Summary: Tezuka ignores Echizen in favor of a book or when he's busy but what if it becomes vice-versa?
Disclaimer: I dont own PoT

Today Echizen decided that he will not bother his boyfriend for a while because during their date he always ends up waiting for his buchou to finish homework.
He would usually complain but he is doing this for the sake of his buchou and besides he found something else to do. During a trip on the bookstore Ryoma found a novel revolving about tennis and romance it looked pretty interesting so he bought it.
Ryoma began reading his books half an hour later Tezuka finished his homework. He is a bit curious why the little (CUTE) prodigy didnt bother him. He lets it slide this time because he is also like that when he's reading.

Next day, during morning practice Tezuka is wondering why Echizen is not sticking close to him as usual because since they started dating he would always act like a possessive cat who wants his master's attention all the time but now he isn't even sparing him a glance. The said boy was talking to his sempai... well more like standing there while half listening to his best friend Momo-sempai talk nonstop.

"Echizen how was your date with butchou?" Momo asked as he grinned creepily but all he received was a "che" from Ryoma. Suddenly his hyper active of a sempai appeared all of a sudden

"Ochibi! I want to ask you advise!" the neko like sempai shouted as he glomped on Ryoma giving him one of his famous *cough*deathly*cough* bear hugs while rubbing his face on the prodigy's cheek.

"Kikumaru-sempai... can't...breath"

"Kikumaru 20 laps around the courts! barked a really jealous Tezuka but of course he didn't show it.

"Eh? Why buchou I didn't do anything, nyaa~" Whined Eiji1

Tezuka just glared at him giving him an if-you-wont-do-it-now-I-will-add-more-laps look.

And with that Eiji immediately did as told for he knows he shouldn't go against his buchou.