"I can't believe I have to do such a boring documentary!" exclaimed the reporter, holding the microphone and brushing her clothes while the camera man was focusing his lens on her. Behind her, a slide in the shape of a penguin.

"There's nothing I can do, Miaka. The boss said they were waiting for a live headline, but it had been a mistake and they didn't know what to put in place of it. You'll have to fill the space," said the videographer.

"'Fill the space'! What a bore! What a boring channel I work for! That's so stupid! A documentary about the 'flowers in the park gardens'," she said, blinking in pure sarcasm. "Twenty minutes! While other reporters are appearing nationwide networks talking about the latest happenings in the world, headlines, covering police chases by helicopter, I have to ´fill space´ and talk about flowers! How can that be?"

"That's enough, Miaka. We'll be live in one minute."

"Darn it!" She complained once more. She was tired of that little job. She wanted to do something more exciting. She was so bored, that she wanted to quit. But before she would get even with her boss for always giving her monotonous jobs. The videographer was counting 15… 14… 13… and she saw a girl running her way. She smiled viciously and the videographer trembled, wondering what she had in her mind. But it was too late. He couldn't ask her now.


# * # * # * #


"Yeah… I come by after work, for a visit, and there's no one home…" Said Touya, falling back on the couch. He put his feet on the coffee table and looked at the ceiling. He heard a yell. It sounded very much like: "Noooooooooooo!"

"That stuffed toy must have lost again…"

With a lot of 'difficulty' (a.k.a laziness), he reached for the remote control on the other side of the couch, under some cushions, where he knew that Sakura usually hid it. He lay down again, and pressed the button to turn on the TV. On the first channel, there was a movie. On the second, an interview with a psychologist. On the third, a recipe. On the fourth, a movie made in the last glacial era. Or at least that was what it looked like, the movie was so ancient.

"There's nothing good on afternoon TV…" he complained. Suddenly he stopped on one channel for an instant. He saw a reporter smiling… A wicked smiled. He stopped.

"Good afternoon! I'm Miaka Gowa and I'm here to 'fill the space' in the boring afternoon programming."

Touya smiled, surprised.

"My boss has asked me to make a twenty minute-long documentary about these flowers you see behind me, but I've decided that I won't.. I'll interview people in the streets and ask what they think about this s*** of a channel!"

Touya burst in laughter. That was the kind of thing he liked to watch on TV. After that, this candidate to world-famous reporter would certainly lose her job, but who cared? At least it would be fun.

"First, let's hear the opinion of that young woman running our way," the reporter said, and at that instant Sakura streaked past her. The woman tried to stop her, but the girl threw her one glance and was gone. "You see? People recognize the channel and don't even stop."

"Look at that! It's the kaijuu!" Touya said, recognizing the girl.

"But we'll go after her and ask her anyway." The videographer could nothing but follow Miaka, who was holding the microphone, and pray not to be fired along with her.

"Miss! Please, stop! We want to ask you something!" The reporter grabbed Sakura by the backpack and the girl had no other alternative but to come to a halt. In silence, Sakura waited for the reporter but at the same time tried to get away. Miaka noticed that the girl wanted to leave as soon as possible. "Why are you in a hurry?"

"I'm sorry, but I really have to go!" Sakura was trying to get the woman to let go of her backpack, but it was useless. The reporter held on like a leech.

"Where are you going? I just wanted to ask you something…"

"Listen, I have exactly…" Sakura looked at her watch. "Fifty minutes to cross town running and get to the train station! I've already lost the bus and I have to run now!"

"Is a friend of yours arriving at the station?"

"No, leaving!" Giving up, Sakura shrugged off her backpack and left it in the woman's hand. "Keep my stuff. I'll collect it later!"

"What is happening for the kaijuu to be in such a hurry?" Touya asked himself, watching the TV.

"I thought I heard Sakura's voice…" Kero said, flying into the living room.

"You did. On TV. Look at that." Touya pointed to the TV.

"What's going on?" the little guardian asked.

"I don't know… Sakura seems to be in a rush. She said she had to get to train station because someone's leaving."

And they kept watching the TV, very interested.


# * # * # * #


"Why are you still following me?" Sakura turned around.

"Following you is certainly more interesting than doing a documentary about flowers," Miaka said, smiling wickedly at the camera, knowing very well her boss was watching. "Beside, I'm curious. Who's leaving for you to be so desperate to get to the station?"

"Look, lady. I really don't have time to chat with you." They were now leaving the park and running down the commercial avenue. That was when Sakura saw a person leaving a shop. "Yamazaki?"

"Huh?" He turned to her. "Hey, Sakura! Weird, I thought you would be at the train station by now…"

"Weren't you at school, Yamazaki?" Sakura asked, stopping a little.

"Yes, but after you left, I convinced the sensei to let us out earlier. I asked him what the meaning of life was. He got all messed up and sent us away." Yamazaki grinned at his own intelligence.

"Ok, ok… Yamazaki! You have a car, right?"

"Well, yes…"

"Then take me to the train station now!" Sakura exclaimed, searching for Yamazaki's car.

"I would gladly do that, Sakura, but unfortunately I came to this shop to get it repaired. Something's wrong with the motor…"

"Oh, no! This can't be happening!" And Sakura started running again, down the street, the reporter and the videographer right behind her.

"Run, Sakura! If you let Li get away, the whole school will laugh at you!" He yelled behind her. And the he said to himself: "She was the only one who didn't notice he liked her…"

"Then your name is Sakura!" Miaka was panting, following Sakura closely. "And who's Li?"

"It's not of your business!" Sakura yelled, losing her patience.

"Oh, I see… He's your boyfriend!"


# * # * # * #


"Touya! Touya! Wake up, come on! Sakura will deny it, you'll see! She wouldn't let the entire town think she likes that kid!" Kero was slapping Touya's cheeks with his paws, trying to wake him up for he had fainted. He couldn't believe that his little sister was running so desperately, on nationwide TV, going after that gaki! "Look Touya! She'll deny it!"

But all that the Sakura on the TV did was blush. And really blush.

"Huh… Well…" She was saying.

"Sakura! How could you?" The guardian yelled. "I hope you don't get there in time! I don't want to have that Chinese petulant kid as my master!" He flew to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water and dropped the water on Touya, waking him up.

"Sakura's going to kill me! First those Clow Cards! And now she's running after that kid!" Touya yelled, coming back to consciousness.

"I'll say! We take care of someone for so long, teaching them magic, and how do they pay you back? Wanting your worst enemy as a boyfriend! These teenagers are all a bunch of disrespectful kids! One day they free you from your book and think you're kawaii. Soon they forget about you and start thinking about boyfriends!"

Touya just eyed Kero.

"Too much information," he said. And Kero decided that it was better to shut up.


# * # * # * #


"That Miaka is killing us!" yelled the producer of the news. "Take her off the air! And take her off now!" A man left the room to end with the transmission.

"Boss! Boss!" Another man came running with a lot of statistics. "Read this!"

"How many people are watching us? We must be lower than…" The man stopped talking. He left the room running after the guy that was going to end the transmission. "Leave her on the air! Leave her on the air!"


# * # * # * #


"Oh, come on, master…" Whined the guardian. "Why are you so interested in getting the transmission from that little town in the middle of the nowhere?"

"I like to know what is happening in Tomoeda. It's simple." Eriol was trying to adjust the TV antenna. With a little touch of magic, he could get the channel in the world that he wanted.

"But that's so boring! Don't you think, Suppi?" Nakuru turned to the small winged panther lying on the sofa, reading a book.

"Leave me out of this, please," answered Spinel Sun.

"You're just as boring as Eriol, Spinel! Please, Eriol! Let's watch MTV! There is this new video on that I was dying to watch!"

"After we watch what I want," Eriol answered, changing the channel. He was getting Tomoeda's channels. "Let's see what is on…"

"Hold on there, Eriol. Go back to that channel."

"Which one?"

"That boring one you hated to watch when we were in Japan. I thought I saw a familiar face…" Nakuru said.

"Look at that!" Eriol laughed. "It's Sakura!"


# * # * # * #


"I don't understand, Wei-san." Tomoyo was sitting in the small train station's cafeteria with Syaoran's butler. The young man had disappeared somewhere. "How could he just give up like that? Without even trying?"

"Young Syaoran is a nice boy. He's afraid to tell her especially because he doesn't want her to feel bad for not feeling the same for him. You see, miss Daidouji, he cares too much about the Card Mistress to want her to feel bad because of him."

"No, it's not that. He wrote a letter to her. I talked to Sakura on the phone. He wrote in the letter that he loved her."

The butler and the best friend exchanged looks.

"Then he's just plain stupid," Wei said in resignation. Tomoyo looked at him, shocked. "What?" continued the man with a shrug. "Do you have any idea how long I've been telling him to confess everything to miss Sakura?"

"I think they deserve each other. They're so dense that they were the only ones in the entire school that didn't see that they liked each other." There was a TV hanging on the wall at the other side of the cafeteria. Tomoyo could watch it. Someone called the cafeteria owner.

"Really? Wait. I'll change the channel." The owner flicked to another channel and everyone could see a young girl running down a street, a TV crew behind her. The reporter was asking her lots of things and the girl only answered with 'yes', 'no' and 'maybe'. That is, when she answered at all.

"Sakura?" Tomoyo exclaimed. Her yell was so loud that the entire station must have heard her. Her colleges from the choir came running into the cafeteria.

"What? What's happened?" they asked. Tomoyo pointed to the TV. They looked at it and then outside the cafeteria, where a young man was sitting on a bench, gazing at his feet, so lost in thoughts that he must have been the only one that didn't hear Tomoyo. The girls laughed. This promised to be fun.


# * # * # * #


"Oh, my God!" Sakura shrieked, checking the time. "It's almost three twenty!" She crossed a street without looking. Miaka did the same, but the videographer screamed, seeing a truck stop three yards away from him. But Miaka continued running, dragging him after her.

"I need to do something! I'm not going to get there on time like this!" Sakura was yelling. She waved for some cars to stop to give her a ride, but no one stopped. "Darn it! No one has good manners any more! Hey!" She turned to the TV crew. "You certainly have a car! Where is it?"

"We left it back there in the park," answered the videographer. Sakura frowned and without thinking twice, she walked back into the middle of the street, and stopped in front of a car that was coming toward her at high speed. Everybody watching in Tomoeda yelled in fear. The car stopped two feet away from Sakura but Sakura showed no signs of fear. The driver, however, was as white as a sheet of paper.

"I need a ride!" The man didn't answer, looking like he couldn't talk. Sakura took his silence as a yes and opened the back door. "Hoeee…"

A woman was sprawled on the back seat. She was panting and looked like she was in pain. In labor pain..

"You're really unlucky," Miaka said to Sakura. Sakura frowned menacingly and Miaka almost lost her posture, but soon she was saying: "Ma-am, you're on TV! Sakura here needs to get, for what I understood, to the train station before four o' clock."

"And?" Asked the woman in pain. "I need to get to the hospital before this baby is born in the car!"

"Sorry. I'll get someone else to take me," Sakura said, but the woman grabber her hand and she and her husband yelled: "No!"

"Please, stay!" the man said.

"I don't want to be here alone! I'm scared!" exclaimed the woman before wincing in pain again. Sakura was just watching. Could this really be happening? "Please!" Begged the woman. "The hospital is near, but I don't want to be alone here in the back seat!"

Sakura sighed and climbed in. The videographer and the reporter didn't think twice. He got on to the front seat, beside the driver and Miaka pushed Sakura and the pregnant woman so she could get in. The reporter was smiling and narrating everything to the public. Over the TV, people heard the reporter talking, the screams from the woman in labor and Sakura trying to calm her down.

"Everything is going to be just fine," Sakura was saying, holding the woman's hand.

"How can you be so sure?" the woman yelled in anger, panting.

"How am I supposed to know? Wasn't that what you wanted to hear?" Sakura yelled back.

"As you can see, ladies and gentleman, we have to get to the hospital right away or this baby will be born in this car, and Sakura will have to deliver him."

"No way!" Sakura yelled. The husband was racing at almost a hundred kilometers per hour, downhill. The woman felt a stronger contraction and screamed, squeezing Sakura's hand.

"Hey, lady! My hand! I need my hand! Don't break it!" But the woman wasn't listening. Suddenly the car stopped. The videographer turned to the man. He was white, trembling.

"Oh, no! Don't tell me we're out of gas!" Sakura said, exasperated.

"I-I can´t d-drive," the man said, opening the door and getting out.

"What?" Sakura and the woman in labor yelled. Sakura got out of the car, Miaka and the videographer behind her.

"Where are you going?" Sakura called the man. He stopped and turned around.

"I-I don't k-know…"

"Listen, mister. I have exactly… Oh, my God, twenty minutes to get to the train station! I said I'll help you and your wife, but somebody has to drive!"

"I c-can't… I'm t-trembling to-oo mu-much." The man opened Sakura's hand and put the car keys in it. "O-One of y-you dri-ve."

"I can't. I'm doing a documentary here," Miaka answered rapidly.

"I'm filming," the videographer said.

"Great! Great! Very good!" Sakura walked back to the car. "I'll drive then! It doesn't matter if I don't have a LICENSE, does it?" Sakura sat on the driver's seat and everybody got in the car. "How was it again…" Sakura shift the gear and stepped on the accelerator. The car went backwards, almost hitting a lamppost. "Oops. I found the reverse." She shifted to first gear and the car lurched forward. "Let's go!"

"You have driven before, ne?" asked the videographer, suddenly quite nervous as he noticed how dangerously the young driver overtook other vehicles and that she sometimes swerved out on to the wrong side of the street.

"Driving, playing a simulation with the video game… What's the difference?" came the confident answer.

The man was silent for a few seconds. Sakura drove on the sidewalk to pass by a truck.

"I'm going to die! I'm going to die! Someone get me out of here!" He started to yell out the window.

"Be quiet!" From behind, Miaka yelled, hitting him on the head with the microphone.

"Ouch, ouch! Dear! Your nails are cutting my flesh!" Husband and wife were screaming in pain. She because of the contractions and he because of his wife's nails buried in his arm.

"Shut up!" she yelled. "It's only fair that you should feel pain too! This is all your fault!"

Sakura almost shrieked, but in joy, when she spotted the hospital. She came to a screeching halt and soon doctors were opening the doors of the backseat, taking out the woman and her husband.

"It looks like you were waiting for us," Sakura said to one of the doctors.

"And we were." He pointed to the TV crew and they smiled sheepishly, filming Sakura's face. The girl gave them one of Syaoran's frowns and they trembled.

"Anyway, I must get going." And Sakura started to run down the street. The reporter wouldn't let her get away. She was right behind her. "Oh, and congratulations on the baby!" Sakura called the couple being taken inside the hospital.

"Thanks!" the husband answered, while his wife only nodded, breathing deeply.


# * # * # * #


"What is going on?" Syaoran asked, finding it very weird that everybody in the train station were in the cafeteria.

"Take a look at that, Li," Tomoyo answered and everybody looked at him. So this was the boy the girl was coming after. The choir girls were giggling.

Sakura's red face was on the TV, while she was running on the sidewalk, almost bumping into people, made a man drop his groceries on the ground, crossed the road without looking, and the reporter just kept talking, like a soccer narrator.

"It's amazing!" They heard thunder. "Sakura keeps running and apparently she didn't even see the car that stopped one foot away from her! This girl fears nothing! It brings a tear to your eye. What won't people do for love?"

"You see, Li? She's on her way."

"You called her, didn't you?" Syaoran scowled at her.

"Of course I did."

"The passengers on the four o'clock train can get on board now!" someone called outside.

All eyes were on Syaoran. The cafeteria was in complete silence, except for Miaka's voice on the TV.

"Let's go, Wei. Let's put the luggage in the train," Syaoran said, walking out.

"Young Syaoran…"

"I have made my decision. Nothing will stop me now. Not even Sakura," Syaoran said coldly and left the cafeteria. The owner, the choir girls, Tomoyo, Wei and the other clients exchanged sad looks. Poor Sakura. Wei stood up and left, following Syaoran. The others kept watching in silence.


# * # * # * #


Sakura ran by a pub and the men inside saw her.

"Hey! That's the girl on TV! Let's follow her!" And ten men started after her, also wanting to appear on TV. Sakura checked her watch. Fifteen to four.

"I have to take a short cut!" She got into an alley that she knew led to the main avenue. She ran through the alley, the men and the TV crew right behind her. As soon as she reached the avenue, she noticed a lot of people standing on the sidewalk, waiting for something. She passed by them and by the security rope that was keeping them on the sidewalk, and reached the road. She couldn't run on the sidewalk, crowded like that. The others kept following her. The crowd on the sidewalk looked at them weirdly. Some cops tried to stop them, but in vain. "What's going on here?"

Sakura turned around and saw running men coming in their direction.

"Hoeeeee! Today is the annual marathon! I forgot!" Sakura said, finally realizing what was up. The man in first position eyed the people in front of him. Who were they? Sakura saw right away that she had to get out of there. She ran and turned to the right, knowing that the marathon would continue to the left, but, now confused, the man in first position followed her. And all fifty competitors were led off the route. More thunder, some droplets and then it started to rain, and rain really hard. Cats and dogs. Sakura glanced at the sky, angrily.

"You just couldn't wait a while longer, could you?" She asked, completely wet already.


# * # * # * #


"Go, Sakura! Go, Sakura!" Chiharu, Yamazaki, Naoko and Rika were cheering, sitting in Naoko's living room, eating pop corn and drinking soda.


# * # * # * #


Kero and Touya had even forgotten how much they were not fond of the gaki.

"Come on, Sakura!" they were yelling. The front door opened and a man came in.

"What's going on?" he asked, seeing Touya and Kero in the living room.

"Take a look, 'tou-san!" Touya called.

"But you'd better sit down before looking. You might fall," Kero warned. Fujitaka sat on the sofa and looked at the TV.

"Oh, my…!"

"…God?" Touya completed, seeing that his father was completely speechless.


# * # * # * #


In England, Nakuru, Eriol and even Spinel now, were still watching. Nakuru was biting her nails in suspense. Eriol was clutching the armchair tightly and Spinel Sun was yelling at Sakura to run faster.


# * # * # * #


3:56 p.m.

Sakura was beginning to get desperate. Four minutes! She had only four lousy minutes! That is, if her watch was right!

"Finally!" She shrieked, reaching the bridge that crossed the river that ran through the town. The station was right at the other side of it. She laughed in joy, but soon her smile faded. The traffic was at a standstill on the bridge. Drivers were honking at another and fighting. The competitors and the men from the pub ran past her when she stopped.

"But…!" She said to herself.

"And now? What will Sakura do?" Miaka was narrating. "Will she swim right across the river? Will she follow the competitors? Will she walk over the cars…?"

Sakura smiled at the woman.

"Finally you come up with something useful!" Sakura didn't think twice. She jumped on to the car in front of her and continued to run, jumping from the top of one car to the other. The drivers were yelling at her, cursing, but she simply ignored them. She couldn't listen to anything aside from the beating of her own heart, seeing the station closer and closer to her. The bridge was quite long and it took her at least three minutes to cross it.

"Countdown! One minute, ladies and gentlemen!" Miaka announced and Tomoeda held its breath. Everybody was watching Sakura. Sakura was once again in front of the competitors and they were following her.

Sakura entered the station, a grin on her face. She saw that the train was still there.

She saw her school colleagues, the girls of the choir inside the train. They were silent, sad expressions on their faces.

"Sakura!" someone called. Sakura turned around. Tomoyo was standing in front of the cafeteria that was now empty, save for its owner. The others were in the train.

"Tomoyo!" Sakura ran to her friend.



Everybody was looking out the window.

"There she is!"

All eyes were soon drawn to Syaoran.

"She's here because of you! Do something!" a man said to Syaoran. The young man took a glance at his butler, sitting beside him. The man's expression showed him that he agreed with the other man.

"Can't you see she loves you?" yelled one of the choir girls. "You were the only one who didn't see it!"

Silence. Syaoran calmly stood up. They were all watching him.

"Where are you going, young Syaoran?" Wei asked, hopping the boy was going to the Card Mistress.

"I'm going to the men's room," he announced. All the passengers wanted to jump on him and kill him so much! How could he do that to Sakura? Hadn't he seen just how much she had run and how much she had gone through to get there?

"Tomoyo! Syaoran! Where's Syaoran?" Sakura asked rapidly. Tomoyo had a very sad look. She pointed to the train, and as if on cue, it started to leave. Sakura's eyes widened.

"No!" She said to herself, her face turning white. It couldn't be. He couldn't go now. Not now that she was so close!

Sakura ran after the train.

"Wait! No! Hold on! Syaoran!"

Wei looked through the window, sympathetically, as if asking her to forgive Syaoran for this.

"Please! Stop this train! Syaoran! Don't go! Syaoran!" Sakura began to slow down, finally beginning to feel tired. "I love you, Syaoran! Please, don't go!"

But it was too late. The train had left. Sakura fell down on her knees in the middle of the patio where it was raining hard. She watched the train disappear in the distance. In distress, she clutched her heart and started crying. She was crying hard and desperately, begging in her mumbling for him to come back, but that couldn't be done. The train had left.

The men from the pub and the running men were simply watching her, rain falling down on her, while she was hitting the ground with her fists. If only she had gotten there a little sooner… Miaka was silent. She felt very sorry for the girl. The videographer resumed filming, trying to adjust the plastic that he had been able to throw on the camera when it started raining. Tomoyo didn't know what to do. She knew very well there was no way to comfort her friend right now.

From the other side of the train line, an old man and a teenager were also watching.

"Poor girl…" The old man said.

"Yeah…" Answered the young man. He stood up and decided to go to the other side. He went down the stairs. There was an underground passage to the other side.

"I tried so hard!" sobbed Sakura in the rain. "I ran so much! For nothing!"

The watchers were silent. Tomoyo decided to run to her best friend when someone held her back.

"No," he said. Tomoyo looked at him surprised and nodded, a small smile turning at the corners of her lips.

Silently, the young man walked to Sakura. The girl didn't hear him. And the rain continued to fall, her school uniform clinging to her, but Sakura didn't care. She didn't care if the whole of Tomoeda was seeing her right now on live TV.

"Don't cry," said the young man. Sakura raised her eyes from the ground and saw someone's legs.

"Don't come telling me not to cry!" She answered, hurt. "I have all the right to cry!"

"I know you do," he answered. "But I hate to see you cry… Sakura."

And once again, Tomoeda held its breath. Sakura looked up. Since the rain was still hard, she couldn't see this young man's face, but his voice… He knelt down in front of her. Sakura trembled.

"I'd like better to see you smile…" He said, brushing a wet lock of hair from her eyes.

"Syaoran…?" The teenager smiled and nodded. Was he really there?

"Yeah, it's me."

"But I saw Wei in the train."

"I wonder how long it'll take him to figure out that I'm not there," he chuckled, gazing right into her eyes.

"You were leaving… And without telling me."

He was serious again. "Yes, I was."

"But you didn't."

"I was really going to. I was in the train, but then it struck me… I… I just couldn't do it…" he whispered to her. The watchers didn't like that. They could barely hear them.

She started sobbing. "You were going to leave me. Why?"

"I'm sorry. I just didn't know what to do anymore. I always thought that you only liked me as a friend, but I want to be so much more than just your friend, Sakura," he said, passionately.

Sakura gave him a trembling smile.

"I love you, Syaoran," she said, looking directly into his eyes.

"And I love you, Sakura." Sakura flashed him the most beautiful smile Syaoran had ever seen. Syaoran felt more than blessed. She actually loved him! He was very stubborn, but this time, he had to admit. He was very, very wrong in leaving her. He knew he would never be able to live without her near. She was like the air he breathed. He was addicted to her perfume, to her smiles, to her presence. Life without her was no life at all. It was like a day without the sun, the night without the stars. Syaoran almost laughed at himself. Some years ago, he would have said that anyone that talked like that, that thought like that, was a completely lunatic and a moron. He had always thought that love was for the foolish and cowards. But he knew he had been wrong. Only a brave person would allow herself to fall in love. His Sakura was the proof. Because of him, she had crossed the entire town running, not giving up. He smiled, thinking about how much he loved this brave, stubborn, emotional and beautiful young woman. The girl that was now crying in his arms, relieved beyond words that he was there with her. It was almost a dream. She loved him!

Syaoran woke from his daydreaming when he saw Sakura's face approaching his. She held his face and without waiting for anything, she kissed him. Syaoran happily reacted, kissing her back and hugging her, pulling her closer to him.

"Yeah!" Everybody in the station cheered. Tomoyo was crying in happiness. She just hoped her camera was there with her right now! She came closer to the videographer.

"Could you give me a copy of that tape later?"

"There's no words to describe what I'm seeing now, ladies and gentlemen," Miaka was saying on the microphone. "It's the sweetest thing I've ever seen."

Syaoran got up from the ground, lifting Sakura up with him, without breaking the kiss.

A man came up behind Miaka and called her. She turned around.


"Miaka?" He said seriously. She thought she was going to be fired right away. He smiled. "You're receiving a promotion! All of Tomoeda is watching us!" The videographer turned around. "Keep filming! Keep filming! And don't worry that you too will get a promotion!"

Chiharu, Yamazaki, Naoko and Rika were screaming in joy. Kero and Fujitaka were grinning while Touya was yelling at Syaoran to stop kissing his sister before she died from lack of air. Eriol, in England, was smiling contently. Spinel Sun was smiling and crying in happiness (who would think he was so sentimental?) and didn't seem to care that Nakuru was dancing with him in the room, holding his little paws.

"There you go, Sakura!" she was cheering.

Seeing nothing of what was happening around them, Sakura and Syaoran finally broke apart to breathe. They were gazing at each other.

"Does this means that you're not going home any more?" She asked, quite breathlessly.

"What are you talking about, Sakura-chan? I'm home…" He smiled at her.

The rain was softer now, and the sunlight appeared through the heavy clouds. A rainbow appeared in the sky. Sakura and Syaoran looked up and then at each other. Sakura saw a tear trickle down Syaoran's face. She wiped it away.

"I thought boy's didn't cry," she said, smiling.

"Men do," was all that Syaoran answered.

And they kissed again.

~ * The End * ~

A\N: Wow, reading this just transported me back to my teen years. I changed just a few things. Syaoran sounded too… sugary, let's say, in the original. I had to change that. But I left everything unchanged from the middle till the end. I hope you liked it.