Kendall's POV

I was fuming on the inside. Trying not to let my temper get to me and deck Jett and throw punches at him. Not only was the sting still there from what he'd done, but he was practically eye-fucking James right in front of us! I had to insistently remind myself of our plan to not give into my temper. I concentrated on comforting Logan and Carlos silently.

It was strange how I felt the need to protect them. You'd think I wouldn't want to be anywhere near them after finding out they were with Jett. However, I knew the jerk was playing us all and we couldn't blame each other for that.

It was pouring out there and we've been here for probably an hour by now. Carlos and I ended up playing rock, paper, scissors and are currently arguing, him claiming that I've cheated, and me trying to get him to understand there's no such thing as cheating with rock, paper, scissors.

"Guys! Jesus, shut up!" James exclaimed annoyed.

"You can't cheat with rock, paper, scissors Carlos, Kendall's right." Logan piped up, hoping the fact he was the smart one among us would help Carlos believe him.


"No buts, it's not possible. You can't know what the other person is going to do." Logan explained.

"HA! I saw this guy on TV-"

"Speculation Carlos." Logan simply commented.


"No buts!"

"FINE!" Carlos finally exclaimed and opted to go pout where he sat.

Silence fell over us. I found a stick in the small cave and was doodling on the ground. Carlos kept pouting. Logan had this faraway look like he was thinking about something, his tongue poked out of the corner of his mouth and he mumbled random numbers every now and then. They looked rather cute if you asked me. I don't know where that thought came from and shook it off turning to Jett and James. James was mindlessly playing with his bangs. Trying to make the wet locks not stick to his forehead. Jett was annoyed, glaring outside, probably trying to command the rain to stop.

Another half an hour passed when Carlos made it known he was bored by poking me in my side with a stick. I kept swatting him away. After the twentieth time I took the stick and threw it to the other side of the cave. He scrambled after it, which made me try to hold back a chuckle. Once he got it he returned to our spot and started poking Logan with it. Which he did not like as he send him a death glare.

Carlos then turned to the other two occupants of the cave. "Don't even think about it." Jett all but growled. That just made me want to punch him more. The urge intensified when a kicked puppy look came across Carlos' face. As an attempt to distract him I tapped my own stick, which I had been using to doodle in the dirt, on the top of his head. He turned to face me and then I 'stabbed' him in the chest with the stick and gave him a smirk. He pulled a pained face and fell to the ground, having 'died'. I chuckled at him, seeing Logan shake his head in disbelief at us and James give us a look that clearly read; 'Have-you-lost-it-already?'.

Just as I turned my attention back to Carlos he jumped up, having been 'resurrected', and stood like a knight would before battle. He gave me a challenging look, as if we lived in the medieval times and we were two knights, ready to duel. I mocked his challenging look and readied myself before we started our 'duel'.

We went at it for about ten minutes until I managed to stab him again and he fake died yet again. I stood next to his 'corpse' and put a foot on his chest, throwing my hands in the air proudly and called, "Victory!"

Logan was struggling not to laugh at our childish display. Jett was glaring at us intensely and James was mocking us with a trumpet victory tune like I just won a tournament the king of some old kingdom held.

"You two are insane." Logan commented.

"No, we are FUNTASTIC!" Carlos piped up as he shoved my foot away and got up, brushing off the sand and dirt from his clothes.

"That's not even a word." Logan stated.

"I don't care! From now on it is!" Carlos said proudly. Giving Logan a pointed look.

"Why did I agree to this?" he groaned and let himself fall back onto the ground in defeat.

"Cuz this place is awesome! And fun! And Exciting and-"

"Boring!" Logan cut Carlos off.

"And wet." James stated innocently as he glanced to the rain outside.

"Thanks, Sherlock." I rolled my eyes at him.

"I felt like contributing something to the conversation." he said with a shrug.

"Were that words with more than two syllables?" Logan mock gasped at the taller brunet.

"Oh, ha, ha, ha. Just because I'm pretty doesn't mean I'm dumb." he commented dryly.

Logan opened his mouth and Carlos and I cut him off, "No math!" he glared at us, closed his mouth and pouted. He looked adorable like that. Ugh, what am I saying?... thinking? Whatever, stop it Kendall! I told myself.

"You guys are so stupid." Jett groaned, "Not you though, you're hot." he winked towards James with a flirty smile, leaning in towards him. James had a confused look on his face, not knowing how to respond and leaned away from him.

"I'll show you stupid!" Carlos called and tried to make his way over to the arrogant ass, but Logan and I held him back. Jett made it worse by mockingly acting scared. James slapped him on the arm, "Don't be such a jerk." he told him.

"Whatever you want, my Love." Jett said in an overly sweet tone.

"Not your love." James said, etching away a bit.

"Yet." Jett smirked flirty, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Or ever." James continued, scooting away from him.

"Oh, come on, I could make you feel reeaaal good, baby." Jett said with a sultry voice.

"I'm starting to want to take my chances with the rain and potential hypothermia." Logan commented dryly.

"Well it's not raining as hard anymore." I replied as I glanced outside.

"You're kind of disgusting, you know." James replied to Jett, giving him a disapproving look.

"Disgustingly attractive." he said that overly confident smirk of his.

"More like cocky." James implied with a glare.

"I'd like to call it confident." Jett told him, scooting closer again, giving his famous bedroom eyes.

"I'm gonna be sick." Logan suddenly groaned as he got up and stormed outside into the rain.

"Logan!" I called as I got up to go after him. Carlos following suit.