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They barely made it back to the hotel room with their clothes on. They were so full of lust that was left over from the wedding reception, and throughout the entire event Tony wanted nothing more than to get Ziva back to their room.

Tony slammed the door behind Ziva. He was running his fingers through her curly hair that she had done just for the wedding. His lips that almost tasted like champagne were pressing her soft ones. He let her tongue explore his mouth gently as she moaned into his kiss. Tony brought her closer to him if that was even possible and he let out a groan as she grinded into his bulge in his pants. He broke the kiss and started to lick at her neck. Ziva's eyes rolled back. This was mind-numbingly amazing. Her skin prickled under the heat of the kisses he pressed to her tender skin.

"Tony." Ziva whispered that sounded like a moan. Tony grinned while he still pressed his lips to her neck. He stopped to look at her. She let her head fall back.

"Bed." Ziva hissed. She was not sure she could last any longer. She wanted Tony inside of her if it was the last thing she ever had. Tony chuckled huskily. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her to the bedroom. He sat her down at the bed and he went to go pull the blinds close and shut the door.

"Undress yourself." Tony demanded. It was unusual of him to ask this of a woman. Normally he would just take it slow and remove her clothes carefully, but he wanted Ziva so walked over to the bed and immediately shed his jacket. Ziva sighed. She tried to take off her dress by herself as fast as she could.

"Tony! Zipper!" Ziva demanded of him to unzip her dress from behind instead of asking. Tony quickly unzipped it and began to take off his satin tie from around his neck. It was a struggle, but he managed. Ziva let her royal blue dress fall around her ankles. She stood in her black lace underwear before Tony. She was growing impatient even though she had only been waiting for a few seconds. He smiled at her and watched as she walked over and knelt before him.

"What the-" Tony asked as Ziva began to undo his belt from his pants. He immediately got hard from her gestures. She moved closer to him and attempted at pulling down his zipper with her teeth. After a couple of seconds, she succeeded. Tony let out a noise from the back of his throat. Ziva chuckled, but it was deeper than usual. This turned Tony on completely.

Soon both of them were just in their underwear in the hotel bedroom. Ziva was the first one to get on the bed. She laid flat out and watched as Tony got onto the bed and hovered over her.

"Take it off." Ziva whispered. She wanted Tony to take off the remaining garments that prevented Tony from finally being inside of her. She was getting wet at the thought that with a couple of small moves, both of them could be completely fulfilled and get what they always wanted. She did not know that it would happen tonight, of all nights. Tony did not hesitate to remove her delicate garments. He unclasped her bra with skilled hands, and within seconds, everything she had been wearing was thrown over the side of the bed. All that was left between the two was Tony's plaid boxers.

"Your turn." Ziva said. She wasted no time pulling his boxers down past his manhood so he could pull off the rest. Finally, both of them were free. Tony wanted to be delicate at first, but the look in Ziva's eyes insisted that this was not the time to be careful. She was laying underneath him now, revealing all of herself to him. He realized he could have all of her now. His hands immediately went to her breasts and he started to cup them with both of his hands. Ziva shuddered with pure pleasure. She parted her lips and let out a small moan. She bucked into him and he sprung to life. Ziva wrapped her one leg around him and moved to flip them so that she was on top of him. She strattled him and he looked at her for a split second before getting a reassuring glance. He entered her with a rough thrust. Ziva's head fell back and she let out a simultaneous moan with Tony. She tightened around him.

This was all too good. Everything she had ever wanted was happening. Tony was inside of her and it felt so right.

At first, he tried talking to her but she insisted that it was better that they both just kept quiet. Ziva's eyes fluttered at Tony picked up pace inside of her. Eventually they found a rhythm and stuck with it. Tony bucked against Ziva, harder and faster than before and she wrapped her legs around him tighter and tighter. The sensation was too good for the both of them. Tony wanted to have her come for him as fast as possible so he slid his fingers below her, and eventually beginning to rub in circles around her clit. Her muscles clenched around him as he began the ministrations.

"Oh god, Tony!" Ziva began to shout. He knew she was a screamer but he did not expect her to be this loud. He flipped her again so that she was on the bottom once more and he began to thrust into her. She moaned loudly as she felt she was going to come soon. Tony pressed a kiss to her lips to try and quiet her. Pretty soon they would have the neighbors called the front desk because of the noise and the time of night.

She grabbed his shoulders and scratched her nails into his back as he bucked against her. There was a deep sound coming from her throat. She felt herself stiffen around him, her body was tumbling into climax.

"TONY!" Ziva shrieked as Tony picked up his pace. Ziva laid limp beneath Tony as he did everything he could to get his turn at an orgasm. Ziva began to let out small gasps and whimpers of pleasure. Tony grabbed her and pulled her closer as he went over the edge and spilled inside of her. Ziva felt herself coming one more time.

"Oh god!" The both said in unison as Ziva came on more time. Tony got off of Ziva and laid by her side. They laid there trying to catch their breath.

"Wow." Tony whispered and began to laugh. Ziva smiled.

"So I guess that was it? After all these years?" Ziva asked.

"So worth it." Tony whispered and closed his eyes.



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