'Richard it doesn't do to put all your eggs in one basket. Now I understand that you have friends here, but things are changing and if I have my way they will change sooner rather than later.'

Richard had only just got into the office when he was called into the females DCS's office, and it as safe to say that this was not what he was expecting. Being remanded for leaving in the middle of a case, yes, but this cryptic conversation about his future was definitely not it.

'I'm sorry ma'am, but I like it here, I'm settled. I appreciate you looking out for me, but I would rather stay a DI and wait for a post in Manchester, than move elsewhere. I've done that before and it didn't quite work out. '

'Between you and me, chances are there is gonna be a DCI post coming up soon. The Assistant Commissioner is conducting a review of all senior personnel, and all I'm saying is that if you want to be considered, then it is a good idea to look interested. Also your experience at working with different officers is lacking, you need to work on that.'

'I'll think about it Ma'am, is that alright?'

'Certainly, now you better be heading back to work.'

Nodding his assent the detective made to leave.

'Oh by the way, have you heard from DCI Lewis.'

'Just that it's a broken arm. Is that all?'

'Yes, yes, you can go.'

The officer quickly left before he said something he's not sure he'll regret.

Better warn Janine to watch out, he thought, Hogg's up to something.

'Home time' sighed Richard. He'd only been back at work for about four hours but he couldn't wait to leave.

The case was going no-where, everyone was out of the office and he had to stop himself from ringing Janine multiple times just to check that everything was alright, and although he would never admit it allowed, to hear her voice.

Saying goodnight to the few odd members of staff present he made his way out of the station, and towards his dinner engagement, only making a quick stop on the way.

It was half seven and the Lewis household was begging to settle down for the night, slowly. In a pink bedroom a little girl was just getting tucked into bed.

A bright pink cast, obvious on one arm, under the other a soft brown teddy bear was tucked securely, as it had been ever since it had been given to the girl 2 hours previously, a reward for her being such a brave little girl at the hospital earlier in the day.

'There you go baby girl, now what story do you want tonight?'

'One about bears, like the one you gave me.'

'Ok, how about Goldilocks and the three bears.'

'Yay!' was the excited reply

With that Richard grabbed the book of fairytales off the shelf and flicked to the right page. Snuggling down on the bed next to the little girl, he began to read, adding voices to each character, causing giggles to erupt from the little girl, especially when he put on Goldilocks high falsetto voice.

By the time the blonde haired porridge thief was woken up and ran away from the house, the little girl as struggling to keep her eyes open.

'Night, Night my baby girl, sleep tight.' Whispered Richard as he eased himself off the bed, being careful not to jolt the sleepy girl.

'Night, night daddy, love you.' came the sleepy reply.

'Love you too my darling.' and after a kiss on the forehead, and a deep breath Richard left the room pulling the door to behind him.

Leaning against the wall Richard took a moment to regain his equilibrium after having been called daddy by the little girl that he wished with all his heart as his. It was a bitter sweet experience.

Eventually he pushed himself off the wall and made his way down the hall, stopping at Tom's room, as he saw the pre-teen sitting on the floor building god knows what out of his Lego.

'Hey, what you making?'

'Not sure yet, might be a racing car or a fighter jet, haven't decided yet.'

'Can I help?' I'm good at making houses.'

'You can make a station, I've decided it's gonna be a train.'

'OK.' With that the pair worked in a comfortable silence for a while, which was occasionally broken by a construction question.

'So, how was school today?' as the eventual ice-breaker


'Nothing interesting happen.'

'Its school,' came the somewhat sarcastic reply

'Yeah, alright you've got a point there', chuckled Richard, 'so if it wasn't school, what happened to upset you?'

'I'm not upset!' came the indignant reply.

'Ok annoyed then, look, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but something's wrong. You were quiet all through dinner, even though I know that you had swimming today which means we normally get a complete account of what happen and you've got your Lego out which you haven't played with in months since you decided that it was for babies. You don't have to help me but you never know it might help.'

A pause a deep breath and then,

'Ok, well there's this boy in my class Sam, and I thought he was my friend, I mean we play football at break every day, but today we were playing football, and he kicked the ball and it broke one of the windows. When the teacher asked who done it, he blamed me and I tried to tell her I didn't do it, but she didn't listen and none of my other fiends said anything.

So I got in trouble and now I'm not allowed to go swimming next week, and she said that if I just admitted it, then I wouldn't have got in trouble and it's just not fair, I didn't do anything wrong. I was nowhere near the ball and so now I don't get to go swimming next week, and when mm finds out she'll get angry at me. And it's just not fair!'

The large run on sentence finally ended, and by the end of it the young boy looked close to tears, at the unfairness of the situation.

'Alright ho about this, I'll talk to your mum, but you still have to tell her what happened ok everything, and then we'll see what we can do about swimming next week, ok, and if the school still says that you can't go then I promise that I'll take you swimming myself. How does that sound?'

'Yeah, thanks Richard that's great.' Was Tom's reply a broad grin on his face.

'Well come on no, time for bed, pyjamas and teeth.'

Such was the boy's good mood that he didn't even attempt to protest at having a bed time, and he started to get ready for bed.

He was just leaving the room to brush his teeth, when he turned round casually.



'Even if the school does let me, will you still take me swimming?'

'If you want, now go teeth.'

It wasn't long until the youngest Lewis male was tucked up in bed and well on his way to the land of nod.

Walking down the stairs and into the kitchen, Richard couldn't help but stop and watch Janine bustle around the kitchen, obviously in the middle of three things at once, as usual. Stepping into the kitchen he took over unloading the dishwasher, leaving Janine to concentrate on the pack lunches.

'Charlotte asleep?'

'Yeah, and she had the painkillers so she should be alright. Tom's asleep as well.'

'Really, how'd you manage that? Was he alright, he was very quiet tonight.'

'Not really no.' was the response before he repeated the tale to Janine.

'I'll go to the school tomorrow and sort it out, I was gonna take the day off anyway'

They worked together for a few minutes longer, making small talk before Ellie, who was working at the kitchen called out.

'Hey Richard, can you give me a hand?

'Hey, what about me, or have you replaced your mum with a younger model?'

'It's trigonometry.'

'Fair enough, that's Richards's domain' chuckled Janie

Richard couldn't help the smile on his face as he made his way to the table; he loved the domestic routine that he was part of whenever he was in this house.

'So what have you got to do?'

'Pythagoras theory'

'That's the a2 + b2 = c2 thing isn't it.'

Half an hour later and the pair were still sat at the table, completing problem after problem. Janine by now had finished in the kitchen and was now picking up all the bits and bobs scattered around the downstairs, which seem to acuminate in the presence of children, with a smile on her face.

'She called him dad.'

Turing round to face her oldest son, who stood in the doorway of the sitting room, Janine was unsure as to where this conversation was going


'Charlotte today, when he was tucking her in, she called him Dad, well Daddy but still. I mean it's understandable he's been around since she was a baby, where as Dad is just someone she's sees once or twice a year, especially now he's in Spain.'

'Oh, well I'll talk to hear, explain things.'

'No that wasn't what I meant, I'm not explaining this well.' Running his hand through his hair, Michael sat down and tried again.

'Look, what I'm trying to say is that Richard's a nice guy, and we all like him, he's good for you. So if you want to get together with him, then, well we won't mind.'

'And if we're already together, what would you say about that?'

'Nothing, except congratulations and thank god you finally got it together. And not that I really want any details I mean you are still my mum, but how long?'

'About 6 months, we didn't want to say anything until we knew it would work, and we want to try to ease everyone into the idea.'

'And will it work?'

'Yeah I think it might.' Janine couldn't help the soft smile that graced her face at this moment. It wasn't the younger kids she was worried about, but Michael and his reaction, and this was more than she ever hoped.

'Well that's good.' And with that the university student stood up and made his way upstairs. Leaving a slightly bewildered Janine in his wake.

'Hey Mum, you alright?'

'Yeah sure, sorry just thinking, you off to bed?'

'Yeah, see you in the morning.'

'Night Ellie.'

'Night Mum.

The next few hours, for the police officers, were spent on the sofa, with the tele playing quietly in the background as they sat in each other's arms. Janine resting her head on Richards's chest, as they sipped their glasses of red wine, and talked, unwinding after the stressful day that had occurred. The conversation was regularly paused as they couldn't help but fulfil the need to kiss the other. A need that felt all the more acute after having to refrain during the day.

It was after 11 when Richard broached the subject of him going home.

'Stay.' Was Janine's response.


'You have a change of clothes in the car right, so I am asking you if you want to stay the night. With me.'

'What about the kids?'

'Let's just say I had an enlightening conversation with Michael, so is that a yes.'


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