A/N: I read a lot of stories about this couple lately and loved it immediately, so I decided to write my own story about them. This is my first Shikamaru/Temari story and I hope you like it :)

Shikamaru Nara lay on his favorite hill watching clouds. Suddenly his laziness was interrupted by Shizune.

"Tsunade has a mission for you."

"What does the troublesome woman want me to do?"

"You have to ask her that yourself."

"Troublesome." Shikamaru muttered.

Lazily he followed Shizune to the Hokage residence where he found Tsunade waiting for him behind her desk.

"Shikamaru I have a new mission for you." She said with a concerned look on her face.

The shadow-user nodded and waited for her to continue.

"I received a message from Suna. The village was attacked by shinobis from the Land of Water and Gaara and Kankuro got hurt badly."

Shikamaru stiffened. A thought immediately entered his mind. 'What about Temari?'

In the same moment he was confused why he cared so much about the troublesome woman.

Tsunade continued and, if knowing what he was thinking, answered his unspoken question. "Temari sent me that message. She wrote she is fine and that she is the temporary Kazekage until Gaara is fully recovered. Also she reassured me that she has everything under control and that Suna is still a strong ally to Konoha. She emphasized that she doesn't need any help and we shouldn't worry about Suna's force."

'It's just like her to not require help from someone and taking everything on her own. Stubborn woman.' Shikamaru thought.

"Even if she insisted in not needing help I want you Shikamaru to travel to Suna with a team and support our allies."

"Who do you have in mind for my team?"

Tsunade couldn't help but blink in confusion. She had awaited that he would be too lazy to care or at least say 'troublesome'. His reaction was completely unexpected, but the Hokage decided to simply continue.

"I thought of Sakura and Naruto. Sakura has become a great medical-nin, so she can help with Gaara's and Kankuro's treatment. I picked Naruto because when Suna would be attacked in their current situation they could need a strong fighter like him and you can help Temari with the paperwork. The mission starts today in the evening."

"It will be a drag but I accept."

"Good. I will inform Naruto and Sakura. You are dismissed for now."

When Shikamaru had left the office Shizune spoke up.

"Did he just accept a mission without really complaining about it?"

"Yeah it seems like it." Tsunade answered. "Can you get Naruto and Sakura? I have to tell them about their new mission."

"Of course."

The moment Shizune was out of the room Tsunade pulled out a bottle of Sake from her desk and drank some.

'I think this mission could get really interesting.'

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