just like tori

DISCLAIMER: boy this show is really, really glorious, but I do not own the show called victorious,HOLLA!

CHAPTER ONE: snapped.

Trina's pov

I sat there ,in my room, in the dark. I'm holding a razor blade to my wrists. The reason is because I can't take it anymore. I can't stand how my parents constantly fall to my sister's and worship her everytime she sings a song. I can't stand how tori gets every role in the school play,how she's the person who everybody wants to be friends with, the girl who every guy wants. And what am i?

People think of me as a crazy, untalented, self-centered, freak who thinks she's all beautiful and flawless. People as in the kids at school, my own sister, my sister's stupid friends, and my parents.

i hear what they say about me. all the rumors, all the lies.

and the constant saying of "nobody likes you!" from jade isn't helping either.

whenever i try to get attention,people always think it's for my own selfish reasons. but it's really not.

i wanna be known,be heard, i wanna shine just like tori does.

but everyone's failed to see that. they fail to see that deep down, katrina 'trina' vega is a sweet,insecure,and down-to-earth girl, who just wants to be famous.

we all had that moment when were in our mom's dresses, makeup and high heels strinking poses in the mirror like your getting chased by paparatzzi, struting in the hallway like a model on the runway.

needless to say i've done it all.

but they all failed to see that all i want is to be a star, to be known, to be popular

to be the "it" girl.

just like tori.

i just posted this story but i messed up, so i rewrote it.


chapter 2 will be up,soon.