Operation: Bigger Than Life

WHAT'S UP GUYS? It's Wordgirlserenity67! How R YA? What's up? Anyway, sorry that I haven't been writing fanfics lately. This is my new fanfiction of my Amazing Spiez OC, Mina…speaking of which, HEEERRRRREE SHE IS!

Mina: Hi-ya guys! Hey, my cousins are here too by the way.

Kids: HEY!

Me: Anyways, this is a fanfiction, featuring SapphireYuki-Sama's OCs. Well spiez fans, this is my story so, hang on to your seats gang!

Chapter 1: Stolen Crayons

Southdale Elementary School 10:58 p.m.

This Mina and the children's future school before the children were born. Anyway, there's a mysterious figure coming into the school! Who the heck is this figure? Who could it be? What is it after? Like I said, hang on to your seats fans, if you want to find out the questions, then read on dudes!

The Clark Siblings, the next morning

It was Saturday morning. We see a freckle-faced little girl in a lavender star shirt, named Mina Clark, who happens to be Marc's daughter. (As you may recall from the previous story.) She was on her dad's study desk with her crayons neatly stacked in a box, drawing. "I keep forgetting how awesome how to draw pictures like this…" she thought. There were pictures everywhere. Ones of her and her family as dragons, a pair of superheroes she called, ElectraGirl and MegaMan, anything an eight-year-old girl can imagine. Mina would daydream like crazy when she would draw sometimes. Just then there was a knock on the door that snapped her out of her trance. "Who's there?" She asked. "It's your daddy." Marc said as Mina opened the door.

"What's going on…WOW!" "What's up daddy?" Mina asked. "Your art! That is so amazing!" Marc said. "Gee…thanks daddy…" Mina blushed. Marc looked at all of her pictures, until he saw a picture…of a long stick. "What's with the stick?" Marc asked. "That's no stick, dad." Mina said. "It's a magic wand that has been hidden in a mystical cave!" "Oh really?" Marc said. "Dang straight." She said. "This wand is none other than the Mystic Wand of the Sapphire Caves. This here gem within this ancient wand holds the wonders of healing powers of all Earth's elements, along with the most powerful ones, fire and water." They also contain my powers along with thunder!" Marc was astonished. "Wow, you have a prowess for imagination, Mimi." Marc said. Mina blushed.

"Geez brainiac, what's all the shouting about?" a boy named Tony said as he came into the room. Marc just showed him and the siblings the pictures. The kids were so surprised. "Wow! Whose drawings are those?" They said. "Those are mine." Mina said. "That's so cool!" Said a girl named Megan. "You must have gotten this talent from your mother!" "Talk about awesome as heck!" Tony exclaimed. "I'll say." Said a tall and somewhat strong boy named Lee. "I do this when I have the time…" Mina blushed. "Who are those two characters?" Lee asked. "Those two superheroes are the ones my cousin Andros and I made together…before daddy sent me away…" Mina said sadly. "I miss him…" "Who's Andros?" Megan asked. "You're future son, and my cousin…he's like a brother to me." Mina said. Megan, on the other hand blushed a bit.

"How old is he?" she asked. "Eight and a half just like me." Mina said. "Anyway, those heroes are known as MegaMan and ElectraGirl!" "ElectraGirl is really you." Marc said. "You got it." Mina said with a laugh. All of a sudden Mina's supersonic hearing started activating. "Do you guys hear that?" She asked. "Hear what?" Megan asked. "Somethin' tells me that we're getting you know what…" Mina said. "What are you talking about Mina?" Lee asked. Suddenly a giant tube came from the ceiling and sucked all of the kids away. They slid down a huge tunnel. "That's what I mean by you know what." Mina said as the kids slid down. "If we were getting WOOPHed ya could've said so!" Tony said. "Whatever…" Mina said. Suddenly, the kids crash landed onto a couch that was sitting inside an office.

A man in a black and white suit named Jerry turned before them. "Hello spies." He said. "What's going on now, Jerr?" Mina asked. "I've called you to investigate a robbery that has taken place in Southdale Elementary School last night." He explained. "There were crayons and school supplies stolen last night. Not to mention that the perpetrator has stolen one of our gadgets to commence the robbery." "Alright, get to the gadgets, will ya?" Tony said, causing Mina to zap him with her powers. "Tony, will you CHILL OUT!" she said. "He's getting there!" "Very well," Jerry said. "The weapons we have are the Light speed Teleporter 4000." "That's kinda like the gadgets from Future WOOHP." Mina said. "That involves the usage of voice activation in order to teleport with a light speed function…right?" Jerry nodded.

"Next up, we have the Memory Restore 2000, in case your memory has been stolen." He said. "And lastly, we have the Tractor Beam Crayons." "Alright! Let's get to it!" Lee said. So the children morphed in their spy suit. As for Mina…well, ya know. "Yo guys! Wait for me! THUNDER DRAGON POWER NOW!" Mina shouted. Suddenly, a gargantuan dragon made out of lavender electricity came out of nowhere and ZAP! Mina's spy suit was on instantly. The kids climbed aboard the WOOHP jet and scrambled all the way to the school.

Southdale Elementary School, 1:13 p.m.

As soon as the spiez landed, Lee had to split the gang up. "Megan, you, Tony, and Mina search from the inside of the school while Marc and I search the school yard." He said. "Roger that." Mina said. As the trio went inside of the school, they took out their MPComs and visors to start the investigation. "Whoa…" Tony said. "I'll bet that's where Mina goes to back home huh?" Mina overheard this through her supersonic hearing. She nearly felt homesick, but she shook it off and thought. "I'll be with you guys again…one day…" Suddenly, Megan found something. "Look!" she exclaimed. "What's up Aunt Megan?" Mina asked, running to her. "I found some crayon smudges…all over the wall?" she said out of shock. "Well, you know kids these days…" Tony smirked. "HEY!" Mina shouted. "I resent that!"

"Guys! We don't have time for this!" Megan shouted. "Sorry auntie…" Mina said. "We better follow the crayon scribbles." So they did. Meanwhile, outside the school yard, Marc and Lee investigated the yard, but they couldn't find any trace of a clue in sight. "Still no clue anywhere…" Lee said. "If you think that's bad…" Said Marc. "Wait until you see the brick wall." On the brick wall, someone scribbled all over it, almost like graffiti. Marc took out his MPCom and visor and scanned the wall to find out the material used for the graffiti. "According to my scan, it appears to be the use of both sidewalk chalk and tempura paint." He said. "Who the heck would use both of those as graffiti?" Lee asked. Suddenly a strange figure went past the boys. "What was that?" Marc asked. The figure went inside the school and the boys went after it.

Back in the school, Megan, Tony, and Mina were following the crayon scribbles until they stopped at a wall, and there they saw six crayons lying on the ground. "There's another clue!" Mina said. She took out her visor to scan the crayon. "According to my scan, these aren't just ordinary crayons." She said. "They have the initials, A.C. on them." "Who's that?" Tony asked. "I don't know." Megan said. "Though I'm pretty sure that one of the WOOHP villains have something to do with initials like those." "You have a point Megan." Mina said. Suddenly the figure came into the school and went away quick. "Who goes there?" Tony shouted. The kids followed the figure, who went into an abandoned classroom. "Over there!" Mina shouted. The kids and the boys all followed the figure into the classroom. "HELLOOO?" Tony shouted.

"I'm pretty sure that he disappeared…" Megan said. "I could see…" Mina said before something zapped her in the head." After that zap, Mina was knocked out unconscious. "Mina? Are you okay, kiddo?" Tony asked. Mina was knocked out, and her spy suit changed back to her original clothes. "Who…who are you guys?" she asked. The spiez, on the other hand, were shocked….

ME: Well, that's all I have for right now…I'm on spring break though, but I'll try to finish up this story but I'm going to need some help… SEE YA LATER GATORS!