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A/N: This was co written with LinleyHamilton123. This was a random ship that my sister made me do, so yeah. :)

Felicity Merriman ran down the path to the stable. Even though she was fifteen, much too old to be running in a dress, it was just too sunny to be walking. Her auburn hair flowing behind her she ran into the stables.

Then, she hit something. Hard.

"Ouch!" she said rather loudly. Then she looked up. Staring down at her was Ben. As in the Ben that she hadn't seen since he left for the war.

"Felicity?" he looked almost as surprised as she.

Felicity then found herself doing something she'd sworn she'd never do. Playing with her hair. And giggling. And batting her eyelashes.

After making this realization she quickly stopped and abruptly asked him what he could possibly be doing there.

"I wanted to come back," he said simply. And amazingly that was enough for her. There must be something wrong with her, she decided.

"So do you want to see Father?" she asked, hoping he didn't notice the way she was acting. She hoped no one noticed.

"Not really," Ben admitted. "I mean, in a little while. I do have to finish my apprenticeship, of course. But not this minute."

Felicity frowned. "Who do you want to see, then? Penny? She's doing so well!"

Ben laughed. "I'm glad, but no. That's not who I wanted to see."

Felicity glanced around her, as if some gallant young war commander was standing behind her that Ben wanted to see or something. "Who did you want to see then?"


And then he was kissing her.