May 27, 1905

Samantha Parkington was taking a walk with her Uncle Gard the day after her birthday party. She was fuming over Eddie Ryland's mean trick with the salty icecream.

"It was my tenth birthday. I was turning double digits! That only happens once and that makes it extremely important! And mean old Eddie Ryland had to go and ruin it! Oh, I'll never forgive him! I hate him!"

Uncle Gard chuckled. "Sam, you say that you hate Eddie Ryland so often that you're bound to end up marrying him."

"Marry Eddie Ryland! I will – never!"

June 1, 1914

Uncle Gard knocked on the door of Samantha's girlhood bedroom in Mount Bedford and poked his head in when Samantha gave him permission from her place in the middle of the room. Aunt Cornelia stepped back from adjusting Samantha's – and Lydia's – wedding veil to survey the effect.

"Are you ready, Sam?" Uncle Gard asked the blushing bride. "Eddie's waiting. It's now or never."

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