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So Happy Together

So, it had been a total of three weeks. That's how long it took the team to fully recover from their dreams. They had all gradually opened up about their dreams and it had, obviously, taken a while…

Superboy had talked to Canary about his dream and it absolutely broke her heart. So she went right up to the Man of Steel, and told him all about Connors' dream. The result? Now the two were finally communicating.

Aqualad had also told Canary about the woes of his dream (he didn't want to concern his king about his love life) and she was, once again, heart-broken. She consoled the fish boy and told him that she promised he would see Tula soon. This promise caused Kaldur to be happier than he had been in a while.

Miss. M told her uncle about her dream and he promised her that he would take her to see the garden someday and she could spend that time in the garden with her mother. And M'gann was so overjoyed; she had cried happy tears and had given him the world's biggest and most affectionate hug ever.

Artemis had reluctantly told Oliver about her dream and he had simply given her a hug and told her that everything was going to be okay. And this was all the young archer needed to hear.

Kid Flash had resolved his annoyance at waking up by spending a day with his Uncle Barry at Golden Corral eating all they could eat and joking around just like they had been doing in Wally's dream. And it had been the best day of Wally's life.

Robin convinced Bruce to take him to Wayne Estates. There, the young hacker/trapeze artist had a long and happy bonding experience with the Dark Knight. After Rob told Bruce about his dream and how Wayne Estates made him happy to remember it (because all the other dreams he had had about his family made him depressed), Bruce didn't hesitate to say that they would visit more often now. And this made Dick's heartache for his parents and Jay ease, ever so slightly.

After the Young Justice team bonded with the elder hero's, they started bonding more with each other. They told the details of all of their dreams, and they all became closer. So, now, they were more than just a team. They were a family.

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