Author's Note: Just a small one-shot I made about one of my favorite Hunger Games characters, Tax. I like him because he pretty much gets no love. Plus, he reminds me of Doumeki from xxxHOLiC.

As for when this fic is set, I would say it's set a couple of days before the Quarter Quell in Catching Fire, since Mags, Finnick and Haymitch are in the Capitol during this fic.

Disclaimer: Suzanne Collins owns The Hunger Games.

Twas the night of April 15, the day the citizens of Panem had to turn in their taxes. Yes, Panem had taxes.

So, it was on this night where we found our resident archer, Tax. Currently, he was relaxing at a Panembucks and reading a huge magazine about the current trends in the Capitol.

"Hey, Taxie. Can you help me? It's a big, big, BIG problem."

Effie Trinket, of all people, approached Tax, who sighed.

"What do you want, Effie?" Tax asked.

"Well, could you... Help me file my taxes?" Effie asked. "I mean, your name IS Tax, so you must've done your taxes already."

"Well, about that -" Tax said before Effie cut him off.

"Don't worry about it. We'll get this done in a jiffy!" Effie said before pulling out stacks of paper. A couple hours later...

"Thank you, Taxie. You really are the tax man," Effie said before kissing Tax on the cheek and walking away.

"Where was I? Oh, yeah, the part about mahogany tables," Tax said before he continued to read his magazine. He was only reading for a few minutes before a new face joined him.

"Are you the tax man the fairy lady was talking about?"

Tax then smelled some sort of strong alcohol, which meant only one person was about to join him - Haymitch Abernathy.

"Uhh... Maybe. Why? Do you want me to do your taxes?" Tax asked Haymitch, who nodded and pulled out many stacks of paper. Tax facepalmed. "Do you have a drink on you by any chance?"

Two hours and many shots of vodka later...

"Thanks, man, you're a real lifesaver," Haymitch said before shaking Tax's hand.

"No problem. Just... Have your Girl on Fire help you next year, okay?" Tax said before Haymitch walked away. Tax, yet again, resumed reading.

"Hmm... Cinna's summer swimsuit collection MUST be inspired by Katniss Everdeen. Flame bikinis? Really?" Tax mused to himself before Finnick sat down next to him.

"Aren't you that tax man people have been talking about?" Finnick asked. Tax slammed his magazine shut.

"I'm not doing your taxes," Tax stated. Finnick only pulled out a few sheets of paper.

"Neither does the sexy Finnick Odair," Finnick stated.

"Why can't you get your Mad Girl Back Home to do this?" Tax asked Finnick.

"Because she's in District 4 right now," Finnick answered. "Now, are you gonna help me or not?"

Tax sighed.

"Fine. Let's get this over with," Tax said. Only a few minutes later...

"Thanks. You just saved me from a whole bunch of trouble," Finnick said. "Hey, do you think you could do Mags' -"

Tax got up from his seat.

"The tax man is going home for the night. He is done doing taxes," Tax stated. A few minutes later, Tax arrived at his townhouse.

"Finally! I can read in peace!" Tax said as he got into his house. But, two Peacekeepers were waiting for him.

"You're under arrest for tax evasion," One of the Peacekeepers stated. Tax facepalmed.

"Fuck... I forgot to do my own taxes," Tax said to himself.

Ending Note: Remember to do your taxes so you don't end up like poor Tax!

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