Junior hit the floor under the sheer weight of the infant bugs now clinging to him. Arms, legs, head. They were everywhere. He cried out as tiny teeth caught his skin and clothes, nipping and tugging, drawing blood. How ironic, destroyed by the very bugs he had set out to capture. There was something to be said about kicking the hornets' nest.
He shut his eyes and let out a sigh as he was dragged deeper into the hive.
Junior was sure this was it as he blacked out, so it was with great surprise and a groan that he came round, staring up at the stars. His clothes were almost all gone and his skin felt raw and tight.

Glancing around he saw he was laid in a small indent on the surface of the planet and covered in welts and big red splotches. Letting his head fall back he saw the vapour trail indicating a Starship had recently departed.

So he was stranded.

He rolled over, gasping as muscles protested and skin cracked. That's when he remembered his drop pod. Had the rangers taken it?
Maybe this wasn't the end.

Maybe he had been given a chance to fix things.

A/N: So that's that. I wanted a kind of happy-ish ending. This is the first proper fic I've ever completed so I'm rather proud of myself :D Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed this. You guys rock!