Slayers: The Quest for the Scepter of Unbinding

"Um, Lina? Can I ask a question?" Gourry spoke up with as the two sat in a tavern after lunch. They were alone, Zelgadis having ran off somewhere after the Dark Star incident, Amelia returned to Seyruun, Filia opened her Mace and Vase shop somewhere to the south with Jillas and Gravos, Xelloss was nowhere to be found. That left Gourry and Lina to their own devices.

Lina sighed, taking a new breath and pulling out the map she'd acquired from a bandit gang a little while ago. "We're going to go find this 'Scepter of Unbinding!' Who KNOWS what kind of powers it'll have!" Lina imagined herself with the Scepter using it to open locked treasure vaults or free herself from chains and all sorts of things. Her eyes go all starry.

"Lina, what IS the Scepter of Unbinding?" Gourry asked, popping her dream bubble.

The sorceress glowered then, "It's a scepter!! Of Unbinding! It unbinds things!! How STUPID could you be?!"

* * *

Lina and Gourry sat back to back on the stone floor of the temple in which the Scepter of Unbinding was located, taking a break from the traps and puzzles. Finally, Lina got up and went to the tall double doors, which she hoped was the last of the maze.

Gourry hurried up behind her to watch as she pushed the doors open. The room revealed to them was large- but empty for the most part. Simply at the end of the room was an altar upon which set a chest with gold hinges and clasps. Lina raced over to it.

"Here it is! Here it is!" she cried excitedly and opened the latches of the mahogany box, pushing the lid up to reach inside. Her hand closed on something hard, it felt like a staff. Pulling it out, she took a look at it and shrieked.

"WHAT IS THIS?!" The somewhat strange looking gems sparkled in the light of the room and in all seemed absolutely faked. In all it was about a foot and a half long, the whole of it the color of gold, but the staff was rough, like wood that had simply been painted. The more remarkable part was the head of the scepter, it was rounded and hollow, a large hole in the top. It was made out of a firm, but flexible substance that looked like it could form a suction if used correctly.

Lina looked at it then noticed a tag tied to the strange object she held. She read it aloud, "This is the Scepter of Unbinding! It has the power to unclog any toilet it is used on!"

"Oi, Lina, it smells bad!" Gourry pointed out. Swearing, Lina threw the plastic jewel encrusted plunger on the floor.


"But- you're leaving the Scepter...ITAI!!"