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It was around lunchtime in the Greater Manchester polices incident room. It had been a quiet day so far for the murder investigation team. They had closed their latest case the day before, and therefore today was resigned to paperwork, budget reports, and an attempt to relax before the next case landed on their doorstep.

DI Richard Mayne, had just finished his writing his report, and was looking forward to a well deserved lunch break, with his friend and boss DCI Janine Lewis, who was currently in a meeting with the Chief Superintendant.

The DI was just tidying up his desk, when he was broken out of his daydreams by the ringing of his phone. Praying to a higher power that this was not a call about a body, he answered.

'DI Mayne...Hi Mandy, is everything alright... oh she left her phone in the office, why what's happened? ... Is she alright? ... No, no that's fine, we'll leave now, what hospital?...ok we'll be there as soon as we can, is she there?...hey, baby girl, are you alright?...oh I know its hurts baby, but mummy and I will be there as soon as we can, and Mandy tells me that you are being a big brave girl...you're at the hospital now? Ok well you go with Mandy and we'll see you soon, ok... love you to...hey Mandy, ok I'll let you go, we're just leaving, so be there in about half an hour, thanks, bye.'

Hanging up the phone, the inspector felt like he had aged 10 years in the space of one phone call. Looking up he was greeted with the inquisitive looks of his fellow detectives, all of whom has quite obviously listening in to his half of the phone conversation.

'Everything alright Guv' questioned the Kat the youngest member of the team.

'Yeah, look Janine and I need to leave for a while, Charlotte's in hospital, they think she's broke her arm. If anything comes in, call me, don't bother the boss ok.' Replied Richard whilst getting his things together ready to leave.

'Yeah sure' was the general reply, and without a further to-do, the DI left the incident room, and gathered the female DCI's coat and bag, before leaving the detective presence, leaving raised eyebrows and whispered comments in his wake.

Striding down the familiar corridors of the station, the worried DI made his way to DCS Hogg's office, not caring one iota about interrupting the meeting, as he knocked on the door, and entered.

'Yes how can I help DI Mayne' questioned the DCS in her usual scathing way.

'Sorry Ma'am, but Janine Charlotte's pre-school just called, she fell over and they think she broke her arm. Mandy's taken her to hospital, I said that were on our way.'

'Oh god is she alright?' answered the DCI, as she got up to make her way out of the room, totally ignoring the presence of her senior officer.

'Yeah, I talked to her, she seems ok, bit shaken of course, says that her arm hurt.'

'Sorry ma'am can we postpone this, thank you' and the pair left before Louise Hogg could even get a word out in reply. Leaving the officer in shock at the events of the last few minutes, but not totally surprised.

Richard and Janine quickly left the station, and thanks to the flashing blue light they got to the hospital in no time at all, although to the worried occupants of the car, every second dragged and felt like a minute.

Making their way to A&E, it wasn't long before they were directed to the curtained off cubicle that contained the injured Charlotte Lewis.

'Richardddd!' exclaimed the four year-old, happy to see him, but the red puffy eyes showing that it wasn't long since she had stopped crying, about what happened.

'Hey monkey, see I told you we'd be here.' Was the reply as he sat down on the hospital bed, and gently pulling the little girl into his arms.

'Where's mummy?'

'She's just coming, don't' worry, the doctor wanted to talk to her about how they are gonna make you feel better.'

'I fell off the slide and hurt my arm' pouted the little girl.

'I know, but the doctor is gonna make it all better soon, I promise.' And he tightened his grip on the girl and placed a kiss into her hair, just as the curtain opened again, admitting an upset Janine and a kind looking doctor.

Janine immediately on seeing her daughter, hurried over and sat next to Richard on the bed, before he carefully passed the little girl over to her mother.

'oh my baby are you alright?'

'My arm hurts mummy, but Mandy said that I've was such a big brave girl.'

'I'm sure you were, and this doctor here is gonna make it all better ok.' With that she, in an action that mimicked Richard's from only a minute ago, she hugged the little girl closer to her and placed a kiss on her forehead.

Looking up she made eye contact with Mandy, who up until this point had been sitting unacknowledged in the chair by the bed.

'Thank you, for bringing her.'

'That's ok, well now that you're here I better be heading back. So I'll see you soon Charlotte ok.'

The little girl raised her head from where it was snuggled up against her mother's chest. 'Bye-bye Mandy.'

And with that Mandy left the cubicle, allowing the doctor who had been silent during the family reunion, to begin.

'Hello, Charlotte, my name's James, can I have a look at you arm?'

The little girl shook her head. 'It hurts.'

'I know but I need to have a look at it, so that I can get it to stop hurting, is that ok?' the doctor gently explained.

The girl shook her head again. Realising that this could go on for a while, as the little girl was as stubborn as her mother at times, and he felt like he should be doing something, Richard stepped in.

'Hey Charlotte, how about this, you hold my hand while the doctor looks at your arm, and if it hurts you squeeze my hand real tight alright. After some deliberation the girl decided that, she could do that. So with her left hand firmly gripping Richard's, the doctor was able to finally examine her right arm.

After a few minutes of careful examination, the doctor had reached his conclusion.

'It's defiantly broken, we need an x-ray to see what how bad is the break, but from what I can see she shouldn't need any bones setting just a cast.' Turning to the little girl, 'So Charlotte, what we're going to do now is we're gonna get a special picture of you arm, so that we can see your bones.'

'Ok.' Came the sheepish reply.

'Does your arm still hurt?'


'ok, I'm gonna go and get you some medicine to take the pain away ok, I'll be right back' And with that James the doctor left.

Within the next half an hour Charlotte had had her medicine, 'Yuck' and been down to x-ray.

'Ok, so we have got her x-ray back,' announced the doctor as he entered the cubicle, to the 2 adults and a very tired little girl, who thankfully wasn't in pain at the moment, just exhausted at the day's events. 'The arm is definitely broken, so what we need to do is put it in a cast for the next 6 weeks.'

'I broke my arm?' Came the uncertain question from the sleepy girl laid on the bed.

'Yes you did, you see here's that special picture we took of your arm. Now these two white lines are your bones in your arm, and you see this little black line here,' He said pointing out the features on the x-ray.

A nod from Charlotte

'Well that black line is where you broke your bone, so what we are going to do, is put your arm in a big plaster, so that it can better.'

An hour later and Charlotte had been discharged with a nice bright purple cast on her right arm, and a follow up appointment for a couple of weeks. The little girl in question was currently fast asleep in Richard's arms on her way to the car.

Just as everyone was buckled into the silver people carrier, a phone rung throughout the car.

'DI Mayne'

'Hey, Guv the DCS is looking for you, I don't think she realised that you went with the boss' came the voice of DS Shap from the other end.

'Ok,' he said with a sigh,' I'll be about 20 minutes; I just have to get my car from the Boss's place.'

'Ok see you then, we'll stall her till then.'

'Thanks' and with that he hung up.

'Who's that?' came the question from the passenger seat.

'Shap, Hogg's on the warpath, I've got to head back. So I'll take you home, and get my car from yours.' Was the reply as he pulled out of the parking space.

'Are you coming round tonight?'

'Yeah is that alright, I usually do.'

'Yeah I know I thought I'd just check.' Pause 'Richard, Thank you.'

Leaving only his right hand on the steering wheel, Richard reached over and grabbed Janine's hand. 'There's no need to thank me, you know that.'

'I know but still.'

And with that the journey continued in silence both in their own thoughts, their hands clasped firmly together except for a few painful moments when both hands were needed for driving

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