Hello People of this planet called Earth:

All right. About the sequel for 'What do you mean you're an Animagus?', here's what's been in my mind so far:

Remember when I said I'd do one where they'll be gods, exiled, and later return to save the world? All right, so I've decided that I'm going to do that, except that it'll be more like my Lost Legion story. The only difference: Percy and Annabeth will be thrown into Tartarus, and when they're released, rebel against Olympus. That's what I'm planning for the first sequel.

The next two sequels (the ones about going to school), unfortunately, I don't have enough heart to do one like that since I already did one in the series. This is why, so I don't disappoint the fans, I'm going to give some poor soul the chance to write it. Here's the thing, though: only one story per person, and that will be based on first come, first serve basis. So, whoever asks me first for writing the Percy Jackson ONLY story will get it. Same thing applies for the Crossover. Sorry if you guys are disappointed, but I hope you enjoyed the series so far. I know I have writing them.

That is all,