Chapter 1

Annabeth woke up in her new house in New York, right across from Central Park, due to the fact that her father had gotten a job as a history professor in New York that paid more than his old job in San Francisco, and since Annabeth's stepmother, Helen, couldn't afford to live by herself with Annabeth and her two stepbrothers, Matthew and Bobby, they all decided that everyone should move to New York along with her father.

Annabeth got up, and looked out her window, which was toward Central Park. She saw a seagull, a raven, and an eagle fly around each other as if they're playing, but she paid no attention to it. Annabeth went into her bathroom, and got ready for the day ahead. She went downstairs, to find Helen making breakfast in the kitchen with Bobby and Matthew both playing with Legos in the living room.

"Hey Helen," greeted Annabeth

"Hey Annabeth," said Helen, "Listen, after breakfast, why don't you head over to Central Park and see if you can make some friends?"

"But I don't even know this town," complained Annabeth, hoping she wouldn't have to go.

"IF you made some friends, then maybe they could show you around," said Helen, as she gave Annabeth waffles, with butter and syrup, and some orange juice.

"Fine," said Annabeth, "but if I don't make any, I'm not going to attempt to make any unless I have to."

"All right," said Helen

Annabeth ate her breakfast, and made her way to Central Park. She soon reached a rock, and sat down on it feeling her feet hurt a little. She looked around, and saw that there was a lake, with a dock on the side closest to her and the side opposite her. She saw that there was only one boat, which seemed to be closed. She found it strange that there was only one boat, but thought that it was probably closed since it was the weekend. Saturday, in fact.

Suddenly a voice broke her train of thoughts, "A beauty isn't she?"

She got up and looked behind her, and saw a tanned, muscular boy, about her age, with messy black hair, sea-green eyes, and a lopsided smirk. Annabeth noticed he had somewhat of a surfer's build and somehow found herself losing her identity as she looked in his eyes, and quickly broke out of her trance. If he noticed, the boy didn't show it.

"What?" asked Annabeth

"The boat, I mean," said the boy, "It's a beauty isn't she?"

"I'm not one to say, since I've never paid that much attention to boats," said Annabeth

"Oh well," said the boy, as he made his way over and sat down on the rock. He moved slightly, and gestured for her to sit down, which she did.

"So, you new here?" he asked

"Yeah," said Annabeth, "my name's Annabeth Chase. I lived in San Francisco before this, but I had to move here because my father had gotten a job here, and my stepmother couldn't afford to take care of me and my stepbrothers for too long."

"My name's Percy Jackson," said the boy, "and I haven't moved much. I was born here in New York, and stayed in New York. That boat over there's mine. My cousins and I offer a service to ferry people across the lake from this side to the other during the weekdays, and my mom died a few years ago."

"I'm sorry," said Annabeth, "my mom left once I was born. I'm guessing that your cousins on your mom's side?"

"On my dad's actually," said Percy, "but legally we're brothers and sisters."

"What happened to their mothers?" asked Annabeth

"That's for their story to tell," said Percy, "it's more personal for them. Though, neither would take any crap because of it if anyone found out."

"What do you mean?" asked Annabeth

"Well, one of them can be scary if he wants to be," said Percy, "And the other is scary."

"What do you mean scary, Kelp Head?" asked another voice from behind this, though this mysterious voice was female.

"You know exactly what I mean Air Head," said Percy, as both he and Annabeth got up and turned around.

"Anyways, who's your friend?" asked the girl, who, Annabeth saw, had freckles, electric blue eyes, frizzy black hair, as if from static electricity, and an athletic figure. Annabeth noticed that her style of clothes seemed to make others think she was punk.

"My name's Annabeth Chase," introduced Annabeth, "I'm assuming your one of Percy's cousins?"

"Yup," said the girl, "my name's Thalia Grace. I'm legally a Jackson, but I like using the last name I was born with, even though I hated that woman."

"Weren't your parents married?" asked Annabeth

"Nope," said Thalia, "neither was Percy' nor Nico's, our other cousin. That's why Percy's mom adopted me and Nico after both our mother's had died before Sally herself died. Only Percy ever uses Jackson as his last name."

"Where is Death Breath anyway?" asked Percy

"Death Breath?" asked Annabeth

"Sort of an inside joke," said Thalia, "he means Nico."

"Sorry, I'm late," said Nico, "Pedro was having trouble locating Mrs. O Leary."

Coming towards them was a boy with jet black hair, and such pale skin, Annabeth didn't think it was humanly possible to go that pale. The boy also had dark black eyes, that seemed to emanate death, and had a skull ring on his right ring finger, along with clothes that would make others think he was emo.

"Sorry for intruding but who's Pedro and Mrs. O Leary?" asked Annabeth

"You're not intruding at all," said Nico, "and Pedro's my pet raven and Mrs. O Leary's my pet dog, but she's not really a people's person."

"Are you kidding?" asked Percy, "The thing covered me with her slobber last time she jumped me."

"I'm telling you Kelp Head that dogs don't mug others," said Thalia

"Yeah normal dogs," scoffed Percy

"I'm guessing Mrs. O Leary isn't normal?" asked Annabeth

"She's huge," said Percy

"Whatever. Anyways, my name's Nico," said Nico, thrusting a hand out, "I'm sure either one of these two idiots have already mentioned me."

"Why include me with Kelp Head?" exclaimed Thalia

"At least I have something in my head other than air," said Percy

"All right guys, break it up," said Annabeth

"Yeah," said Nico, "you're not making a good impression on the new girl."

"Sorry," said Percy and Thalia

"Anyway," said Annabeth, "it's getting late, and I'm sure my parents are getting worried. Will I be seeing you guys tomorrow?"

"You make it sound like a date," said Thalia

"I'll be here," said Percy, and Thalia and Nico soon affirmed them also being there.

Annabeth said good bye to the three cousins, and ran back home. The closer she got, and more she slowed, and soon walked in the front door.

"Helen?" called Annabeth

"In the kitchen Annabeth!" responded the blonde's stepmother.

When Annabeth entered the kitchen, Helen was making pasta.

"So," said Helen, "did you make any friends?"

"Yes actually," said Annabeth, "I made three, who are coincidentally all cousins."

"Oh, well that's nice," said Helen, "who are they?"

"Percy Jackson," said Annabeth, slightly blushing, "Thalia Grace Jackson, and Nico Di Angelo Jackson, though Thalia and Nico don't use Jackson as their last name."

"I thought you said they were cousins?" asked Helen

"They are," said Annabeth, "Thalia and Nico's mothers died when they were young, and Percy's mom adopted them before she herself died."

"That must suck for them," said Helen, "how do they look?"

"Well," said Annabeth, "Nico seems pretty emo. He has a skull ring on his right ring finger, jet black hair, and dark black eyes that seem to emanate death. Thalia seems punk, has frizzy black hair, as if it just released electricity, freckles, electric blue eyes, and seems to be athletic. Percy has messy black hair, a surfers body, and a lopsided smile. He has a tanned figure, and seems pretty muscular as well. He also has these sea green eyes, that looked exactly like the sea, and ones where you could lose yourself in. Percy's also very nice, and somewhat trusting."

"Sounds like someone's got a crush," commented Helen

Annabeth blushed, and quickly said, "They also have a ferry service."

"A ferry service?" said Helen chuckling at Annabeth's face

"Yup," said Annabeth, "They transport people from one side of the lake to the other during the weekdays."

"Do you know if they go to school or not?" asked Helen

"I didn't ask really," said Annabeth, "I'll ask them tomorrow. Percy says he's going to be at the lake tomorrow—"

"You make it sound like a date," interrupted Helen

"Along with Thalia and Nico," finished Annabeth, "and sheesh Helen, cut back on the crush jokes. I don't want the whole world to know."

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