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Katniss POV:

After everything I have been through….. My mind aches just thinking about it. The 1st Hunger Games, the Victory Tour, the 2nd Hunger Games, the revolution. And the aftermath.

I should have never volunteered, never stepped up on that stupid stage. What good did it do? Prim's dead anyway. Gale and I could have grown up…. Fallen in love, and gotten married. No I love Peeta… Peeta, Peeta, Peeta.

Peeta, Prim, and Rue would be dead. Cinna, Madge, and Finnick would still be alive, and little Finn would have a daddy.

But, the Hunger Games would continue and President Snow would still be alive, and President Coin. "Damn them" I mutter under my breath, "Damn them all".

I drag myself out of bed and into the waiting shower. Was it worth it? Was it… worth it? Yes….Yes it was.

After a much needed shower wrapping a towel around me, I walk into the warm bedroom and over to my dresser, grabbing a tank top and shorts.

"I'm glad I did it" I say. "It was well worth it". I smile to myself.

"What was well worth it" asks Peeta.

I jump nearly dropping my towel, but losing my clothes in the process. "Ummm… I... I was just….." I stammered, scrambling for my clothes.

"I was just thinking about…." I struggle for the right words to say. "Uh the new bow and arrow in the store. It was kind of expensive but it had some strength to it…"

Peeta cocks an eyebrow but otherwise leaves my statement alone, and crosses the room and pulls me into his arms.

"You can tell me... You know that… Right?" I inhale his scent. "I… I know. It's just that… I…" Peeta's hands find my waist pull me towards him, leaning down to kiss me.

His lips are soft but firm against mine. We separate and he leans his head on my shoulder whispering "I love you" in my ear. "I love you" I say back.

And I mean it. We walk downstairs for breakfast, and then it hits me. "Umm…. Peeta. I… I need to get dressed" I whisper, blushing.

"Uh... I… I'm sorry, I didn't realize" he stutters, and lets me go. I rush up the stairs and get dressed.

By the time I get back downstairs Haymitch is in my kitchen with a bottle in his hand talking to Peeta.

"Boy, I know you love her… So why the hell don't you tell her, get married and have some of those kids you're always talking about. Hell, have a sleepover, I'm tired of hearing it about 'Katniss is so beautiful, I love her and I want to get up in her…"

I clear my throat, loudly. "Katniss…. I… I never said that I wanted to get up in you're…." Peeta clears his throat.

"Hi sweetheart. I was just te…" Haymitch stops when I smack the bottle out of his hand…. It hits Peeta in the leg and falls to the ground, broken.

"Peeta, I… I didn't mean to… I just…" I'm cut off when Peeta slams me into the wall, holding my hands against the wall above my head.

"You just love to hurt me don't you? You stupid bitch!" He is screaming at me now, trapped in a venom corrupted memory. The grip loosens on my hands, and moves to my throat.

"I'll make sure you never hurt anyone ever again…" And his hand starts to tighten.

"Peeta stop it now!" yells Haymitch, from somewhere far away.

I look into Peeta's blue eyes, and they are the last thing I see before my world fades to black.

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