Remember the story I posted when I said I was coming back to FF? Yea, that didn't make ANY sense at all, and since I had nothing else to do, I rewrote it! Enjoy this little oneshot! I have no idea why I did this around Easter, but whatever! I don't own DP!

Sixty four teeth chattered in unison in the cold morning air. Two friends both suffered the cold wind blowing in their faces while waiting for the old school bus.

"D-do you know what would be great right now?" questioned Danny, his teeth chattering like crazy.

"W-What?" chattered Sam back. Danny's face lit up as he sighed dreamily.

"Hot Sa-I mean, chocolate!" said Danny rather quickly. Sam was too lost in her daydream to notice his slip up.

" chocolate would be delicious... I wish I had some..." said Sam wistfully. A cloud of pink dust appeared in the bleak grey sky. A commanding voice rang out from it:

"So have you wished it, so shall it be!"

"DESIREE!" the lovebirds cried in unison. Danny was about to turn ghost when she suddenly smiled sweetly at them.

"Here's your hot chocolate, lovebirds..." she laughed. With a snap of her fingers, two silver thermoses fell from the sky. She disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"WE'RE NOT LOVEBIRDS!" they cried to the now empty sky. The thermoses fell into their hands. Danny shrugged at this odd fate and was about to drink his hot chocolate when Sam gasped and looked over at him.

"Danny! No! Isn't that your GHOST THERMOS?" she hissed. His tongue abruptly stopped before sipping the delicious liquid. He peered briefly inside it, and shook his head.

"'s not." Danny tilted the thermos up and began to drink it.

"MMM! This is GOOD! You should try it!" he said eagerly. Sam suspiciously looked inside the thermos. Warm, chocolately smells drifted up to her nose as she reluctantly smiled.

"Huh, maybe I will try it..." she said, tipping the thermos up. A massive grin filled her face as she eagerly drank more.

"This is delicious!" she declared as she looked up in the empty sky. "Thank you Desiree!"

"Uh, Sam? Why are you shouting thank you to the sky?" asked Danny. Sam blushed and averted her violet eyes to the ground.

"It's a free world!" she pointed out. Danny chuckled as he shook his head.

"Alright then..." And so, the two teens waited for the bus stop in happy silence, with the occasional sipping of the hot chocolate.

I hope this one was better then the original! XD Review please!