Jeremy: Oh I know what you're thinking ANOTHER fic?

Sab: *Sighs* Same here.

Jeremy: But we couldn't help it! T_T

Sab: Yeah, blame it on... on...

Jeremy: Boredom?

Sab: Our minds?

Jeremy: BTR themselves?

Sab: The-

Jeremy: I think they get it... I hope... you get it right?


Jeremy: Right :)

Sab: But they didn't-

Jeremy: So, here's our first collaboration story! Let's hope it will be-

Sab: Jer-

Jeremy: that it'll be good. :D I'll be doing the-

Sab: Uhm, I didn't hear-

Jeremy: Odd numbered Chapters. And Sabsy shall do the even numbered ones.

Sab: Jer-

Jeremy: Clear? Can't be said in an simpler way so here's the fic enjoy!

Sab: JER!

Jeremy: Sorry you say something?

Sab: Yes, I-

Jeremy: ENJOY! *motions to fic*


Jett P.o.V.

The sun was shining on my amazing body as I walked onto the school grounds. I grinned seeing a blonde boy waiting for me at the entrance.

"Hey babe." I said, kissing him.

"Hey." I said back as I gave him my best kiss yet. Pulling back he was in a slight daze.

"So, you up for some fun after school?" I asked, wiggling my perfect eyebrows. Knowing the answer, no one could resist me.

"I'm sorry, I already got in trouble and got detention..." He muttered sheepishly.

"What?" I asked.

"Yeah, I sort of... made a dent in the principles car by accident." he chuckled.

"Nice babe, Wish I could have seen his face." I told him. This is my boyfriend, Most describe him as Tall, Blonde and Eye brows. Those being his most distinctive features. He was cute but hot at the same time, course not as hot as me but hot nonetheless. He's on the hockey team, captain even, I think that's good. At least that's what I gathered from him... sort of.

"Well don't it wasn't pretty, he's really scary when he's mad." he said with a shudder.

I rolled my eyes, "Well I gotta go, baby, I promised I'd be on time for History today. And Knowing me, Someone would catch my attention and I'd be too busy telling them about you to get on time." I said, kissing his cheek. It was a lie of course, cuz A) I'd be talking about myself and B) I got another appointment with a hot Nerd. He said goodbye too and I set course to the library.

I sent greetings all around to cute boys and girls as I passed them in the hallways, stopping to chit chat with some friends of mine here and there.

I finally reached my destination and walked through the isles of bookshelves, searching for my target. I found him at one of the study desks, Boyfriend Two. He was bent over a book in concentration, the most adorable look on his face, that made me go crazy and want to just fuck the innocence out of him. He had short brown hair that was spiked up, making him even cuter.

"Hello there cutie." I said, smirking when he looked up with big innocent brown eyes.

"Hey, babe." he smiled brightly at me. I pecked him on the lips.

"So how's it going? Sleep well?" I asked him with fake curiosity.

"Yeah. Very. Dreamed of you." he said, looking at me lovingly. I smiled and pecked him on the cheek again. Biting back a remark of, 'Well of course I was, I'm awesome.'

"Say, what do you think of some... along time with me after school?" I asked and he immediately bt his lip, "C'mon babe, just me and you." I told him.

"I... kind of blew up the Chemistry lab this morning... I got detention... I'm so sorry." he appologised and gave me a sad look.

"Oh, are you turning into a little bad boy?" I said with a raised eyebrow, giving him a sexy look. He blushed bright read shaking his head frantically.

"N-no, I-i-it was just an accident! I swear!" he said.

"Don't worry babe, I know, I know." I assured him and told him I was going to first period. Sadly my third target had till lunch.


Finally Lunch rolled around, I was tired of people not talking about me. I need some attention too. I stayed behind to chit chat with some of the students before sending a text to my boyfriends. The last one telling me to meet him at his last period. I received a reply telling me he was waiting and made my way there.

I got there, and there stood Boyfriend number three, A short Latino boy with a lot of energy and a great sense of humor. Not as great as mine, but close enough. He was bouncing with excitement and looking around in the hall, searching for me. He had very short raven hair, which was usually concealed by a helmet, which was luckily not present at the moment. It was hanging on his book bag by it's straps.

"Hello, Gorgeous." I said approaching him.

"Baby!" He called excitedly hugging me and kissing me on my nose, making me chuckle a little. "Missed you so much!" he said.

"I missed you too babe. In fact so much that I want to spend some time with you after school." I told him.

"Sadly, Mr Garcia won't be joining you." I hear a voice behind us say, when we looked we saw it was his History teacher.

"Why is that?" I said in a bored tone, teachers always bored me.

"Because Mr Garcia here has after school detention."

"What? WHY?" He called loudly, making my ears ring.

"Because you don't Jump up and down on your desk singing obnoxiously loud in my class Garcia, that's why!" the teach yelled at him, clearly annoyed.


"No buts Mr Garcia! You got Detention, End of story!" He said with finality and walked away. I glared at his back.

"I'm sorry baby." he muttered.

"It's fine babe, we can always spend time together after school tomorrow." I told him begrudgingly.

"Kay." he kissed me and went off to lunch. He asked me to go with him but I promised some friends to go out for lunch so I declined. Well it was actually the other way around but still. I had other plans.


Jeremy: And that is it for now!


Jeremy: Yes?

Sab: *opens mouth*... I forgot what I was gonna say...

Jeremy: ….


Jeremy: I did?

Sab: YES!

Jeremy: Uhm... sorry? *sheepish smile*

Sab: *sighs* Oh you're forgiven.

Jeremy: :D YAY! Now... *taps Sab on the shoulder * you're it!