Letters From A Special Edition: Here Comes A Hopping Down the Liar Trail

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Sara Shepard.

Time: None

Date: April 7, 2012

Happy Easter, girls!

Did you think that I would miss this holiday? Come on, I have hit every holiday and would not miss this one for the world. After all, this is the holiday for coming back to life. Too bad that some of those will not be returning.

Only lies will come back to life.

I have eaten most of my Easter candy and hidden some eggs. Some of the eggs were good; some were rather rotten. The rotten ones have your names on it. After all, everyone knows that liars are rotten. However, the rotten ones do not look rotten. They are all nice and colourful with lots of glitter and sparkles. They are very much like you. They kind of smell like you too.

Huh, who knew?

Aren't the chocolate Easter bunnies kind of creepy with their little, beady eyes just staring at you and watching? Just watching, watching, watching...They do not blink. It is like you have someone staring at you and never looking away. Even as you eat them, they are just watching. They see and know everything that you do. Whenever you eat, your secrets are gone.

Well, guess what, darlings? You cannot eat me and your secrets will not die. Hehehe...Isn't that great? I know you are jumping for joy. Or is that just from all of the sugar?

So, go on and eat your ham and do whatever it is that you do. You should go to Church so you can repent for your sins. I do not think one day in the Church will be enough for you. I do not think going everyday from the rest of your lives will be enough. You do have some serious sins.

So, anyway go and enjoy your holiday. The Easter Bunny is coming with rotten eggs for you. He only brings things for good little girls and you four have not been good.

I wrote you a song. I hope you like it.

Here comes A hopping down the liar trail. Hippity, hoppity. The liars are going down. She has got a basket full of baggage that the liars carry. It will bring me great, great joy to see your faces when you see it. OH, here comes A hopping down the liar trail. Hippity, hoppity, she wishes you a happy Easter morning! When you wake up, you find all of your secrets in the headlines. They will no longer be hidden, because A made them public knowledge. Here comes A hopping down the liar trail. Hippity, hopity. The lairs are going down.

Happy Easter!