Title: Bittersweet and Eternal

Date: April 8th 2012

Author: BlackKristin

Words: 2,177

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Pairing: Chris/Wyatt

Future: Changed

Warning: Insest

Language: English

Rating: K+

Category: TV Shows»Charmed

Summary: Their love, she realized, was both eternal and bittersweet.

Things you need to know: Chris is a girl and in the changed future doesn't exist.

Christine wasn't certain when it began. Maybe it started when she was a kidnapped by a demon as a child and he saved her. But she knew when both of them knew they fell hard for each other.

It was the day of their mother's death. Chris just looked at the ceiling with a blank look when he came into the room and he immediately went to her side. He went under the covers with her and Chris couldn't help but wonder why he was here. He went demon hunting, didn't he? He was staring at her (she couldn't really understand that emotion at the time, but it was actually love for her, but this was different then the one he would forever have after that night).

For a moment, she wondered what he wanted, but she was feeling to numb to care. She turned her eyes to him and saw his eyes brighten, he had always been too easy to read. She turned her head to him and felt a surge of happiness come from him through the link they shared. She shifted her body closer to him, her head in the crook of his neck.

He smelled like mint, leather and the smell of an old book mixed together, she liked it. Her hands grabbed into the shirt he wore and his hands were pulling her closer to him by her waist. His chin rested in the top of her head. She suddenly felt the love he felt for her, but it disappeared just as fast. She made no sign that she felt it, but she had a feeling he knew she felt it.

That night, she had the calmest night that she ever had.

That night, the way he acted around her changed, he was more possessive, yet he also cared more. He began to love her in a not-so-brotherly-way, it was a feeling. A feeling that was always right.

"I love you," she mumbled more to herself then him, but he heard it.

He hesitated: "I love you too," he hesitated because he wasn't sure how she loved him. Like he loved her or like a sister should?

If she was honest with herself, she would know how she loved him, but she wasn't and she continued to lie to herself. She pretended to be obvious to his feelings and she knew he believed that.

She regretted lying to herself in the future, every single day.

"Wyatt, will you listen to me?" Chris was alone in the attic with Wyatt and a statue – Paige. But what she didn't know was that Piper was listening through the door.

"I wanted to tell you, because I know that I don't have the courage to say it to your future self, but I love you," Piper froze, but as she looked through the slight crack of the door, she saw the honestly and love that Chris showed her son. She really did love him.

"I wanted to say this since I was fourteen, it's nice to finally say it, even if you will not be him. I know that. I remember lying to myself, because I was kind of scared. I loved you, I wasn't supposed to love you, at least I think that," at that moment Piper understood, Chris was a whitelighter – she might have even been Wyatt's whitelighter – and she was forbidden to love a witch. Like Leo was to Piper. Now – in the future – her son was facing the same problem. Wait, she was older then fourteen, that means that Chris knew the Halliwell's when she was alive.

"I know that I fell for you the day my mother died," it would have felt so wrong to say 'our mother', Piper from this time isn't Chris' mother.

"I hope, yet dread for that day to happen at the same time. I love you, that's all I wanted to say to you for many years. Maybe you wouldn't have turned into The Source of All Evil if I had told you," while Piper's heart stopped, she knew it was true, the look of pain in Chris' eyes was enough for her.

"Maybe you wouldn't have given into the temptation of darkness then. I love you, it so good to admit it after so many years," Chris' eyes turned to the floor, "I know you won't love me in the future I will create, because in reality, I won't be born in that future. I know that, my birth will be a stillbirth, I saw it. I honestly hope that it's fake, but I know it won' be. Even if it breaks my heart, I hope you'll be happy with someone you love in this universe," the thought of someone who loves her son so much dieing was what brought tears to Piper's eyes. It was also obvious that Chris wanted the best for Wyatt. Then Piper started thinking, what if she could save her in this universe? But to do that, she needed to know Chris' parents.

Wait, I obviously know her in the future. Who do I know that had brown hair and green eyes? They look like Leo's... and her hair is like mine, now that I think about it. Wait! She's my daughter, that has to be the only explanation! with widened eyed Piper stared at the woman who was her daughter.

She walked into the room and saw Chris looking at Wyatt with saddened eyes, that changed back into emotionless as soon as she saw Piper.

Piper blurted out: "Are you my daughter?" that seemed to surprise Chris as her eyes widened.

"How do you know that?" Chris asked in suspicion.

"You look exactly like me with Leo's eyes-" Piper started.

"I get it, but please don't tell anyone," Chris begged Piper.

"Alright, but only if you will always all my questions truthfully the entire time you are here," Piper's eyes softened.

"You got yourself a deal," Chris smirked, she could get out of this mess yet. And she was glad Piper found out, being here alone with no support would be bad. And spending time with her mother was the nicest thing she could have wished for.

"What's your birth name?" Piper was kinda curious, Chris was not a girl name.

"Christine Patrica Halliwell," Chris told her.

"What's your age? Are you half-whitelighter like Wyatt and Paige?" questions keep popping up inside Piper's head.

"I'm twenty one and I'm like my brother and aunt in that aspect, yes."

"What is the real reason you are here?" Piper asked what she wanted to ask the most, will she lie?

"I-" Chris cut off, not knowing how to lie to her mother after that promise, "I know this will be hard on you, but I came to stop my brother turning evil," surprisingly Piper took it better then expected as her eyes turned only slightly misty, but she nodded.

"Then we have a lot of work to do."

Wyatt Halliwell was someone who always had a feeling he was missing a piece of his heart. He didn't know why, but there were times when it felt filled. Mostly because of a spirit he felt and cast a spell on so he could see her. He remembered the time he first cast that spell.

He was fourteen at the time and he was hunting down a demon who hurt his mother. The book turned to the right page, but Wyatt knew that this no normal spirit who just helped him.

So he did what he thought was best, cast a spell:

"Ancient powers, I summon thee,

I, son of the Power of Three.

I seek your help in seeing,

this being."

The spell reviled a woman who was in her early twenties. She had straight waist-length dark-brown hair and striking dark-green eyes. She wore a layered white dress (it ended around her mid caffs) with a black belt and ruffles around her chest and shirtsleeves. She also had black high heels. For some reason, when he saw her, his heart cried out to her.

"Who're you?" he asked. She just pointed to her throat and the book.

"My spell didn't include speaking?" she smiled at him, happy he got it. Wyatt felt happy that she was happy, how odd.

"Alright, let's see.

This spirit before me,

Powers beyond, I summon thee.

Help her get back the voice she lost,

but without a cost."

She smiled happily at him, with pride. Wyatt had seen that expression several times, but this time he felt the happiest.

"Call me Chris," the woman told him.

"I'm Wyatt," he introduced himself to the woman who made him have so many emotions at the same time.

Chris hovered to him and when she was just in front of, she kissed him. It was just a peck on the lips, Wyatt knew that, but he was blushing madly and he liked the feeling of warm that came over him during the kiss and the feeling like he was complete. Chris smirked at him and disappeared, it was almost like shimmering, but it was also different.

After that, he turned back to the book and went after the demons who hurt his mother. But he thought about Chris at night and she was in his dreams ever since. They met like that many times over the years, Chris helping him and it always ended with a peck on the lips. He liked her visits.

"Aunt Phoebe?" he asked his aunt timidly when he was sixteen.

She immediately felt concerned, not use to seeing him act so vulnerable: "Yeah?"

"I have a problem... like your and uncle Coop type problem," Phoebe felt relief, a lot of family members were getting worried about him not liking anybody like it's normal to when you're a teenager. She sat him down on her couch and called Coop from... where ever the hell he was.

"What do you need to know, honey?" she asked him after sitting down with him and Coop.

"It stared when I was fourteen-" and he told them, but he didn't mention her name, he didn't know why. It just felt right not to tell them that.

"I think you fell in love with her," Coop commentated after the story.

"It does seem like that, doesn't it?" Phoebe said to herself. Wyatt looked down at his hands. He... loved her, suddenly all the weird things he felt made sense. He loved her.

"I love you," he said the next time they met.

She met his eyes, startled, before she smiled: "I love you too," inwardly she felt that it was ironic that the first time he realized he loved her was the same time in both time lines. Same day. Yet, this version of her brother admitted it, he told her.

Their love, she realized, was both eternal and bittersweet. You could never change it and it will always come back to you in the end no matter what the circumstances are. But no matter how much they loved each other, their love will always be bittersweet, never complete.

And it never will be, even in his new lives, because she will forever be bound to never live again.

She changed time because she loved her brother and she had to take on the responsibility for it. Her curse was to never truly be with him ever again.