lights to decorate the Sonic Boom. He actually couldn't believe it what he was doing at the moment. He had gone to every freaking store imaginable to find these stupid clear and colorful Christmas lights because Ally had given him the puppy face. That's right, that's just how whipped she had him.

He still remembered the incident as she arrived at the Sonic Boom… just this morning. Ally had come to ask at him to decorate the outside of the Sonic Boom.

Austin was sure that it had all started out with their normal everyday flirting, but somewhere along the way, the teasing had turned into squabbling, which then had escalated into fighting, and suddenly… Ally had walked out of the store, door slamming hard after her, kind of leaving him flabbergasted.

He sighed at recalling, but not before she'd given him those God damn infuriating Bambi sad. He shook his head, so after a couple of moments he had realized at the idiocy of this argument. He had driven to God knew how many stores to purchase the ridiculous lights so Ally could come and find the Sonic Boom completely decorated.

Damn, he threw his hands up in the air looking around the immense amounts of lights on the ground as he considered, if this isn't whipped then I don't know what is.

Ally ran a hand over her face as she remembered this morning's ridiculous fight with Austin. She shook her head, really… it had NOTHING to do with the holiday or the stupid lights that she sort of wanted to see on the store, but it was more about the fact that she was literally throwing herself at him and he was just dodging her every which way.

She was in truth a little hurt and a lot frustrated. Actually a lot hurt, but who was measuring. Since the first time that she had met him she had always been attracted to him. God, he's sex on two legs, who wouldn't be attracted to him. And now that Dallas was gone and there was no need to keep her feelings bottled up, she felt like he was no longer interested. She loved and hated so much how she always felt her heart skip a beat when he was around, but now that she wanted him to be close, to touch her, to- anything really- he was just making sure that there was safe distance between them and she didn't know why. What had changed? His playful flirting never went farther than words and that truly bothered her. Her feelings were literally clawing their way out for him.

Ally wanted to kiss him… like he deserved to be adored and worshiped; with love, passion, and fervor as this time she would be able to revel in the way her body would tingle in awareness, her skin would scream for his touch, and her heart would want to swell with the aching emotion of her love for him. It was so much more than just physical. She was so ready to scream to the world that she was in love with him, but he seemed, indifferent.

In truth she didn't know what to do, maybe she shouldn't do anything. Perhaps she didn't deserve his love, because his love had been a blessing that she hadn't been able to appreciate. Austin had been her friend when he stole her song, and made it famous, she owed him that friendship. Even if it hurt in a way she would have never thought possible.

Who would have thought that the moment it was her desperately wanting and needing more of him that he would be the one that would pull away.

With that final thought in mind and the recapping of her stupid behavior, she looked at herself in a mirror; fixing her shirt and her skirt, and walked back to the Sonic Boom to apologize.

"Uh… yeah…" Austin spoke to himself, "Who would have guessed that my knowledge of decorating would have let me into this mess…"

He had decorated every window, every door, every tree, arch and whatever, leaving the roof at the end. And to top it all off, he had plugged them in so that they were already set, had pulled strands and strands up to end up tied around the dammed things… a couple around his neck, some around his arms, and a various amount around his legs that if he moved or pulled, he could just lose the whole thing up.

Sure he could rapidly tear himself away and ruin all of his hard work, but he was having none of that. Austin didn't know how the hell he'd ended up like that, well- it could have been because of his cluelessness, but he wasn't going to admit that- it seemed the more he moved the more he got in knots and it was leading him nowhere.

From a distance, Ally could see the beautiful trail of Christmas lights making the store stand out and she gasped at the beauty. The store she could tell that he had chosen the plain white lights to decorate the already vintage accents that made the store all on its own instantly perfect.

Ally neared the entrance to begin apologizing when she heard Austin cuss from above her, "Stupid Christmas holiday, stupid God darn difficult lights, and God damn Ally for making feel the need to put this stupid shit up and…"

Austin stopped when he noticed her presence, the faint sound of her heart alerting him, the waft of her delicious strawberry scent intoxicating him, and then- even in the dark- her adorable chocolate eyes that had gotten him in to this mess in the first place…

"Ally…" he said, trying to not sound as surprised like he actually was. How the hell had he missed her arrival. He heard her chuckle…

"So God damn me, huh…?" she joked seeing him in the mess he was in. Once she'd heard him she had gotten on the ladder, which she couldn't fathom why he would need it- but whatever, and peaked at him be on the roof tangled up in lights.

"Yeah well…" Austin shrugged indicating his dilemma as he was lighted up like a Christmas tree and added, "This is all your fault…"

Ally smiled… but then she remembered why she was there and now add that to the fact that he had actually done it and she felt guilty, "I know… I came to say I'm sorry…"

"I'll accept your apology after you help me out of this mess…" he returned half joking.

"Okay…" she said cheerily, "But not before I get a picture of this…" she pulled out her cell phone snapping a couple of pictures when Austin moved her way…

"Oh no, you don't…" he went at her, "Stop that…" he said as she continued laughing, "Give me that phone back or…"

"Or what…?" she dared.

"Or… Ally!" Austin cried out, one moment she was eye battling with him and the next she had suddenly slipped and saw her hands flail towards him. He didn't care if he brought every single light down with him as long he caught her in time.

Which he did, with lights still wrapped around him and still lit up, mind you. He was about to ask if she was okay when she tried to pull up and look at him. But he was holding her tight and she had somehow managed to get her feet tangled around the lights and as she moved she stumbled, which made Austin stumble with her until they both hit the ground… her on top of him as lights fell on them and Austin playfully glared at her.

"Oops?" she grinned from ear to ear.

Austin rolled his eyes and shook his head asking, "Are you alright, are you…?"

"I'm fine…" she whispered, only now realizing how close they were to each other and that she was scrambled up with him. The thought excited her, her body suddenly feeling very warm, as she got lost in his exquisite brown eyes closing the distance between them "Never better…" she was able to get out, but she stopped when his hands tensed on her and his eyes widened in shock.

"What are you doing…?" he asked.

"Well… I was about to kiss you…" she tried to lighten the mood and not show her hurt.

Austin saw right through her though and added, "Not that I don't want to," he explained, "You know that I do, but why… why now?"

Not really listening to his words except the part where she realized that he wasn't going to kiss her, she tried to scramble up and away from him. Unfortunately for her, in a haste that only caused her to get herself that much worse tied up in the cords.

"Hey, hey, hey…" Austin called trying to stand up and stop all her frazzle and anxiousness to want to run away from him, "What's going on…?" he stopped her hands, noticing her face focus on the ground.

It was only after a glimmer streaming down her cheeks that he realized she was crying. He cupped her chin bringing it up for her to look at him as he asked, "What's going on…?"

After all this hectic little number of his minor panic at her fall and what she was about to do, he was surprisingly sober.

Ally's eyes filled with more tears as she whispered, "I can't do this Austin…" and for some reason he felt himself strain, "I'm not strong like you…" she sniffled, "I tried to be your friend but I can't…" she looked away from him and then back as she went on, "I can't… I love you…" he froze at the words and stared intently- had he heard that right, "I love you… as in I'm in love with you and I can't live a day without you in my life kind of love you…"

Austin opened his mouth to speak, but she swiftly went on…

"No…" she told him, "I thought I could do this for you but I can't and don't want to. I want you… and need you… and care for you, but it's clear that now that Cassidy is gone, you want nothing to do with me in any other way. I tried… I flirted, I gave you signs, I did all the stupid things that girls do to show you that I want you but it's clear that you…"

"Shut up…" he finally cut her off of her cute rant and crashed his lips on hers. Something along the lines of fireworks erupting in her body went off inside and then she was filled with the sweetest warmth she'd ever experienced. His demanding tongue asking for entrance that she swiftly granted; it expertly exploring sensitive points in her mouth she didn't know existed as a persistent throb began to build low in her belly. She felt the moist of her arousal between her legs and she couldn't help but try to arch herself as much as she could into him wanting more.

Ally's lips had quickly reacted with a low hum and Austin felt his dead heart go wild. She loved him, she… loved… him. And as a gasp escaped her mouth, he had taken the opportunity to explore her mouth, enjoy that stimulating scent of her arousal making its way up his nose as his member promptly became alive in his jeans.

He went down her neck then pressed tender kisses on her lips. His strong arms pulling her close, her lean fingers running through the blonde locks of his hair lovingly as she whispered against his lips…

"I love you Austin…" she cupped his face to make sure he was looking at him, "I've loved you for so long…"

Austin took some unneeded breaths as he panted, "And why didn't you just tell me…?" he smirked amused, "You have always known how I felt about you. You try girly rules, throwing me hints, but if you would have just told me how you felt…" now he made sense of her… her change of attitude, the dumb fights, it all fit.

"I didn't think you'd believe me…" she justified. And just like that they at each other's mouths again. Kissing more insistently, a little more desperately, and with a lot of need to feel skin on skin… they started tugging at the electric cords to get free.

Passing them over their heads, slipping arms here and there, tugging, pushing, pulling… every move a little more frantic until Austin cursed…

"Fuck…" he grabbed her by the arms to make sure she was looking at him, "Do…" he asked like it the most important thing in the world, "You like the lights…?"

Ally's brows furrowed, "Of course I liked them, I loved them, but why are you…?"

"Good…" he sighed not hearing anything else after 'I loved them' snapping them hideous cords easily from around them making the store go dark. Pushing her back against the wall and continued devouring her.

Ally moan into his mouth as she slightly recalled Dallas giving her a kiss there. She cringed, who gave a fuck, Austin's tongue was tasting her skin… she was placing kisses wherever she got access to his skin while her hands began working off his shirt, his jeans, everything

"Ally… Ally…" Austin groaned nipping at her skin, tugging at her skirt and shirt, his excellent masculine hands fondling each breast while sucking them into his mouth softly, before caressing the sides of her waist to her back, gliding over the bump of her plump ass molding her to the proof of his almost exploding arousal as it throbbed in the confines of his jeans… "We're outside…" he reasoned for her sake.

"And…" she panted, trailing her tongue from the side of his neck to the shell of his ear as she rolled it inside seductively, "I want you Austin… right here, right now… I want you to make love to me… Make this My Very Special Christmas Present…"

Austin grinned caressing the lose strands of her hair away from her face, whispering deviously… "We could be seen…" he tested her bravery.

"Practice room… NOW!" she grinned wickedly… Austin took her hand, and they both ran into the Sonic Boom. Once inside he told Ally he was going to look the doors, and would be there in a second. After Austin had locked the door, he ran up to the practice room where Ally was and she had pounced on him; popping his jeans open, pulling the zipper down, and dipping her hand to hold him and stroke him just a bit.

He growled deeply, taking her lips again, ripping off his own shirt and her shirt, then taking off her skirt from her body to stroke her… excited to find her dripping wet for him. She moaned into his mouth at feel of his fingers skimming over the slid of her aching desire without inserting, was he trying to drive her insane? She put pressure on his cock then, taking her time to glide her hand up and down the shaft in a slow manner that had them both writhing.

Austin stretched her with one finger first… taken into a new state of arousal from the tightness of her womanly folds and her sudden strong hold on him as he started pumping inside her. He added another finger and then another enjoying those sexy sounds escaping her lips asking for more as she neared that shattering end.

But then… he'd pulled his fingers away, took in the sight of her cute pout and her flushed sight, moving her hand away from him, picking her up against the practice room wall nudging his erection between her enveloping heat teasingly.

"Austin… Austin please…" she pled biting at her lower lip soon positioning himself at her core and began to inch in. He had tried to do it slowly, but Ally's nails on his bare shoulder urging him on while she molded around his cock amazingly perfect and tight, was all too much for him and he thrust up into her.

They both cried out in pleasure. The satisfying bliss coursing through them with the physical connection they were having was something neither one of them had ever experienced. It was heaven, it was perfection, it was explosions in their hearts… it was the cliché feeling of being in love with a force or intensity so powerful, there was no logical reason of their true love. They moved together, skin grinding on skin, doting filled sighs being passed between them both, synchronized in a rhythm of sensual love. Both Austin and Ally loved hitting those perfect spots. Their pace increasing slightly more frenzied, erratic strokes becoming almost chaotic as they both reached that unique peak of rare paradise.

Into oblivion they fell, naked against each other, both being enraptured in the emotions exposed and their actions of clear pleasure. After waiting enough time for both of them to come down from their climaxes, he placed chaste kissed from the end of her shoulder… across the trail of her neck, and up the column of her throat. When his sparkling cerulean eyes locked with hers, he asked…

"How did I get so lucky…?" he grinned that lopsided gorgeous smirk of his as he waited for her answer.

Ally ran a hand along the side of his face as she answered, "It's me who's lucky…" she said taking his lips in a soft kiss.

Austin sighed, he wasn't going to argue with her over who deserved who and who was lucky or not. Right now, he just wanted to enjoy that the woman he loved, loved him back, and that she was still naked in his arms.

"So if this was your present…" he glanced up to where his window was, "Then can I have mine now…?" he slipped out of her; the idea of making love to her over and over again already working him up for round two.

Christmas, would sure be… their very favorite holiday indeed.