I thought this idea up just yesterday and decided I had to write a story about it. It's a story about Klaus and Caroline, although in this chapter it lacks Klaus, it is necessary I explain to you how this whole transportation thing works. So thanks for reading Klaroline lovers!

"Ok, now what." Caroline said, looking down at the copper dish that now held a few strands of her hair. She watched Bonnie run her hands down the Grimoire, her eyes rapidly moving across it.

"I need your ring." Bonnie said, her hand held out. Caroline sighed, yanking off her daylight ring and handing it to her witchy friend.

"Are we even sure this is going to work?" Damon said, his voice hinting that he highly doubted it. Bonnie shot him a look that shut him up quick.

"Trust me, it'll work." Bonnie said before she began murmuring a spell, her hand closed tight around Caroline's ring.

Caroline looked over at Elena who shrugged her shoulders and then looked at Stefan who sighed deeply. As Bonnie finished, Caroline felt Elena walk up next to her.

"Caroline you know you don't have to do this, I coul-" Elena began to say, but she was cut off by Damon.

"No YOU can't, because you're a defenseless human, if you were to die or get hurt there, then when you come back, your condition will follow you. And only one of us can go, which means no one would be there to protect you." Damon said, glancing at Bonnie. "Right witch?" Bonnie merely nodded her head, paying little attention to him. Elena rolled her eyes.

"I would do it but-" Damon began to say, but this time Elena cut him off.

"You have to protect me, right?" Elena said in a mocking tone.

Damon rolled his eyes. "More like protect the whole vampire race. If Ric's alter ego, Stabby Mcstab Stab decides to make an appearance, Stefan and I need to be prepared to handle IT." Damon said, crossing his arms over his chest. Stefan remained silent, although you could see him and Elena share a look.

Caroline breathed heavily, here she was, in the center of the Salvatore's house watching Bonnie prepare a spell that would send her into the past, her mission was to figure out which Original her, Damon, and Stefan's bloodline ended with, considering they could only trace back to Rose. If they figured out which Original to NOT kill, then maybe this whole nightmare would be over, that is, if it isn't Klaus. If it is Klaus, well, they were as good as screwed. Although a part of Caroline hoped that it was Klaus, then Tyler would live. Everyone had been tip toeing around that subject lately, and Caroline knew it was because if it turned out that they weren't a part of Klaus' bloodline then Klaus would be as good as dead, even if that meant killing Tyler with him.

"Ok Caroline, I need to you listen to me," Bonnie said handing Caroline back her ring, she slipped it on, giving Bonnie her full attention. "The thing about this spell is that, it isn't scheduled." Bonnie said. Caroline raised an eyebrow, confused; Bonnie put a hand up as if to say 'let me finish'. "What I mean by that is, only when the past, present and future are parallel with each other, can you be sent into the past, which means that that could happen at any time; which is why I said there isn't a set schedule because you never know when you're going to be sent. You see, you can only be transported when two of the three, either past present or past future, are lined up with each other." Everyone paused to consider this. Bonnie rolled her eyes, "it's confusing, I know."

"So what your saying is that I could be taking a nice hot shower in the comfort of my own home, and then the next thing I know I could be naked in a pile of mud somewhere in the 1700's?" Caroline said, she could see Damon smiling from the side.

Bonnie took a breath, looking around. "Well you don't have to put it like that, but, yeah."

"Caroline-" Elena began putting a hand on her friends shoulder.

"Nope," Caroline said putting a hand up. "I'm fine, it's fine, let's just get this over with."

"Ok," Bonnie said reading the Grimoire again, "It says that with this spell you'll only have five opportunities to be transported, after that you can't go back, and you're only allowed a certain amount of time in each time period."

"So don't mess up," Damon said in a whisper, Caroline rolled her eyes at him.

"Wait she's being sent to different time periods? Why not just one?" Stefan said raising an eyebrow. Bonnie looked back at him.

"As I said, only when the past and present line up can she be transported, every time they line up the time period she enters could be different, we don't have a say of which era she lands in." Bonnie said, then turning back to Caroline. "Although you can be sure that wherever you're transported at least one of the Originals will be there."

Caroline nodded, she was a bit scared to be honest, she had a hard enough time managing the PRESENT, and now she was being sent into the past. She was kicking herself for sleeping during all four years of high school history.

"Maybe you can woo Klaus into telling you who he's turned, and hope he doesn't say Rose." Damon said, walking over to his scotch and pouring himself a drink.

Caroline rolled her eyes and watched Bonnie pack up the Grimour.

"Wait, that's it?" Caroline asked, standing up from her seated position.

"Yep," Bonnie said, pulling her book bag over her shoulder, watching all of them carefully. "Now we wait."

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