Hey Guys, welcome to my new AU fic. I won't spoil to much, but its more AU than my other one, but less au than some others. Enjoy.
Just so you know, this is a Cadley fic, it just masquerades as others.

"Bitch, give me my stuff, then." Remy yelled at the door in front of her. She jumped out of the way in time for two bags to be thrown through the door, and then slammed again.

Picking up the two duffel bags of her clothes, Remy turned back to the door. "I hope you and your boyfriend are real happy, Amber." she yelled, "He won't be able to satisfy you like I could. Bitch."

That was how Lieutenant Remy "Thirteen" Hadley had ended up at a dead-end motel, sitting at a dead-end bar, downing shots. Nine months deployment on an aircraft carrier and all she had wanted was to spend her shore leave with her girlfriend.

Amber. Remy finished her current shot and ordered another. They'd been together for almost two years and through a previous deployment. Amber had been there for Remy to come back to, the one constant, unyielding force in her life. Some force that turned out to be, Remy thought angrily.

Turning around to peer at her fellow patrons through the thick smoke, Remy noticed it was slim pickings. No one stood out at her, no one night stands to take her mind off Cut-throat Bitch.

She sighed; she was going to have to go to one of the clubs to find someone. There she would end up taking some sort of pill, only to come to her senses with some guy or girl getting off on top of her. She didn't want that; she'd become a Naval Aviator to avoid falling even deeper into that lifestyle.

Bleached blonde hair, nose, ear and nipple piercings, angel wing tramp stamp and XIII tattooed on her upper arm, Remy had once been a party girl, popping pills, fucking guys and girls; nothing had mattered to her. Amber had been there with her, but she got an internship and stopped. They'd fucked a couple of times and then started dating.

But it hadn't been Amber that had convinced her to abandon the life of partying. The dirty blonde had been there when she had, but she wasn't the one who had stopped her. No, that honour belonged to the only woman Remy had ever truly loved. Oh, she had cared for Amber, maybe even loved her a bit. Never-the-less, only one woman had ever truly had Remy's heart, mind and soul. The same woman who had abandoned her, right when she needed her the most, right when Remy had confessed to her.

Sighing, Remy ripped herself away from her current train of thoughts and turned back to getting laid. Thinking, she realized that she didn't really have any clothes left to suit. She was going to have to go shopping. God, did she hate shopping. Amber was the one who bought clothes for Remy and that had suited her just fine. For nine months of the year, Remy wore her uniform anyway.

Too much effort, she thought. I'll only wear it once or twice, then it will go into storage for the next nine months. I guess I'll get myself off tonight. A depressing thought, but Remy was too tired to try and motivate herself.

"What do you mean?" Remy was all but yelling at Amber. "Why?" Why did you ruin my life? Why do you have to do this now? Why do I have to leave? It could have been any of these questions. Remy wasn't exactly sure what she was asking, but she couldn't help herself. She'd just walked in on her 'girlfriend' fucking some random guy, in their bed.

"Remy, you knew this wasn't going to work out. We agreed that when you were on deployment we could sleep with other people." Amber tried to be reasonable, but Remy was having none of it.

"You knew my deployment ended last week." Remy was almost frothing at the mouth. She was angry, she was sad, she was horny, she was depressed. All of these feelings bottled up and came spewing out at this moment. "I've been with my dad for the past four days and now I come home to find my girlfriend fucking some guy in our bed."

"Remy, this isn't a random guy I picked up. This is my boyfriend, James."

"That's even fucking worse. You were cheating on both of us. You could have a least given me a courtesy fucking phone call before you decided I was some piece of meat that you would throw out like yesterdays garbage."

"Remy, stop it. You're getting worked up. Be careful, you'll have an asthma attack."

"Like you give a shit, you bitch. You just proved how much our relationship meant to you." Remy slapped her, hard. She left a giant red handprint on her left cheek. "Get me my stuff, I'm leaving."

"Don't be stupid, Rem. You don't have anywhere else to go. You can stay here until your next deployment starts."

"I'm not staying here. Now get my shit, so I can leave." Remy stomped over to the door and slammed it behind her.

Maybe Kutner is in town. It's been ages since I've seen him, Remy kept trying to take her mind off her melancholy thoughts. I've got his number somewhere, I should see if he wants to meet up.

The thought of meeting her old friend cheered her up. Kutner had been Remy's best friend throughout high school and even when he went to medical school and Remy fell into the partying trap, they had stayed in contact. They'd lost contact when Remy had joined the Navy and she truly regretted that. She'd lost one of her true friends.

Deciding that it was a good idea, Remy downed her current shot, dropped some money on the counter and left. Fairly certain that he wouldn't have left the state, he never was one to leave the familiar comforts of home. There he was, same house he'd been in before Remy had enlisted. She rang his number and he picked up after the fourth ring.

"Hey, Kutner, It's Remy."


"Yes, that Remy. I know it's been a long time, but I'm in town for a while before my next deployment and thought you might want to catch up."


"I know, I should have kept in touch, even if I have been out saving the free world. I'm sorry about that, but I'd like to make up for it now if possible."


"Yeah, I know that place. I'll be there in an hour or two. Be warned, I've had a few drinks."


"No, I don't mind if you bring along a friend or two. I just want to meet up and reminisce."


"Ok, I'll see you there."

After a quick shower and change of clothes, Remy arrived at the café that Kutner had specified. It was a nice little place, with a log fire in one corner and a nice cosy atmosphere.

Kutner smiled as he saw her, and got out of his chair. They embraced as they came together; acting like no time had passed at all, just going back to friends straight away. Remy sat at the table, a cup of coffee already sitting there for her. She took a sip and sighed in contentment. "You remember how I like my coffee. How long has it been since you last got me one? Six years? Seven?"

Chuckling, Kutner nodded in agreement, "Sounds about right." He took a sip of his own. "I invited two people along with me. One's just in the loo, the other hasn't arrived yet." Remy just nodded and continued to drink.

"Ahh, here she is. Remy, this is Kirsten. Kirsten is my girlfriend." A red haired woman sat down. Remy gave her the quick look over. 5' 8, hair in a pony tail down past her shoulder. Bright green eyes, blood red, full lips. About a 38c Remy guessed.

"Hi, Remy, it's nice to finally meet you. Lawrence here has told me a lot about you." She spoke animatedly, "I heard you were in the navy or something."

"yeah, umm, I'm a naval aviator. I fly the jets off the Aircraft carriers."

"Wow, that sounds so amazing. I just file paperwork for an insurance company. Its not exciting but it pays the bills." She leaned into kiss Kutner on the cheek, "he works for an engineering company."

Remy snorted. "Really? Fumble-Finger Kutner?" He nodded. "Wow, I never expected that, at all. So what sort of engineering…"

A voice interrupted Remy, "Sorry I'm late, I couldn't find a park." Remy stiffened at that voice. It had been six years since she'd last heard it, but it was embedded in her memory, the sound she would never forget. She turned around to face the new person, "Hello, Allison."

I thought of the idea for this when I realised the easiest way to explain thirteen without House's game was for it to be a callsign. So, bam, my mind created an entire story based on one small thing. I like my brain sometimes. Also, ELLA IS PREGNANT AGAIN!