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Chapter 1

It was going to be an easy mission. And it was…until Joker showed up. The Young Justice team fought hard until he sprayed them all with some weird spray thing.

"Sweet dreams!" He cackled. The team coughed and blinked and the next thing they knew, Joker was gone. They returned to Mount Justice-dejected-annoyed they didn't complete the mission.

It was Wally who wondered, "Huh. What was that spray stuff? OH! Megan made cookies!" and that was the end of that.

However, later, everyone felt very…drowsy. They all thought it was no big deal so they ignored it. Until Robin fell to the floor.

"Rob? Rob are you o-ok…?" Wally went down next.

"Robin? Wally? What happened what's wrong w-with..?" Arty crashed onto the couch.

"Oh My Gosh! What's going on? Why are they..?" Megan collapsed.

Kaldur and Conner were confused. "Kaldur? What's happening?" Conner asked.

"I…I'm not sure…" Kaldur hit the floor.

Conner started to move toward the rest of his team members, but was on the ground before he could get to any of them.

Meanwhile, Batman was trying to contact them. When no one responded, he called the League to come investigate.

When they arrived, they saw the team all sleeping, blissfully dreaming. With amused, slightly irritated smiles on their faces they went to wake up their protégés.


They didn't wake up.

The Leaguers tried many things to get them up, including shaking them and yelling at them and nothing worked. They were all rushed to MedBay. But, health-wise, everything was fine with the young heroes. They didn't know what to do. What had happened?

Superboy's POV

I woke up at Mount Justice. I was all alone, but didn't think much of it. I decided to go look for Black Canary, thinking that maybe we could spar a little, work more on self-control.

I walked into the training room-which had quickly become my favorite room- and I saw…Superman? No, he wouldn't be here. He never wants to have anything to do with the team. But, no. That was the Man of Steel.

So…what was he doing here?

Back in MedBay…

The Justice Leaguers were all extremely anxious, pacing around- thoroughly confused. "We have to figure out what's wrong with them!" Flash exclaimed.

"Yes, Flash. We realized this." Batman responded.

Martian Man Hunter said, "Batman, can't you review what happened on the children's previous mission?"

"Yes. I'll get on that." Batman rushed out of the room.

Superboy's POV

"…Uh. Superman? What are you doing here?" I didn't mean to sound blunt- that's just me.

"I came to apologize, Conner." Whoa. Did he just call me Conner?

"Uh…ok?" How do your answer Man of Steel when he says "I'm sorry"?

"Look, Conner, I'm sorry. I've been a…jerk, for lack of a better word."

I had to laugh. It was weird. I never laugh. "It's ok, Superman."

"So…you forgive me?" He looked…hopeful. His eyes begging me, saying "please forgive me".

Back in MedBay…

"I reviewed the mission. Joker sprayed something in their faces- some new 'toy'- and said 'Sweet dreams' but other than that, there was nothing- "Batman informed the team, walking back into the room.

"Wait. He said 'sweet dreams'? And now the kids are all asleep." Canary asked.

"Yes. I'm guessing it makes them fall asleep and…since he said sweet dreams-" Flash interrupted the world's Greatest Detective, "They are basically just having really good dreams?"

"That is what it looks like." Aquaman told Flash.

Superboy's POV

"Sure. Yes. Of course I forgive you, Superman!" I was completely ecstatic. This was something I had always dreamed of! Working with Superman…oh…wait…dream. Crap.

Back in MedBay…

Superboy suddenly lurched upright in his bed. The Leaguers were at his side in an instant. Superboy looked up at all of them and realized Superman wasn't there and…well, he punched the closest thing…Flash.

"Ah! Conner! Watch yourself!" He sped away before he could be hit again.

"Sorry…I just…it was such a good dream I…I didn't want to wake up." Conner looked around. "Everyone's still asleep."

"Yea. And based on what we just learned from you, they won't want to wake up." Arrow responded, wearily.

"How did you wake up?" Batman asked the young clone.

"I…I just thought the word 'dream' really…then I woke up…" Conner replied slowly.

"So we have no way of waking them up? They'll just…wake up on their own time?" Flash asked.

"That's what it looks like." Batman almost growled.

The other Leaguers moaned and sunk into their seats. "Superboy? Come with me. We're gonna talk about that dream of yours." Canary said to Conner. The two left the room.

"So, now we just have to wait." Martian Man Hunter said.

Batman responded, "Yes. All we do is wait."

Author's Note: Ok, first of all, the reason Joker sprayed them with Sweet Dreams spray is because, he thinks that the team won't want to wake up because the dreams were so good. Just to clear any confusion.

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