MKHS Beginning Christmas Break

*Nothing much has changed at MKHS. Oh wait! Three weeks have past and its December 17 meaning only one thing: Christmas Break! Why don't we catch up with some of the teens when we have the time? Right now, it was Saturday and Smoke, Mileena, and Sub-Zero were waiting in front of the school waiting for the Volleyball and Wrestling team to get back from their all day tournament. The time would be 2:47 as the Volleyball bus pulls in front of the school to let the girls out. Also I forgot to mention it was snowing outside*

Sheeva: Great job today going undefeated girls! You bring honor to our school, practice on Monday, don't forget! *Drives into the school parking lot*

Jade: *First to hop off the bus and yawns* Oh man my feet are killing me.

Sonya: I second that, also my back hurts.

Jade: Probably due to all that fat you have.

Sonya: I'm not fat!

Jade: Your boobs are. *Giggles but is cut off by a fierce blow to her boob by Sonya* Ah damn take a joke will ya!

Kitana: Come girls enough with hitting the tender spots.

Sonya: That was a warning shot.

Li Mei: Hahaha warning she says.

Mileena: Kitty!

Kitana: Hey Mily!

Mileena: I got here 10 minutes ago to wait for you so I could walk you home. Then Smoke and Subby came by and offered to sit with me.

Kitana: What are you doing here with Smoke and Sub-Zero?

Sub-Zero: Oh well damn then! *Playfully walks away*

Kitana: No I didn't mean it like that Sub!

Smoke: Yeah bro calm down. She was just expressing her concern since her beloved sister is found with her good friend and a registered sex offender.

Sub-Zero: *Makes a not bad face* Yeah well that's reasonable.

Jade: *Hugs her boyfriend* Well I know why Smoke's here but why are you here Sub?

Sub-Zero: You guys forget that Noob's my brother. I'm waiting for him to get back from wrestling.

All the girls: Oh yeah!

Sonya: You guys look so different.

Sub-Zero: Actually no. We're identical twins (clones) actually. Of course his whole body is black as night but we look the same.

Smoke: Honestly, if that was the case I'm glad Sub has that scar on his right eye because I probably couldn't tell the difference.

Kitana: How did you get your scar anyway?

Sub-Zero: Kung Lao's hat. Let's just say that's my only fear.

*As the Skarlet said goodbye and left the group along with Li Mei, the group heard a loud screech of wheels and turn to see the Wrestling bus come to a screeching halt in front of the school. Baraka opens the door*

Baraka: 4-1 guys, practice on Monday, we'll go over our mistakes. Enjoy your weekend, and somebody wake up Moloch's fatass!

*Kano grips the opening of the door stumbling out of the bus with a look of fear on his face*

Kano: Never again….

Kung Lao: I, I think we hit an old person on the way.

Reptile: *While invisible he uncloaks with him shaking uncontrollably* I'm going to walk the next time around.

Moloch: Don't know what you pansies complaining about! I slept like a ball and chain!

Drahim: Making puns about your weapon of choice? You've stooped too low man.

*The rest of the bus unloads with the last one being Noob Saibot who falls flat on his face and onto the pavement. Baraka shrugs and speeds off into the parking lot*

Smoke: *Squats near Noob's semi-conscious body* Aye Noob! Get your lazy ass up!

Noob: Nnnnngh.

Sub-Zero: What happen to you?

Noob: Ok listen to this shit. So I'm wrestling and this guy and he is buff as f*ck. It's the last match of the day and we we're both dog-tired. It's the third period I got him down and he suddenly starts bucking like a wild bull. He gets me to the side and does a Peterson on me elbowing me straight in the nuts full throttle.

Sub-Zero and Smoke: Ooooh.

Noob: Took me 30 seconds to stand up. I still can't walk straight. Anyway I went 4-1.

Mileena: Well that's good. Minus the elbow part.

Noob: Huge minus on the elbow part.

Smoke: Well since your fatass is too heavy to carry I'll smoke bomb you back to the dorm.

Noob: *Holds up a thumbs up* Fine by me f*ck face.

Sub-Zero: Hey are we still up on our Quadruple date tonight?

Sonya: Yeah.

Jade: Of course.

Kitana: I don't know I'm a little tired.

Sub-Zero: Ohhh…

Mileena: Nonono Kitty you're not wiggling out of this one! You are going to this social event to the mall with your friends!

Kitana: Who are you my mother!

Mileena: If you want to get technical then yeah. *Grins behind her veil*

Smoke: The smartassness is strong with this one.

Kitana: Oh whatever. Fine I'll go.

Sonya: Woohoo now it's a party! Can Jax and Scorpion still go?

Sub-Zero: Ya know it Sonny baby!

Sonya: No.

Sub-Zero: Sonny?

Sonya: No.

Sub-Zero: Son?

Sonya: *Holds up a fist* I'll give you a warning shot!

Sub-Zero: Well I tried.

Smoke: You did. Anyway off we go! Later princess, babe *kisses Jade*, Sonny baby. *Smoke throws a smoke bomb at Noob, then himself as they both vanish*

Sub-Zero: … I know this b*tch didn't just leave me. *Sighs* F*ck. *Walks away*

Jade: Well me and Sonya are gonna get ready, see you guys at five!

Sonya: Later guys!

Mileena and Kitana: Bye! *Sees their friends off*

Kitana: Is it ok to hang out with Sub? You know how I feel about Liu.

Mileena: Actually I don't but I think I get the gist of it. You like him a little bit but you feel it's for the wrong reasons so you feel that both of you should wait even though he doesn't know that. Am I right?

Kitana: Exactly.

Mileena: Excuse my French but that's confusing as f*ck.

Kitana: Mily!

Mileena: I blame Sub-Zero hehe. Anyway, I think it'll be fine if you hang out with Sub and get to know him a little bit. Besides you should give other guys a chance if you're not dating Liu.

Kitana: Your right. Ironic that the big sister is taking advice from the younger sister.

Mileena: Well the world isn't that perfect now is it. *They both laugh at the statement*

*As promised we're gonna see what our favorite teens have been doing. Homecoming was one hell of a party with everyone being hyped with all three teams winning the Homecoming games the atmosphere was intense. And for once the DJ wasn't lame as hell like last year. After that it was smooth sailing. The basketball was undefeated so far in their season. Wrestling had lost two matches, no biggie. Volleyball was also undefeated. Johnny's movie that he's been working on finally released and it did very well. The movie was this (with TaBB's permission) ./25682-Mortal-Kombat-The-Revision/page3 [post #49]. Other than that everything went fairly well, time to f*ck it up. (I kid, a little)*

Scorpion: [Orange shirt, black jeans, yellow jacket, hell yeah] *It's 4:45 and we're in Sub and Scorpion's dorm room to fine them chilling on the couch* I'm bored sitting around. I'm all dressed up and I feel like moving already damnit.

Sub-Zero: [Without the mask, blue sleeveless shirt, and baggy black pants] If you don't calm your ass down. I feel the same but there's nothing to do.

Scorpion: Not true. *Heads towards the door* Come on let's find out what are friends are up to.

Sub-Zero: Not a bad idea.

*They leave and find Reptile's door open and hear a vacuum inside*

Sub-Zero: *Knocks on Reptile's door* Yo Reptile watching doing cleaning up all your unborn tadpoles?

Reptile: Oh come on Sub you know I dump my tadpoles into yo momma!

Sub-Zero & Scorpion: Ohhhhhhhhh!

Sub-Zero: It's funny cause we're all orphans and these jokes don't affect us

*They all laugh*

Scorpion: Seriously though what's with the cleaning?

Reptile: Well you guys know my wife Claudia right?

Sub-Zero: Yup.

Scorpion: Wife!

Sub-Zero: Reptile got married during the summer, get with the beat already!

Reptile: Well me and her, plus her dad, decided it would be best if she stayed with me from now on.

Scorpion: Oh nice!

Reptile: Thanks, I gotta get back to cleaning, she's coming in on Sunday so it's got to be baby bottom clean.

Sub-Zero: Alright, see ya man.

*Sub-Zero and Scorpion walk over to Sektor and Cyrax's dorm room where they see them leaving with gray bluish overalls on saying "Little Macs" across their chest*

Sub-Zero: Hey what's with the get up guys?

Sektor: We got jobs homeboy.

Scorpion: When was that!

Cyrax: Three weeks ago. Me and Sektor were going to the store to get groceries and what not when we see this guy's car break down. We offer to help and we fix his car. He just so happens to be a manager in charge of a mechanic shop called "Mac's Fixings" and he gives us jobs on the spot.

Sub-Zero: Well of course you guys fixed the car, you guys use to be made outta metal and wires for Christ sakes!

Sektor: Oh seems somebody is a little mad huh? *Laughs*

Sub-Zero: Pfft far from it son. I rather be working in a restaurant than be covered in oil grease.

Cyrax: Oil grease is the best scent ever.

Scorpion: Do all the girls agree with that Cy?

Sektor: Nope, but they do like the scent of his chloroform rag.

*They all laugh at the funny Sektor made. Both Sektor and Cyrax say their goodbye's and Scorpion and Sub keep moving down the hall when they see an unexpected visitor standing in front of Kenshi's dorm room*

Scorpion: Dude who are you?

*The mysterious turned around and it was none other than a favorite mummy; Ermac*

Sub-Zero: Ermac's back!

Scorpion: Ermac! Get over here! *Without a second notice, the spear from Scorpion's hand shoots out and almost hits Ermac in the chest. Thank the Elder Gods Ermac has telekinesis*

Ermac: Hahaha nice to see that somebody wants to impale me as a welcoming gift.

Scorpion: *Sheepishly rubs his head and retracts his spear* Sorry I got excited and it came out to fast for me to stop it.

Sub-Zero: Oh well I feel bad for Mileena. *Sly grin*

*Scorpion slaps Sub with no force and gives him a glare signaling that he should keep his thoughts to himself*

Sub-Zero: You know I joke with ya Scorp. Anyway, Ermac when did you get out?

Ermac: Today actually, I have to check in every week with my nurse Nichole to get more pills though.

Scorpion: Sorry for asking bro but what happen to you?

Ermac: Well to dumb it down here's what's going on: the souls in my body are starting to fight over control again.

Scorpion: Again?

Ermac: It happened once as I was a kid back then but it was only minor. Now it seems like it's a powder keg waiting for something to set it on fire.

Sub-Zero: Is that why you were talking in third person?

Ermac: Yeah. It's also the fact that I didn't take my pills at the time. The pills that I normally take control the souls within me. Shang Tsung made them especially for me.

Scorpion: I see. Well you were about to see Kenshi right, sorry for stopping you Mac.

Ermac: Nah it's all fine and good. You guys take care.

Scorpion and Sub-Zero: You too bud.

*The duo leaves after Kenshi opens the door and greets his old friend*

*Heading down the hall, the duo approach the dorm of Liu Kang and Kung Lao to find Liu Kang and Kung Lao talking to Li Mei and another female with his back facing the duo*

Sub-Zero: Yo Liu, Kung, what's up?

*Liu Kang turned around and he had on, a beard?*

Liu Kang: Hey guys!

Scorpion & Sub-Zero: … *They both tilt their head to the side*

Liu Kan: Something wrong?

Scorpion & Sub-Zero: Who the f*ck are you?

Liu Kang: Are you kidding me! It's me Liu!

Scorpion: Oh sorry it's hard to tell with if that's you because of that homeless man beard.

*The girls giggle along with Kung Lao*

Liu Kang: Hey I don't look like a homeless guy. A classy homeless guy is more like it.

Sub-Zero: Liu stop with the denial. You look like a pedophile who molests grown men for pocket change.

*That sent the whole group laughing except Liu*

Kung Lao: That was the best insult I have ever heard! Pound that shit bro! *Bumps fist with Sub*

Liu Kang: Forget this noise. *Li Mei grabs his arms*

Li Mei: Ah come on I think it looks a little nice.

Liu Kang: Thank you somebody does.

Li Mei: I think it looks nice if it was never on your face.

*More laughter as Liu gives up in defeat and goes back inside to shave*

Scorpion: What are you guys doing today?

Kung Lao: Well Liu and I are going on a double date with these two really cute girls to go ice skating with at the mall. *Puts his hand sideways to his face and loudly whispers* Don't tell these two that I said that.

Sophia: *Punches Kung Lao in the arm* Oh shut your mouth you.

Kung Lao: Hahaha yes mistress.

Sub-Zero: Who's this?

Li Mei: This is my friend Sophia, and Kung Lao's date.

Sophia: Pleasure to meet you. I hail from Russia. And I wrestle for (Input cool high school name because the author is lazy) *A pleasant beauty with her slender curves and plump breasts and shoulder-width blonde hair, Sophia still hits like a grown ass man so watch out*

**Liu Kang comes out with a clean face**

Liu Kang: I hope you guys are happy! Took me a month to grow that.

Li Mei: Trust me I'm bouncing up and down now that you've shaved that disgusting thing.

Liu Kang: Oh please you know you liked it.

Li Mei: Yeah maybe *Winks*

*The two groups exchange goodbye's as the duo leaves them and see Jax, Sonya, Smoke, and Jade walking towards them ready to go. Anyway let's go to a scene with them walking out the entrance of the dorm building to find Skarlet sitting on a bench with a small red suitcase on her lap*

Sonya: Hey Skarlet, watcha doin out here in the cold?

Skarlet: Oh I'm waiting for Johnny. We're going to a party to celebrate his success of his first film.

Jade: Oh we are going to see that today at the mall.

Jax: Yeah typical for him to be late though. Want us to wait with you?

Skarlet: No it's fine, matter of fact he's here right now.

*Before the group can ask any more questions, a helicopter randomly appears with Johnny Cage on the side of it wearing a black tuxedo with his bow tie undone. He casual jumps down to the group and lands on his feet*

Johnny Cage: Hey guys, how's it going?

Smoke: Good.

Scorpion: Can't complain.

Sonya: You just jumped out of a helicopter!

Johnny Cage: Nice one Captain Obvious.

Sonya: No problem Sergeant Smartass.

Johnny Cage: Oh how I missed you guys. Skarlet you ready to go?

Skarlet: Of course *Gets up and walks over to Johnny*

Johnny Cage: It's not gonna be cold where we're going. Would you like me to take your coat and bag madam?

Skarlet: Why of course kind sir. *Giggles*

*Johnny takes off Skarlet's jacket revealing a sparkling red dress which is strapless. Skarlet then pulls out glossy red lipstick and puts on some red earrings. The whole group stares in awe at the truly amazing Skarlet*

Johnny Cage: *Whistle* Well guys off to the party, catch ya later!

Skarlet: Bye guys!

*Johnny makes a motion with his fingers and the helicopter drops down a ladder for them to climb up on. Once they get inside the helicopter flies off*

Jax: So Smoke, when you gonna quit f*cking around and take me up in a helicopter!

Smoke: When you give up that ass!

*And off we go to the Khan residence where we have Mrs. Khan giving her daughter's a talk before they go out*

Sindel: I want you guys to be back at 10:30. If your late I will shut you down and you will get no presents for Christmas. Understand?

Kitana & Mileena: *Gulp* Yes mom.

Sindel: Good, anything to else to say honey?

Shao Khan: *Puts his hands on both of the girl's head's* If one of you came back pregnant, I'll burn down the school.

Kitana & Mileena: Dad!

Shao Khan: Oh I kid with you guys. *Pats their heads* Just be home by 10:30 and there will be no problems. By the way, how are you guys getting there anyway?

Mileena: Scorpion's going to transport all of us to the mall.

Shao Khan: Hmm he's learn how to transport aye? Pretty cool. Speaking of Scorpion, when can I finally sit down with him and have a chat with him?

Mileena: *Getting all nervous now* Oh well you know he's umm, busy!

Shao Khan: Oh come on Mily, it's not like a bite. I prefer the hammer approach *Grin and laugh*

**Mileena shakes a little**

Sindel: Dear you really need to work on your "jokes".

Shao Khan: Later, oh I see your friends have arrived.

*Mily and Kitty look out the window to see the group arriving and walking to the door*

Kitana: Ok well we're off. *Grabs coat* Hey is Rain still sick?

Sindel: Yeah, but he's starting to get over his cold. Your father and I are going to go out and eat so we'll probably be back by the time you guys get back.

Mileena: Where are you going to eat?

Shao Khan: Some type of Hispanic restaurant. Never ate there so it'll be an adventure.

Sindel: That it will.

Kitana: Uh-huh. Well we're off, bye.

Mileena: Later mom and dad!

Sindel: Be safe.

*They walk out to meet up with the group, they all say their greetings and what not. After gathering around in a circle and one short teleport later, the group arrives near the entrance of the Mall of Chicago*

Jade: So what do we do first?

Jax: I say we browse around a little bit.

Sonya: I was so hoping you were gonna say that. I know are first stop already.

Sub-Zero: Well off we go.

*They head off to their first stop; Victoria Secret*

Sub-Zero: Oh hell no!

Mileena: Why do all guys overreact when girls go to this store?

Scorpion: Because regular guys don't go shopping around in a store that sells sexy female products.

Jade: Right because regular guys aren't into that stuff already.

Jax: Of course not what makes you say that.

*All the guys laugh*

Kitana: Anyway, let's go.

Sub-Zero: Sorry doll but our manhood will be at risk if we went in there.

Scorpion: Actually it won't, man law 534, if a man goes into a girly store with a girl then it's fine.

Smoke: That's reasonable.

Jax: Yeah ok.

Sonya: *Grabs Jax by the ear* Quit talking and come on already!

Jax: Ah come on that's my ear!

*The rest enter the store. After 10 minutes of looking around we find the teens doing random stuff. Not like that you sickos*

Kitana: Where are the guys?

Sonya: Probably doing something stupid.

Mileena: Like trying on women's underwear.

Jade: I seriously doubt that Mily.

Mileena: No look.

*They turn their heads to look at the guys near the underwear section. Jax picks up a tiny pink thong and puts it near his groin area. The guys burst out laughing*

Smoke: You know damn well you have to shop at Lane Bryant homeboy.

Jax: Hey it was worth a shot.

Scorpion: Alright Sub your turn!

Sub-Zero: *Cracks neck* Let's do this! *Reaches deep in the pile of underwear and pulls out black lacey panties* Hmm. Hey Scorp was this is one of your dreams?

Scorpion: One of these days Sub, one of these days. Pow! Boom! Straight to hell!

Sub-Zero: Whatever Scorpion you know you yack it to this!

Scorpion: No need son, I was yacking it before I came here!

Jax: Oh you yacked it too!

Smoke: Are we talking about yacking it! Cause I'm yacking it right now!

*They laugh while the girls sneak off to a different section*

Sonya: We never came in here with them, they came in on their own, got it?

The rest of them: Agreed.

*Another 10 minutes pass and their still in the store. Let's go to Kitana and Jade talking about something in the perfume section*

Kitana: I don't know Jade, I'm really confused on what to do. *Picks up a random brand of perfume*

Jade: You shouldn't rush things for starters.

Kitana: Oh trust me I remember my lesson from last time.

Jade: I'll be honest with you Kat, because you shot him down it's highly unlikely he'll come running at you again.

Kitana: You really think so?

Jade: Guys don't take rejection to well when it comes to getting denied by a girl. I think you should get to know Sub-Zero more.

Kitana: Both you and Mily suggested the same thing.

Jade: That's because we're probably right. Just try it.

Kitana: I don't know where to start.

Jade: Come on Kitty Kat it's simple, just ask him what he likes to do and it'll start from there.

Kitana: Alright, thanks Jade, I'll give it a go.

Jade: Atta girl! By the way what does that smell like?

Sub-Zero: *Comes around the corner* Hey are you-

*Kitana turns around and accidently sprays the perfume in Sub-Zero's face*

Sub-Zero: Oh my Lord, my face! *Starts rolling on the ground in pain*

Kitana: Ah Sub I'm so sorry! *Goes to help Sub-Zero*

Jade: Hehe well it's a start.

*After Sub-Zero got peppered sprayed, the group headed to the food court to get a big pie of pizza and then headed to the 7:45 show of Johnny Cage, The Revision. They we're just in time for the previews before the previews. The group sat in the second row from the back row in this order: Smoke and Jade, empty seat, Scorpion and Mileena, empty seat, Kitana and Sub-Zero, empty seat, and Jax with Sonya*

Mileena: I can't wait to watch this!

Scorpion: You said it Mily.

Jax: I swear if he half assed his acting I'm going to fly to his house and beat his ass.

Sonya: Get in the waiting line Jax. *Pulls out chocolate from her jacket*

Jax: What the heck?

Sonya: What? The candy here was like $4.25. Want some?

Jax: *Takes some chocolate* You know for an educated white chick you are ghetto as hell Sonya.

Sonya: I am not ghetto, Jackson. I am resourceful.

Jax: Oh I didn't know they had dictionaries in the ghetto. *Chuckles*

Sonya: You should know better than I do, ain't that right Pookie? *Laughs while Jax rolls his eyes*

Kitana: I'm going to the bathroom. *Gets up and turns to the group* Need anything? Popcorn? Drinks? Condoms? Popcorn?

Sub-Zero: Can I get a Hustler magazine to yack it to and a large Coke?

Smoke: Also a large tub of butter. I like to *Looks Jade up and down while licking his lips* grease up my "popcorn."

*Scorpion almost spit out his soda because he was laughing so hard, along with the rest of the group*

Kitana: *Walking down the stairs* Try to keep your clothes on Smoke.

Smoke: No promises princess *chuckles*

*Kitana leaves for the bathroom. After she's done with her business she walks outside and looks toward the ice skating ring where she sees Kung Lao with a blonde girl skating*

Kitana: [I didn't know Kung Lao was here, and here with such a pretty girl. If Kung Lao is here then Liu must be here also.]

*Kitana noticed that as Kung Lao and his date we're skating, the girl suddenly fell backwards. Luckily, Kung Lao caught her. Unfortunately, Kung Lao caught her by the boobs, which provoked a rage in the blonde girl, who in return punched Kung Lao across the cheek sending him sliding across the ice*

Kitana: *Flinchs* [Damn she hits like a grown ass man. I would never want to meet her in a drak alley on a bad day. Anyway, where's Liu?] *Starts scan the ice skating ring for Liu. Kitana finally spots him sitting on a bench talking with Li Mei* [Oh so it's a double date. No harm in that, I wish I could hear what they we're talking about]

*Kitana witnesss Li Mei putting her hand on top of Liu's*

Kitana: [Whoa awfully close for a normal convers-]

*That's when it happened. Liu inched a couple of inches forwards and said something. Kitana could make out the words, "I like you too". Li Mei smiled, leaned forward and kissed Liu Kang. Even though it was seconds until they broke the kiss, to Kitana it was an eternity. At that moment, Kitana realized that she missed her chance with Liu Kang. Kitana was so lost in thought that she didn't notice that Liu was looking at her in shock. Kitana quickly left the balcony embarrassed and hurt and headed back to the movie theater*

Li Mei: Is something wrong?

Liu Kang: I'm fine Mei. *Smiles* [Was that Kitana! If it was I'm so f*cked]

Li Mei: Liu.

Liu Kang: Yes?

Li Mei: *Kisses Liu Kang* I'm so happy to be your girlfriend.

Liu Kang: Me too Mei. I'm going to do my best to make you happy.

Li Mei: Likewise Liu. *Smiles* Come on let's go skate some more, baby. *Pulls Liu off the bench and they start skating, looking like a couple*

*Kitana arrived just in time for the beginning of the movie. She wiped her eye (a tear maybe?) and sat down next to Sub-Zero*

Jade: Did you fall in or something?

Kitana: *Sighs* No, I just had to go is all.

Scorpion: Yeah, she had to go and yack is all.

*Jax, Sub-Zero, and Smoke laugh but received a loud "Shhhh!" from some guy in the row in front of him*

Smoke: Somebody's a little butt hurt that he doesn't have a date huh?

Random Guy: No, I'm just angry that some punk is talking during a movie that I wanted to see for a long time!

Smoke: Punk? *Starts to get up but Jade stops him*

Jade: Smoke please not tonight. Come on, to the back row we go.

*They go to the back row*

Random Guy: Finally, time to enjoy my-

*Gets smoked bomb. The group looks back to see Smoke getting scolded by Jade. After having a mini argument Jade leaves with Smoke following her*

**Sometime later, Smoke and Jade come back with Smoke holding Jade closely to him. (Must've made up, hopefully). The same guy returned and sat down (not before giving Smoke a dirty look). Kitana's phone vibrates and she picks it up to see a text from Sub-Zero**

Sub-Zero: Hey you ok?

Kitana: Yeah I'm fine.

Sub-Zero: Most people don't know this but I have to powers Kit. Ice powers and bullsh*t detecting. I'm pretty good at both.

*Kitana laughs a little*

Kitana: Ok, ok. I went to the bathroom and saw Liu kissing Li Mei.

Sub-Zero: Liu was kissing in the girl's bathroom! :O

Kitana: No it went like this.

*Texts him what happens. You guys know what happen*

Sub-Zero: Damn I didn't think he go for her.

Kitana: Was he talking about going for me?

Sub-Zero: Actually it was really unclear. We all thought he still go for you but hey that didn't turn out.

Kitana: No it didn't

*Sub-Zero looks over and sees Kitana's sad face and texts*

Sub-Zero: Kitana I'm not trying to take advantage of your sadness but it looks like you need a hug.

Kitana: … Actually I rather cuddle.

Sub-Zero: Oh well you know I'm here .

*Kitana looked over at Sub-Zero and smiled a 'thank you' smile. She lifted the armrest between them and laid her head on Sub-Zero's chest*

Kitana: You know for someone with the powers of ice and bullsh*t detecting, your pretty warm Sub-Zero :-D.

Sub-Zero: :laugh: Yeah well I'm not cold all the time ;). Also you don't always have to call me Sub-Zero. You could call me Kuai if you wanted

Kitana: Oh, ok, Kuai . So, what do you like to do?

*Let them have their little texting conversation. After the movie is done, the group walks outside and sit on a bench. The time is 10:15 pm*

Jax: Holy shimmer shorts that was, amazing.

Sonya: Never would I have thought that he be capable of anything besides running his mouth.

Mileena: Yet he all proved us wrong.

*They all agree*

Scorpion: My favorite part is when he kills that b*tch in the end.

Kitana: Me too.

Scorpion: I also like the part when Sub and Kitty cuddled up together *Grins*

*Kitana blushes, Sonya giggles, and both Mily and Jade give a thumbs up*

Sub-Zero: Hey Scorpion I liked the part where you licked Mileena's face.

Mileena: That never happen.

Sub-Zero: Denial? Tsk, tsk that doesn't sound like a healthy relationship.

Scorpion: Shut your mouth you. Are we ready to go?

Group: Sure.

Scorpion: Alright link hands.

*With a few moments, Scorpion transports all of the group outside of the Khan residence*

Mileena: Ok well that was an eventful day. *Kisses Scorpion and knocks on the door* I really hope we get to do it again sometime.

Sonya: I'm sure we will. *Yawns*

Jax: Seems to me somebody forgot about their 9 o clock bedtime.

Sonya: Oh that's pretty fun-

*All of a sudden, Sonya turns Jax around and jumps on his back making Jax stumble around*

Jax: Hey get off! *They both fall as the door opens revealing Sindel in a purple and black robe*

Sindel: Nice to see you guys are safe. *Smiles*Did you guys have fun? How was the movie?

*Everybody gives his or her praises about the amazing movie Johnny acted in*

Sindel: I guess I have to watch that sometime.

Smoke: How was the restaurant Ms. Khan?

Sindel: I liked it, Shao on the other hand-

Shao Khan: Sindel! I ran out of toilet paper and that burrito is working my stomach double time! HELP!

Sindel: *Rolls her eyes* Can't take your father or principal anywhere nice. *They share a laugh* Well guys I'm going to bed, girls say your goodbyes and come inside. I'm going to help your father.

*The group exchange goodbyes and the girls goin the house. However, Kitana comes back outside and hugs Sub-Zero*

Kitana: *Whispers* Thank you for listening to me. I'll text you later.

Sub-Zero: I'll be looking forward to it *Smiles*

Kitana: Later, Kuai. *Smiles and leaves*

Scorpion: What a mac daddy!

Sub-Zero: You did learn from the best didn't ya.

Jade: Hahaha oh you guys.

*After a short walk to the dorm room, the group disperses leaving only Smoke and Jade. Sonya and Jax went to the roof to look at the stars (childhood tradition), Scorpion and Sub-Zero went to bed. Smoke and Jade we're outside of Smoke and Noob's dorm room*

Jade: Smoke I'm sorry I yelled at you.

Smoke: No babe you had every reason to. I acted hotheaded for no reason. If you hadn't been there I probably would've been kicked out.

Jade: Why did you anyway?

Smoke: I don't like people badmouthing me or anybody I love. I fight for those I care about.

Jade: Noble of you yeah, but you have to choose when it's the right time to fight. If a guy calls you a name then you ignore, if he keeps going that's when you fight. *Grabs Smoke's cheek who was looking away at the time* Okay?

Smoke: Yeah. *They hug* Thank you so much.

*They break their embrace and stare into each other's eyes. Suddenly they were over each other making out. While making out, Smoke un-straps Jade's red bra from the back and reaches under her shirt to cup her boob. In return, Jade broke the kiss and went up to Smoke's neck and lightly bit on the side of his neck making a hickey*

Smoke: Ah babe you know I love hickies, that's not playing fair.

Jade: Who said I was following rules *winks*

*Back to making out and feeling each other up. After a while, Jade unbuckles Smoke's pants letting them hang around his ankles. Smoke stopped and just leaned against the wall as Jade reached down and started to stroke his "little soldier". After sometime, Smoke lifted Jade's shirt revealing her naked chest and started massaging her breasts with his tongue and hands. This carried on for about one minute until the couple heard the worse sound ever, voices and footsteps*

Smoke and Jade: Shit!

*They put on their clothes faster than, than…. a hill of beans? Anyway, the voices and footsteps belonged to Liu Kang, Li Mei, Sophia, and Kung Lao (who was holding his cheek). They were talking when they noticed Smoke and Jade chilling outside leaning against the wall*

Kung Lao: What you guys doing up so late?

Smoke: Talking and what not.

Jade: About important things.

Sophia: Oh well sorry to bother you. *Turns to Kung Lao* I will see you tomorrow. *Walks into Li Mei's dorm room without Kung Lao saying goodye*

Liu Kang: Cya later Lili.

Li Mei: Ok, bye baby. *Kisses Liu on the cheek*

*Liu and Kung Lao also leave*

Smoke and Jade: …. *They both start to laugh*

Smoke: I can't believe that we almost got caught!

Jade: I thought that was a teacher!

*They continue to laugh until it finally subsides and they stand in front of each other*

Smoke: Too bad it killed the mood, oh well.

Jade: It was pretty close huh? *Kisses Smoke on the cheek* Don't tell anybody ok?

Smoke: Same to you my little gem. *Smiles as Jade walks away* Oh yeah you forgot about this. *Throws Jade's bra at her* Cover those things up, you might kill somebody with them sticking out like that. *Laughs*

Jade: Shut up it's cold! It's not like you excited me or anything *Laughs and walks in her dorm room along with Smoke*

**3:27 a.m. Noob woke up to a low groaning noise and went to go investigate. He sleepily walked in to find Smoke rolling around the floor in pain holding his groin**

Noob: Oh did Johnny get back already?

Smoke: Quit joking and help me!

Noob: Alright what happen?

Smoke: Oh Jade and me we're outside doin [Oh shit, I forgot I can't tell anybody] doing something with our friends at the movies and Jade sat on my lap the whole time.

Noob: Was she giving you a lap dance or something?

Smoke: Yeah! She likes to be sneaky like that.

Noob: Ah, well the only solution I can tell you is to, YACK IT!

Smoke: *Starts laughing* Don't make me laugh bro! My balls hurt, alright I'm going in the bathroom, thanks Noob.

Noob: *Shakes head and heads back to his room* F*cking hilarious.

(BRIEF) Sunday

*Sitting at the breakfast table the Khan's. Their all eating their breakfast peaceful until….*

Sindel: Oh I can't take it anymore! Shao can we please?

Shao Khan: Hahaha! Ok, ok. Go ahead and tell them, I know you've been bursting at the seams to tell them.

Sindel: Ok, *Takes a deep breath* Today, it officially marks the day that I am two months pregnant!

*Kitana drops her fork, Mileena covers her mouth and Rain looks generally confused*

Rain: Wait two months pregnant?

Shao Khan: That's right, we figure we surprise you guys during Christmas time.

Rain: Well you did a great job of that.

Kitana: Mom congratulations!

Mileena: I'm so excited now! Is it going to be a girl? A boy? Maybe even twins?

Sindel: Whoa now, four of you kids are enough.

Rain: What made you guys have a baby?

Shao Khan: Well that's easy to answer. *Puts his hand over Sindel's* I've never had any actual children besides the former Mileena. This time I figure I make a child the right way and make it with the woman I love.

Mileena: That's so cute!

Kitana: Can we tell other people?

Sindel: Sure why not.

Mileena: I can't wait to take care of it and play with him or her!

Rain: *Gets up from the table* Well I hope for me and dad's sake that it's a boy. If it's a girl they'll outweigh us 4 to 2. I hope you aimed well.

Shao Khan: Where do you think you got the nickname "Sniper" from. *Sly grin*

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