Ch. 23

Finnick POV




"Well, that's quite a strong heartbeat your boy has there!"

I knew I should be listening to our doctor, but it was hard to focus on anything that wasn't the ultrasound screen. I never missed an appointment, because each time I could see more of my son. At this particular visit, I couldn't take my eyes off of the curve of his nose.

"Finn? Babe? Finnick," Annie's voice brought me back to reality.


"Do you see his fingers? They're so small," she said dreamily, squeezing my hand as she leaned forward.

"Come February, you'll be able to see them in person," Dr. Thompson said cheerfully.

My breath caught in my throat. Two months until Baby Boy Odair made his grand entrance.

"Finn!" Annie giggled. "In two months you'll be a daddy!"

I swallowed all anxiety and doubt as Annie gripped my hand and beamed at the screen.

"And you'll be the best mother," I said back, kissing her knuckles and looking up at our son.

Gale POV

"Med school sure hasn't been easy on you, Marvel."

Katniss and I exchanged glances and pursed our lips, trying to keep our laughter inside. The tux fittings for Cinna's wedding were stressful to say the least, bringing every physical fault to light. I was just a little too tall for my weight, Haymitch had gotten a little plump around the middle, and Marvel-

"I agree, I hope we can find a suit to match your proportions."

Marvel scoffed. "I haven't lost that much weight. Besides, I have been hitting the gym three times a week."

"Whoa, there," Katniss teased. "Got someone to impress?"

Marvel scoffed again, louder this time.

"Ah, yes," Cinna interrupted his response. "A date to have on your arm at my wedding, perhaps?"

Marvel's jaw went slack and he was silent.

"Yeah, Marvel," Katniss jumped in again. "Who are you bringing? I'm sure I could ask one of my friends to go if need be-"

Marvel scowled, and the two engaged in some friendly bickering typical of siblings.

Cinna sighed and turned to me.

"What about you?"

I frowned. I hadn't really thought about a date.

"Well," I began. "I've been kinda seeing this girl, but it hasn't really gone anywhere. I just can't think of anyone I would want to bring.

"You know," Cinna said with a knowing smile. "I think one of my invitees from back home would love to make an appearance on your arm."

I felt warmth spread to my cheeks.



"I'm not sure Madge would ever want to see me again," I grumbled.

"Well she's coming to the wedding. Even after I told her you were to be in attendance. So I guess you're wrong," Cinna said with a sly smile. "Mull that over while I break up these Everdeens."

I adjusted my bowtie in the mirror and smiled. The wedding couldn't come soon enough.

Cato POV

I inhaled deeply, pleased that the coconut scent of Clove's shampoo could overwhelm my senses so easily. She muttered something, incoherent against my chest.

As most first semester law students were doing, Clove and I were celebrating the end of our first round of law school exams. We had a dinner date planned, but had not taken into account the extent of our exhaustion after weeks of intense preparation. Our eight thirty dinner reservation had passed us by, and we did not move from Clove's couch. Instead, we indulged in a childhood favorite.

It hadn't taken long for Clove to fall asleep. After a somewhat amusing and tearful outburst over Mufasa's untimely death, she had nuzzled her cheek into my chest and drifted into a light sleep. I spent the rest of the Lion King struggling to stay awake.

I glanced up at the screen to find the credits rolling. I sighed. The remote was on the table next to the couch. I took a deep breath and slowly inched my arm toward the table. Much to my dismay, Clove rolled off of my shoulder and onto the sofa cushion, and she woke with a gasp.

"I'm sorry, babe," I said, unable to stifle my laughter as I pulled her back up. She groaned into my shoulder.

"What time 's it?" she slurred.

"Nine thirty."

"Heh," Clove chuckled, regaining her senses. "We sure do know how to party."

"Your sense of humor always get me," I laughed, pushing her hair behind her ear. "Even when you're half asleep. One of the reasons I love you."

The words slipped out before I could stop myself. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I looked at Clove, her eyes wide.

"You love me?" she breathed.

I took a deep breath. Can't turn back now. "Well, yes. You – we – I, uh-"

Clove, now completely awake, promptly grabbed my shirt and pulled my face to hers. Her hands flew to my hair as she straddled my lap. I kissed back, matching her passion and aggression. I could feel the moan deep in my throat as her lips moved to my earlobe.

"Bedroom," she whispered in my ear.

"Huh?" I wasn't usually the emotional, flustered one.

"Down," she placed a kiss on my jaw. "Hall," her lips traced my jawline. "On left," I was finally able to capture her mouth with mine.

"No," I muttered against her lips, pecking them before moving to the soft flesh on her neck.

"Why not?" Clove panted, the air growing hotter with each breath.

"Because you haven't said it back," I growled, making my way back up to her lips.

"I don't want to say it back," Clove said softly, untangling herself from me and standing up. I felt my heart stop in my chest.

She held out her hand.

"I want to show you how much I love you."

In seconds, our limbs were tangled again as we made our way down the hall.

Haymitch POV

The Mellark boy and I had business to do at what seemed to be an ungodly hour of the morning. He chattered away, filling out paperwork with a smile on his face. It was positively revolting. I narrowed my eyes at him. I heard Katniss' name, and the smile immediately dominated his entire face. I scoffed audibly. Peeta froze and looked up at me.


"Everyone is in love. Cinna is putting on this multi-million dollar wedding for his Portia. Marvel has gone mad for some blonde model. And you – you've completely lost your shit over my Katniss. It's ridiculous. I used to be in love, you know. Now I just come home and she throws the kid at me. I'm either working at work or working at home. I remember the days when I would smile about nothing. You mark my words, kid: It's all fun and games until somebody gets pregnant."

I huffed, waiting for the blond to react to my impassioned speech. Another smile made its way across his face.

"You really think we're in love?"

I rolled my eyes and threw my pen down.

"I'm going on my break. You can hold down the fort, you lovesick buffoon," I snapped, pushing back my chair forcefully.

"Okay, Haymitch. Just remember, it's all fun and games until somebody gets pregnant," the Mellark fellow said with a smirk.

I scoffed again, stepping out of the gallery into the street. I almost ran into Katniss, who was on her way in.

"Haymitch! Are you alright?"

"It's that – that –"

"Peeta? Is he alright?!"

"I-I like him," I accepted defeat.

These kids were going to kill me and they weren't even mine.

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