A few hours later, after things had settled down, Roland Sun had been just about to retire for the night, when some light element magic shining in the forest caught his eye.

Curious, the Sun Knight headed off to investigate.

As he got closer, he saw that his quarry was a ball of light elements. When he approached closer still, the orb drifted off, away from him.

Wary, but more intrigued than off-put, Roland followed it.

After a few minutes, the sphere led him to a clearing, in which sat a man just about his own age, who had light hair, clear eyes, and a smile that made you want to shudder.

"Hello, Creus," said the Sun Knight.

"Roland!" exclaimed the Holy Assassin, genuinely happy. "It really is good to see you again!"

The Sun Knight couldn't help it; he smiled back.

"What on the Disc was that stunt you pulled back there?" Roland asked.

"Oh, that? I just didn't want to kill the prisoner," Creus shrugged, digging around in a bag he held. "Want some chocolate?" he asked, holding out a handful of sweets so Roland could choose between them.

"No thanks," he said. Creus, seeing his friend wasn't going to take one, popped all four candies into his mouth and chewed happily. Then, Roland spoke.

"Creus, you're an assassin," he said, "and Dark Elves are evil. Everyone knows that."

Creus' eyes flashed. "Of course," he said, "Everyone knows Dark Elves are evil. Just like everyone knows Assassins are ruthless and dark, and sell loyalty to the highest bidder. Just like everyone knows that the Sun Knight is a gentle man with hardly a begrudging bone in his body, who, whatever your crimes, will definitely forgive you."

"All right," said Roland, holding up his hands in surrender. "Sorry, forget I said anything. Any Holy Knight could tell you that 'what everyone knows' is a pile of nonsense."

Creus laughed. "Roland, you really haven't changed." he said. "I'm glad."

"Same to you," said Roland.

And the hours ticked away unnoticed as the strong-willed, judgmental Sun Knight reminisced about old times with his sweets-loving, good-hearted, ruthless & manipulative Assassin friend.

Later, Creus and Roland's conversation was still going, full-swing. There were some things they couldn't put into their letters, for fear they would get out and ruin their images as Assassin and Sun Knight respectively. Currently, they were discussing Creus' skills in magic, something that was nontraditional for an Assassin.

"So, you simultaneously attended the Unseen University and the Assassin's Guild for a few years, in addition to training at the monastery?" Roland was surprised. Creus had only written about his activities in the monastery, mentioning only that he had friends in the other two institutions.

"Yes," said Creus.

"Wasn't that a bit difficult to balance?"

"Not at all," he said. "No one attends class at the Unseen University. Rather, they avoid going to class. At any rate, I usually only take the courses Pink teaches, so I have an excuse to bother her."

"Didn't you write that women aren't allowed at the UU?" Roland was perplexed

"Well, technically, that's true," he shrugged, "but in order to enforce that rule, they'd have to find some way to make Pink actually leave. She likes it there. She's good friends with their Librarian, from what I understand. And the last professor who tried to evict her was attacked by a horde of eldritch abominations, summoned from the Dungeon Dimensions."

"What about the Assassin's Guild, then?" asked Roland

"They never take attendance," explained Creus. "After Lord Vetinari's memorable days as a student, it's become fashionable to disguise and conceal one's identity while attending class, making it impossible to tell who's present and who's absent."

"And the monastery?" asked Roland.

"I'm the Master Assassin's apprentice," said Creus. "They dug my grave years ago and are just waiting for me to fall into it. They don't count on me to do anything. It's nice."

"It certainly sounds that way," said a voice, which belonged neither to Creus nor to Roland.

The Holy Knight and the Assassin whirled around, only to see the very Dark Elf that Creus had earlier freed was standing before them.

"Peace, my friends," said the Dark Elf, whom everyone knew was evil, giving them a kind smile. "I merely wanted to thank you for sparing my life," he nodded to Creus. "Assassin," he said, "I am in your debt."

Roland could almost see Creus' eyes turn briefly into dollar signs, as his mind whirled to see what profit he could make from this turn of fortune.

"You really shouldn't have said that," said Roland Sun.

The Dark Elf continued smiling, "be that as it may, it's true. Though I must say," he said, looking at Creus. That song you used wasn't very believable. I'm surprised it worked."

"How would you know?" asked Roland, curiously.

"One of my best friends used to be a Holy Knight," explained Alistier.

"And he wasn't a transvestite?" asked Creus, who had a good idea just who the Dark Elf was referring to. Before he'd become a Holy Assassin, Neo had been one of the twelve Knight Captains.

Alistier started to agree. However, he realized midway what he was doing, closed his mouth, and frowned.

"This proves nothing," said the Elf.