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"All right folks! I welcome you to the initiation of this important task on our hands today!" Fred preached, his hands up in the air in a dramatic gesture. "Today… we are to play matchmaker extraordinaire! We are here to get George to go to the Yule ball with… the one and only… Holly Potter!"

Quiet cheering went up in the corner Common Room. After days of having George and Holly stuttering, blushing and generally acting shy towards each other, Fred, Lee, Hermione and Ron had taken it upon themselves to solve the issue. But with the Yule ball quickly approaching they had to work fast.

"Yes, yes, thank you very much." Fred continued. "We shall call this project, 'Operation: Get George to go to the Yule ball with Holly… or OGGTGTTYBWH for short" he added as an after thought.

"Er… Fred? That isn't exactly very, ah, short." Hermione replied smartly. Lee and Ron nodded vigorously, holding in chuckles.

"What? Oh! Er, right, well then, we'll just call it… the thing."

"Real ingenious Fred. Just the epitome of smart aren't we?" Lee smirked. Ron snickered, while Hermione rolled her eyes fondly.

"Shut up! Anyways, we need to form a plan. Any ideas?"

"Well, we can always pull out the jealousy act can't we?" piped up Ron.

"Brilliant! I don't think Holly will be thick enough to fall for that, but George might be! So all we need to do is find a mildly attractive bloke- though a very handsome one would be best, they're quite good for attracting attention they are-"

"Didn't know you flowed that way Fred" Lee said wiggling his eyebrows.

"But I'm sure we can make do", Fred continued loudly, " Once we've found the guy, we will have him hang around her all the time, George will get jealous and worked up, so he can finally summon the courage to get his girl! Oh, it's just the perfect romance" he gushed.

"I'm seriously starting to doubt who the girl is here" Hermione muttered under her breathe. Fortunately no one heard.

"So now all we need to do is get the guy right? Who's it gonna be?" Ron asked.

"Now that's the question isn't it?" Fred and Lee grinned mischievously, eyes twinkling evilly under the dim lighting.

Sorry it's short. Hopefully I'll be able to update soon to make up for it. :D