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Shelby's pov

As I walked down the school hallway to last period I noticed him. He was standing there at the classroom door talking to one of the teachers. His short hair was obviously dyed blond. His eyebrows were black. His chocolate brown eyes shined as he laughed at something someone else said.

I hadn't realized I had been staring there gawking at him until my teacher told me to go to my seat.

"Hello boys and girls. I am the new school resource officer. My name is Rex..."

I blanked out as he continued on. My thoughts were on his name. It was a beautiful name.

" Can anyone tell me the three main saftey drills we have at the scool? How about this young lady at the back?"

I realized he was talking about me. I was the only girl at the back of the room.

" Come on up to the front." He said.

I wasn't paying attention to where I was putting my feet and tripped over Shaquitta's backpack on my way to the front. I had braced myself to land on my face, but a hand shot out and caught me from falling.

" Thank you." I said in a small voice. He gave me a gentle smile.

" Can you tell us all three?" He asked me

" All three what?" I said. I had been daydreaming so much about his smile I had forgotten the question. Several kids in the room were laughing at me and I felt my cheeks heat up.

" Safety Drills." He said rubbing the back of his head.

" Oh. Fire, tornado, and intruder." I said.

" That's right. Any questions?"

The hand of K.J. shot into the air. " How old are you?"

I rolled my eyes on my way back to my seat. Leave it to K.J. to ask the dumbest questions.

" I'm 19." He said.

That put him 2 years older than me.

" Any other questions?"

" Will you be here after school?" I asked suddenly.

" Yes." I hadn't meant to ask the question. It was just that I wanted to talk to him again soo badly.

Then he left. I zoned out the entire time during the lesson. I kept glancing at the clock wanting the bell to ring so I could hunt Rex down.
Finally the bell rang and I snatched up my bag, grabbed my homework from the teacher's desk and raced down the hall towards the SRO's office. I stopped and knocked on the door. Rex opened it. He nodded to a chair in front of his desk. He was on phone with someone. He finally got off the phone and sat down beside me.

" I noticed you staring at me earlier." He said. gently. His arm moved to rest across my shoulders.

My breath hitched. " I thought you were cute." I said eyes down.

" I think you are too. " He murmered. Without thinking I laid my head on his shoulder. I felt his hands running through my hair then he pulled me closer to him.

Our eyes met for the briefest of seconds, and he pressed his lips against mine.

His lips were hot and wet. I kissed back giving with everything given. We broke apart for air.

" I love you." He whispered in my ear.

" I love you, too." I gasped out through tears.

It went on like this until school was out and he moved in with us. I was 18 by then. I knew one thing. I would never stop loving him.


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