AN: Hey! I'm in no way inspired but I feel the urge to write...

Peeta's POV:

I stare down at the beautiful girl in my arms.

Her brown hair, and her beautiful eyes, that even though they are closed I can still picture the sparkling brown beneath her tired eyelids.

"You're so beautiful" I whisper into her hair gently.

She shifts gently in my arms at my words before turning over and facing me.

"Morning love", I smile lovingly at her.

She grins and chokes back a yawn, stifling it behind her arm.

"Hi" she says meekly, hiding a little behind her hair.

I brush her hair back and place a soft kiss on her temple.

She starts to wiggle around and pushes past my tight hold.

I look up at her in confusion with one eyebrow cocked as she darts out of the bed.

"Gotta pee!" I hear as her footfalls grow quieter as she closes the bathroom door.

I shake my head and chuckle at her before pulling back the covers and getting out of bed.

I head down the steps towards the living room where I find Effie and Haymitch cuddled up on one of our sofas, snoring softly.

"Who would have ever thought." I feel arms wrap around my waist as Katniss lays her head on my back in between my shoulder blades.

"Thought what?" I ask, pulling her around in front of me, pushing her back to my front and resting my head on her shoulder.

I bury my face into her neck as she sighs happily.

"That Effie and Haymitch would be together. That we would have a baby." she pauses for a few seconds, "That I would be happy..."

I smile softly into her neck and breathe in her scent.

"Sometimes things are just unpredictable. I'm not complaining about anything though"

She turns and looks up into my eyes.

"Me either"

Katniss' POV:

Everything is going so good. Life has been so easy and the visit to the Capital is fastly approaching.

Something is bound to go wrong.

I hear the door open, signaling Peeta is back from the market.

"Peeta!" I say tossing my oven mitt down on the counter and rushing towards the entryway.

I see him and hop on him excitedly, glad he is finally home after a long day of being alone by myself in the house.

He drops the many bags he was carrying onto the floor before wrapping his arms tightly around me as I wrap my legs around his torso.

He chuckles before spinning me around.

When we finally stop spinning he presses my back up against the wall, leaning his body into mine, holding me tight.

He breathes heavily into my ear, obviously winded from spinning us around so long.

"Not as young as you used to be huh?" I ask cheekily, pressing my hips against his.

He growls gently, pressing his hips tightly to mine, meeting me in the middle.

"I'll show you how young I am"

I giggle as he pulls us away from the wall and starts towards the living room.

He tosses me gently onto the couch and climbs on top of me, putting most of his weight on his arms, only gently resting his body on mine.

I smile inwardly. He is so careful with me, he always has been but even more now because of the baby.

The baby.

I'm suddenly very aware of the kisses Peeta is planting all over my face and neck, working his way down my body.

He stops on my stomach, lifting my shirt and kissing my still flat stomach.

"Hey baby. This is daddy. I can't wait to see meet you and see you. You're going to be beautiful just like mommy."

I smile. So this is what happiness feels like.

Peeta's POV:

Katniss seems so happy. Its like she is in a blissful dream state.

After we cuddled and fooled around on the couch for an hour or so, she got up and finished making dinner.

I help her set the table and out the food on, pulling out her chair for her as she sits down.

I hear a knock on the door and call Effie and Haymitch in.

We all sit at the table, and say a short prayer before we dig into our meal.

"This is wonderful Katniss" Effie says, dabbing the sides of her mouth with her napkin.

Haymitch grunts, stuffing another spoonful of pot roast into his already half full mouth, nodding his head in agreement with Effie.

She glares at him before taking another small bite of her food, politely putting it in her mouth.

Katniss grabs my thigh, looking over at me rolling her eyes playfully.

"Somethings never change"

I grin at her.

"Sometimes you don't want them to change."

We gaze into each others eyes, as if seeing something from the past, something nobody else can see.

Our moment is broken by a heavy cough, and we break our gaze away, hastily looking towards Haymitch who was coughing obnoxiously into his arm, purposely interrupting our moment.

Effie elbows him hard in the gut, causing him to double over and Katniss to giggle lightly.

"Stop that! Why can't you just let them be cute with each other?" she scolds him lightly.

Haymitch sighs heavily before mumbling something and standing up from the table, grabbing Effie's hand gently before stating they are going to bed, and expressing his thanks for the meal through words as well as a giant belch as he walks out of the door.

Katniss stands up and begins clearing the table.

"Kat, let me go run you a bath, I'll clean up." I say, pushing her towards the bathroom.

She smiles, and kisses my cheek.

I hear the bath run from upstairs and hurry to finish the cleaning.

I walk upstairs a few minutes later and head towards the bedroom, following the trail of clothing from the top of the steps and into the bathroom.

Katniss is just getting settling into the tub when I walk into the bathroom.

Slowly stripping off each article of clothing one by one, and I settle myself into the bathtub behind her.

She sighs and snuggles back into me, the bubbles rising into her hair, and floating around the room as she throws them playfully into the air giggling.

This is how life is supposed to be.