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(Chapter 1)

(The Sacrifice and New Beginnings)

A gate

A gate was the only thing that was in front of him, looking behind himself he saw a battlefield with his friends standing a few feet away watching him some with tears in their eyes other with understanding "n-na-Naruto-kun pl-please don't do this, please don't leave us not when I finally have your love" said Hinata not wanting to lose her husband.

"I'm sorry Hinata-chan, Tenten-chan, Shizune-chan I'm sorry that I won't be there when our children will be born, when they say their first words, when they take their first steps or for their first birthday but I most do this so they can have a peaceful future, a future where they don't have to worry about the Bijuu's, Jinchuuriki's or hatred, my friends as a last request please look after my unborn children and family tell Shion-chan, Kurenai-chan, Mei-chan and Konan-chan what I said " Naruto said looking back at his wives, friends and comrades "Naruto?" they all looked to the left and saw a navy blue haired girl "Sasuke! Well it looks like your awake now too bad we can't have our rematch now huh" when Naruto said Sasuke they all became shocked actually they were SHOCKED TO HELL when they saw that Sasuke was a girl "looks like I was able to keep my promise to you Sakura my friend" Naruto said to his teammate .

Naruto then looked in front of him when he heard the gate open "well looks like this is it good-bye my friends, my wives I love you all" and with that Naruto walked into the gate never to be seen ever again….or will he.

(Unknown Place)

A little six year old girl with long blond hair and green eyes wearing a fancy sun dress was having lunch with her family in their summer home mansion "Today seems like a beautiful day don't you agree dear" her father ask her mother.

"Yes it is dear" her mother said.

"What do you think children" her mother asked them.

"Yes it's a glories day" said her older sibling and getting a nod from her and her other siblings.

Out of nowhere the sky got dark and cloudy, lightning appeared then as they were looking up towards the sky they saw a ghostly gate appeared. They couldn't help but look at the ghost gate and wondered what was going on than their attention turn to something falling out of the ghostly gate fast and landed in their massive front lawn.

They all went too looked at what landed in their property. When they got there they saw a lump of black substance sitting there "what is that thing daddy" the little blond girl said "I don't know Ayaka" her father said to his second child then they saw it move and again and again then they heard a scream coming from it then the black thing exploded leaving a white spiky haired child that looked to be eight years old wearing an orange and black jacket with orange pants and a red short-sleeve over-coat with black flames on the bottom of it.

The clothes looked too big for him and the thing that drew their attention was that he had wolf-ears and a long wolf tail the white haired kid stopped screaming and looked towards them then at his hands "why, why am I still alive" then fell to the ground losing conscious "honey we need to get him inside he might be hurt" Ayaka's mother said getting a nod from him picking him up and bringing him to their home.

(Few Hours Later)

The blond family were looking at the white haired child wondering what they saw was real "I wonder who this child is and I wonder where he comes from" the father said waiting for the child to wake up getting a couple of nods from the family "but why did you have to put him in this room" Ayaka said not liking some lower class child being in her older brother's room (AN: I know it's little brother but for my story it's going to be older brother) "Ayaka, this child just fell from great heights, he might be hurt" her mother said then "wa..ter" they heard coming from the child one of them getting a cup of water bringing it up to his lips and poured it into his mouth "thank you very much" the white haired kid said "your welcome little one but we would like to ask you a few questions if you don't mind" Ayaka's father said getting a nod from the kid "alright I'll answer to the best I can" the kid said looking around the room and saw a few other people were with the blond man.

His eyes landed on Ayaka and saw how mad she looked at him he wondered why she was mad with him "why are you looking at me like that what did I do to deserve such hateful eyes" the kid said making everyone in the room to look at Ayaka "you don't deserve to be in my big brothers bed and for that matter his room low class" she shouted at him and running out the room with a few tears in her eyes which the kid notice "Ayaka" her mother shouted with worry in her voice getting up running her daughter "what was that about" the kid said confused at what just happen "it's a personal matter that we don't like talking about" the man said with a sadden look on his face and in his eyes "anyway my first question is what's your name" he ask

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze"

"Where are you from?"


"Where is that?"

"Not from around here"

"Alright then how old are you"


"Seventeen? But you look like an eight year old" he man said getting a confused look on Naruto's face "eight years old what are you talking about I don't look like a child" Naruto said a little pissed that someone would call him a child "then why don't you go look in the mirror over there" the man said pointing to a mirror in the corner of the room.

Naruto got out of bed but when he took his first step he collapse to the ground feeling how weak he was "most be due to the gate that I feel weak" Naruto thought then got a look at his hands and saw how small they were "what the" he said quietly to himself getting back on his feet looking towards the man and saw how tall he was compared to him then ran to the mirror "WHAT THE HELL WHY AM I A CHILD AGAIN" he shouted with everyone covering their ears "is this what happens when you use the gate, you become a kid" he thought to himself "what do you mean again" the man said looking at Naruto with a suspicion.

Naruto looked at himself in the mirror for a few more seconds then looked at the family the decided to see if he can trust them and explain to them on where he came from after an hour of explaining himself to them just not that he's married part "then I woke up here and found that I now have white long spiky hair with wolf ears and tail" Naruto said as he was telling his story to the family he was gage their reaction and saw that they all had teary eyes and were on the verge of crying he looked towards the door as it open and saw Ayaka and her mother standing there with teary eyes as well then Ayaka ran up to him and hug him when this happen Naruto was shocked "what's going on?" he ask her "we both were outside the door when we heard your story" Ayaka's mother said sobbing a little with a few tears rolling down her face "please stop crying for me I may have not had a great life back home for the first 12 years of my life but I had a few friends growing up but I made a lot more when I became a ninja, I have no regrets about my old life I kept my promise, I fulfilled my dream, well actually I do have one regret but keep that to myself for now" Naruto said looking sad at the last part he then looked down at Ayaka who was still crying then the rest of the family and saw the adults whispering something to each other after a few seconds of whispering they both nodded their heads and looked at Naruto "we just had discussing and we were wondering if you would like to be adopted by us" the man said.

When Naruto and the rest of the family heard that they were shock "you… want to adopt me" he ask wanting to heard it from them again and saw them nodding their heads "yes we think that the life you lived is terrible and we think that you deserve a family here in your new life" the woman said everyone then looked at Naruto waiting to see what his answer was Ayaka looked up at Naruto hoping he would say yes.

Naruto closed his eyes and begun to think over their offer "why don't you take their offer pup" a female voice he never heard before in his head say making him open his eyes giving him a shock look "who… who are you" he asked the voice "who do you think it is pup" the voice said "Juubi!" was his answer "yes pup it is I Juubi no ookami" the now identified ten-tailed wolf said this took Naruto by surprised then a thought accord to Naruto "wait you're a female" Naruto said when he said that it irritated the tan-tails to no end "what you think that the most powerful of the Bijuu's can't be female" she shouted in his head making grip it and having a pained expression on his face "damn it Juubi there no need to shout, now I have a headache" he said out loud everyone around him would have looked at him like if he was crazy if it wasn't for the story he told him about him sealing the Juubi into himself to make sure madara couldn't get his hands on it. Naruto looked around and saw everyone looking at him making him scratch the back of his head smiling "hehe sorry about that just talking to the Juubi and now she's mad" he said to them getting a nod from everyone then "wait the Juubi is a female" Ayaka's father said getting a nod from Naruto and once again gripping his head "ah damn it stop shouting it hurts" he yelled "good now then as I was saying why don't you just take their offer and get adopted by them" Juubi said "I don't know" he said hen begun to think on it again.

After a few minutes of think you looked around the room at the family hen to Ayaka then at the parents "sorry I'm going to have to decline your offer on the count that I'm already near an adult but thanks for the offer" he said when that was said Ayaka looked ready to cry "why don't you want to get adopted by mom and dad is I because of what happened earlier I'm sorry please take mommy and daddy's offer" Ayaka said sobbing holding onto him tightly hoping he would take the offer when Naruto looked at her and saw how sad she was he put his hands on her shoulders making her look at him and saw him smiling at her "sorry but I lived all my life without parents and I like the freedom of not having any and I don't want to change my name but since you want a big brother how about I stay if you parent don't mind" Naruto said to her making her look at her parents and saw them nod their heads making her smile and hug Naruto again letting tears of joy roll down her face the rest of the family smiled at the site and welcome Naruto into their lives.

(Time skip - One Year Later)

It's been a year since Naruto came to this world and he had a fun year and he liked being a big brother but some of the things Ayaka did kind of gave Naruto the impression she wanted more than a simple brother/sister relationship but thinking back on it he saw she didn't know what she was doing during those times and past it off. He looked off the roof to the sunrise and came to a decision he has been thinking of for three months now then heard from the ground "master Naruto breakfast is ready sir" said one of the maids "alright be down in a minute" he told her getting a nod "now all I got to do is think of what to say to them hopefully Ayaka understands" he thought to himself "do you think she will let you go" Juubi ask her host "I don't know but as I said I hope she can understand because after finding a picture of my father in this world I need to find him to see if it's true" he told Juubi jumping off the roof and going inside the mansion to the breakfast table.

When he got to the table he saw everyone was waiting for him. He want to hi seat that was next to Ayaka and sat down "what took you so long Naru-nii-chan" Ayaka ask Naruto look at her then the rest of the family then back at Ayaka "I was coming to a decision" when he said that the whole family stop eating and look towards Naruto "and I decided that I'm going to be leaving for a while" now this shock the family but none more than Ayaka who dropped her fork and knife and was wide-eyed "w-what" she said in a whisper hoping she didn't hear him say that "I said I'm going to be leaving, a few months ago, I found a picture of my father being here in this world and I want to go and see if it's really him or if I'm just going crazy" Naruto said after this was said Ayaka jumped out of her chair and ran out of the room towards her bedroom when his was done Naruto sighed "I knew this might happen" he said looking down then at the rest of the family "listen Naruto if you feel you have to do this then we won't stop you but are you sure it was your father you saw" the father said "yes it looked too much like him to be anyone else" Naruto said "then go and find your father we well help you as much as we can, but just remember you can always come back here if you need a break" the mother said getting a nod from Naruto getting up and walking out the room towards Ayaka's bedroom.

(Upstairs Ayaka's Room)

Ayaka was lying in her bed crying into her pillow holding a picture frame of her and Naruto standing in front of a lake with her holding onto his arm smiling and Naruto smiling as well giving a peace sign "why" she sobbed out wondering why her nii-chan wanted to leave and thinking I was her fault then she heard a knock on the door "Ayaka I'm coming in" she heard Naruto say. When he got inside her room he saw her lying in her bed with her back towards the door. He walked up to her bed and sat down on it and listen to her cry "Ayaka please stop crying" he said to her not liking her cry he didn't get any response from her but more crying.

He turned his body around so he can look at her he raised his hand up and reached out and grabbed her shoulder when he touched her she get up and hug him tightly and sobbed "why.. why a-are y-you l-le-leaving nii-chan is it because of me is it because I always cline on to you I'll stop doing it if you stay please" she said sobbing into his shirt.

When he heard her say it was her fault that he was leaving he became sad and hug her back saying "Ayaka-chan you're not the reason I'm leaving I swear" he got her to calm down a little "I'm leaving because as I said in the dining room I found a photo of my father and I want to find him to see if it's him or not that's why I haven't been myself for these past few month" he told her getting her to calm down a little more "but why aren't we your family now why do you want to find him why" she ask looking up at him with tears rolling down her cheeks "because he's my father and I owe him something for giving me the life of a jinchuuriki please Ayaka-chan stop crying" he told her she put her had back into his chest.

After a few minutes of silence Naruto chopped the back of ayaka's neck and knocked her out letting her body limp into his and grabbed hold of her and put her back in bed "sorry Ayaka-chan but I need to go now I hope you can forgive me" he said to her then came up with a good idea he let her go and brought his hands to the back of his neck and begun to untie the Shodai Hokage's necklets off "Ayaka-chan I promise I'll come back because I love this necklets it was a present from someone important to me so please keep it safe" he said putting the necklets into her hand and closed it he kissed her forehead and walked out the room not looking back "nii-chan" he heard her whisper in her sleep as the door closed.

After he got everything packed up he walked out the door and saw ayaka's parents standing outside her mother had a few tears in her eyes well her father was looking up at the sky Naruto walked up to them and said "well I'll be leaving now" looking over the yard "hm before you go take this" the man said holding out an envelope Naruto took it and ask "what is it" the mother then said "it's a credit card with some money on it so you don't have to sleep on the ground as you travel" she then walked up to him and hug him "thank you" he said to the both of them then disappeared in a swirl of leaves and heard "take care of Ayaka-chan" they looked at each other and giggled "it would seem that those two are more closer than just being brother and sister" the man said getting a nod from his wife then went inside to check on Ayaka.

(An Hour Later)

Ayaka slowly open her eyes and saw she was looking up at the ceiling "did I fell asleep" she thought the got up fast and begun to look around her room "nii-chan? Nii-chan" Ayaka yelled the last part then he door open "nii-chan" she yelled getting out of bed smiling then saw it was her mother "I'm sorry Ayaka my dear but Naruto left an hour ago" she told her daughter. When Ayaka heard he already left she began to cry but when he brought her hand up to her face she felt something small and cold in her hand and looked to see what it was and saw it was Naruto's jewel necklets "nii-chan necklets why do I have it" she said to herself "maybe he left it for you to say he will be back" her mother said trying to cheer her daughter up and it work she saw her brighten up and tied the necklets around her neck "nii-chan I swear I'll keep this necklets safe till you come back" she thought to herself.

(End Chapter)

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