Were I to die, just know, this is all for you…

Arms, too heavy to hold anything once more, blood, blood like iron weights hold them down too heavy to ever hold. Ominous, the clouds and sky bear down upon the two boys, a fallen "SOLDIER" that no one ever wanted to take the claim for. A once innocent child, now eyes open wide as Death reveals herself. Please no! Please don't take him! You can plead all you want, what's done is done. Life is lost with no coming back. Forever never could we exist here, we were born monsters. No memories are allowed to remain… wipe away all misconduct… in a flash of the blade we are all gone.

I was the only one who cried that day. Zack was a true SOLDIER until his last breathstrong, brave, perfect. The truck rattled beneath us, his body shook one final time on top of me, and I trembled for hours afterward.

Fates are scattered by war. War sends the world hurtling towards destruction. The war of the beasts will bring about the worlds end. So what were they fighting for? Peace? Never, it is impossible; the end result being only a mere glimmer of false hope… This world goes on in an endless waltz, three beats of war, peace, and revolution continue on forever, blinking away into the horizon. This world abhors you and I, we are monsters. My soul, corrupted by vengeance, hath endured this torment of loss.

Zack and I, we had advanced well beyond what the term 'friendship' could ever loosely define or describe. By giving him my body, I had taken his life. His blood spilled across my arms and chest that day, splashing my face. It smelt like rain that day, as though the sky held back tears at watching how this world could betray its own―betray, I know now, now that I am older― and now, the hauntingly dry 'rainy' nights, when the memory plagues me, my sweat carries the stench of his death.

It is ironic, how death passes on a new generation. The student has now been forced into the role of hero, savior of the planet. Apathy replaces all emotion; the once innocent boy is now a monster with sky blue eyes. Eyes that are now open and fueled by a searing memory… eyes that were the same as his. Now the boy must pick up the dance where the beat left off, one, two, three, a simple beat to a cacophonous ballet as a former hero threatens to destroy what little you have left to hold to. He will tear the strings from you… neither can bear loss. As their hearts cry a stinging lament, the destroyer of planets and the imaginary hero have more in common than they might have suspected.

I will love you and you will take. Take pieces of me until I am completely yours. This is foolish, how can I look up to you when you were allowed to live? Why were you not wiped away? Why was I… Zack died that day, and so did a piece of myself, but now, I can feel it. It is there, deep within me, but you are slowly bringing it back… Why were we allowed to live? What does your goddess want of us?

5-18-11 Yes, I know I should be working on A Reason to Live but this idea just came to me! It wasn't even a decent idea, I just typed and it happened. The opening was Zack speaking, for thine information. This is ALL product of listening to the Vampire Knight sound track (I HATE that anime, but the soundtrack is EPIC.) This takes place directly after Final Fantasy CrisisCore and before Final Fantasy VII, and is Cloud's feelings of Zack's death and Sephiroth, (insert ominous music hur, oh wait, there is already some playing.) Sorry that this isn't very long, it took me only like 20+ minutes to write.

Arigato, besos infintios, demonkitsune31