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Remy blended into the mass of people, almost invisible in the crowd that had gathered at Amber's funeral. She didn't know how to feel about the death of her former girlfriend. Obviously she was saddened by the suddenness of it, but she also felt a sense of elation, like this had made her free from any complications which might have arisen.

Allison had never been great friends with the blonde girl. They'd met a few times when Remy and Allison had started dating, but other than that, they'd run in different circles. The only reason she was here was to provide moral support for the brunette beside her. She squeezed the hand contained within her own, and received a small smile.

The blonde leant in and wrapped her arms around the taller girl's waist. Remy leant into the contact, taking solace in the woman beside her. The sombre air that hung over the funeral had infected her, sapping her strength. Amber's parents were directly in front of the two women, her mother openly crying and her father holding back his own tears. They'd been woken up at 4 am to news that their daughter had been killed in a car accident. After receiving the news herself, Remy had been having nightmares again. This time it was her own subconscious haunting her, telling her that if she'd still been with Amber, this wouldn't have happened. Even Allison's presence hadn't been enough to keep them at bay.

The funeral started breaking up, many of the people heading towards the wake. Remy pushed Allison towards it, telling her that she needed a moment alone. The blonde acquiesced and after a quick peck on the cheek, she left. The taller girl watched her leave, eyes quickly peeking at her butt, before drawing a deep breath and turning to the grave.

I'm sorry, Amber. Remy looked down at the coffin, hiding the mangled body of her former lover. The car she'd been travelling in had been t-boned by an out-of-control eighteen wheeler. I can't help but feel this is my fault. A couple of tears leaked out, dropping down onto the coffin.

She felt a presence beside her and turned to look, expecting to see Allison, but being surprised to see James instead. His face was streaked with his own tears and she could see the anguish written plainly on his face. He placed a hand on her shoulder and gave it a small squeeze. It was the mirror opposite to the one Allison had given to her earlier. She gave him a small smile and he returned it.

"She tried to find you." He whispered, "She tried to talk to you and explain herself, but you disappeared." Her heart dropped at this statement, because she'd been ignoring all of Amber's calls since that day. "She wanted to apologise to you, she never meant for you to find out about us like you did. That was my fault," He blushed. "I pushed her into having sex that day, not knowing about you, and I'm sorry."

He reached into a pocket and pulled out an envelope. "This is for you. I found it when I was packing up her stuff." She took it from him and he promptly left, heading towards the wake. Remy just stared at the envelope, almost afraid to open it. She sighed and slipped it into her purse, before limping in James' wake.

The brunette recognised several people from time she'd spent with Amber, from her sister to her best friend in high school. Many of them wished her the best of luck recovering from her injuries. It made her want to laugh, because everyone stepped around the fact that the two girls had broken up. Even Amber's parents, crying and everything, ignored that and gave her a hug.

Remy was aware that during this time, Allison never left her side. Whenever she reached out, the blonde's hand was there to provide comfort. It gave her a sense of solace, a sense of caring and a sense of love. She wrapped her arms around the shorter girl and rested her head on her shoulder. "Thank you for being here for me." She kissed the neck in front of her and held on, as a few tears leaked out of her eyes.

Allison ran a hand through the brunette's hair, being one of the most soothing things for the taller girl. "It's no problem, really. It's what girlfriends do." She gave Remy a quick peck when the girl looked up at her and cut her off before she could say anything, "Yes, I said girlfriend. Partner isn't quite right, lover is just inadequate and Wife doesn't apply yet. I'm not going anywhere this time Rem, I'm in it for the long haul and this is just part and parcel."

Remy disengaged from the blonde and went over to James and Amber's parents. She gave them a quick apology and told them she was leaving. All three gave her a quick hug and wished her well, as well as thanking Allison for attending. Together, the two of them left.

The rain had picked up by the time they got home and both of them got soaked as they ran inside. Allison's first move was to strip off as she headed toward the bathroom. Remy's eyes followed her progress, but her heart wasn't really in it. The drive home had been dominated by the thoughts of the letter. The brunette sighed and sat down on the couch, placing her crutches next to her.

She recognised the handwriting on the envelope instantly as Amber's, the cute little twirl she did at the top of the R giving it away. The letter itself was dated during the break she'd had before her previous two tours. Remy took a depth breath and started reading the letter.

To My Remy,

I don't know how to tell you this in person, so I decided that if I wrote it down, at least I would get it out. I do love you Remy, nothing will change that, but I can't continue being in this lie of a relationship. You may believe you love me, Rem, but you don't. I was never more than a distraction, a replacement for the person who you truly wanted, Allison.

You may hate Allison for running away after you told her about the Huntington's, but deep inside, you still love her. You can't help it. She was the perfect girl for you, and I can't be her. The only reason you dated me was because I reminded you of her. That hurts me, because I really do love you, but now I know you will never truly reciprocate.

Just last night I woke up to you tossing and turning, muttering in your sleep. I wrapped you in my arms, trying to calm you down, but then you moaned in your sleep and it broke my heart, because you moaned her name.

I need to get this out there, because I now know I can't keep you here, with me. Even though I love you, I don't want to keep you from Allison, because you truly love her.

I have a plan to get you back with Allison and it will make you hurt, but it has to happen. I've already talked to Kutner about it and he agrees. He told me that Allison's eyes light up anytime you're mentioned, even if she denies it to herself. If being with her will make you truly happy, then that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

Yours, now and forever,

There was a slight addendum added to the end. It was dated the day she'd walked in on Amber and James.

Remy, I'm sorry you had to find out like that, I never planned it like that. But it does get you away from me, and I know how your mind works. I've already called Kutner and told him to be prepared.
Good Luck.

For the first time since Amber died, Remy curled up and cried.

"Remy, Shower's free." Allison yelled, as she wrapped her bathrobe around herself. Not hearing a response, she went hunting for the brunette, only to find her still curled up on the couch, sobbing quietly. She wrapped her arms around the girl, wondering what had set her off. Without any complaint, she pulled the brunette into her lap and let her cry against her shoulder.

It was then she noticed the paper that Remy had so diligently been grasping. The blonde ran a hand soothingly down her back, while the other one straightened out the paper that had been crinkled in the grasp of the brunette. The more of the letter she read, the more her respect for Amber increased.

She laid a kiss on the head currently buried in her shoulder. A few tears had escaped her own eyes at the honesty in the letter. "She was right, you know." She whispered, "Anytime someone brought up your name, my stomach would do a little flip. I denied it so hard, even to myself, but I never stopped loving you, Remy." The brunette lifted her head to stare at Allison, face red and puffy, laced with tear trails. Allison stole a quick peck from her and lifted her up, wrapping the girl's arms around her neck, before bending down to grab her crutches and whisper in her ear, "Let's get you to bed."

Remy sat bolt upright, screaming silently as her skin burned. Her hands were beating her stomach, trying to put out the flames. It took her several moments to realise that it had all been a dream. Breathing heavily, she took a look around and couldn't locate Allison. The clock on the dressing table read 11.43pm.

The brunette decided to go hunting for her and pushed herself out of bed. Her shirt slipped down to cover the already forming bruises she had just acquired. She ignored the crutches and limped her way down the hall, regretting her decision by the time she was halfway down.

Hushed voices were coming from the entrance to the house. Remy limped her way there, to discover Chase standing at the threshold, arguing with Cameron.

"No, Chase. I'm not taking you back. I don't care if you love me, because I don't love you." The Australian tried to lean into her, but she held a hand to his face and pushed him back. "Chase, Leave. Now."

"I'm not leaving, until you take me back." He tried to bully his way into the apartment, but stopped when he noticed Remy. "Is this why you stopped dating me? For damaged goods?" he gestured at the brunette.

Allison turned around to see what he was pointing at, before turning to face him again, "I won't say she had nothing to do with it, but don't fob off your own failures onto her." Remy moved beside the blonde and laid a small kiss on her cheek, before staring at Chase. "If you want to have a civil conversation with me, then you come back at a reasonable time. And not drunk."

"You better leave now." Remy almost growled at him.

"Or what?" He scoffed. "You're going to beat me up? With injuries like that?" He laughed at the idea. "You couldn't hurt a quadriplegic puppy."

Remy stepped in front of Allison, "Leave Now. Or I will call the police for trespassing. You see, we mature adults don't use violence." She tried grabbing the door and shutting it in Chase's face. Tried being the operative word, as the Australian had stuck his foot in the doorway, which caused the door to rebound back into the brunette. She fell backwards onto the wall, sliding down it, a hand grasping her chest.

Allison was down beside her in a second, checking her out before turning to stare at Chase, anger easily visible. "You absolute fucking prick. She can't breathe, you broke her rib. Get the fuck out of here." The Australian turned and fled as the blonde turned back to face Remy, "Hold on, Rem. Hold on, please."

I know im terrible, but it was really the easiest way i could think of to get Remy to the hospital. And for the Huntington's test. That is going to be a major plot point in the next chapter.