Title: Brotherly Love

Movie: Avalon High

Characters: Marco and Will

Summary: Will and Marco are left home alone, and Will wants to thank his bro for protecting him. He's willing to do almost anything, but can he give Marco what he wants.

It had been almost two months since the "King" incident. Knowing it was too ridiculous no one involved ever actually told anyone, especially their parents. Due to this fact the parents of Marco and Will unknowingly left two ex-enemies alone for two weeks while they had a vacation.

"We left the money in the sugar jar, call if anything happens, don't throw a party and please…don't fight." their mom said as she rushed out the door. The two boys waited about thirty seconds before their mom re-entered the house.

"I-I forgot my cell phone." she said in a embarrassed tone. Marco handed her the phone off the table and off she was this time she forgot nothing else.

Now alone just as he had done since the incident Will began to thank Marco and apologize twice as much.

"Marco I know we've had A LOT of complicated issues, but I really didn't know- well how could I. my point is owe big time…I'll do anything you want. If its embarrassing I won't tell a soul and mom and dad are gone so it's just you and me."

Marco only rolled his eyes. "For the millionth time Will it's cool. I was only doing what dad wouldn't. Don't sweat it man."

He knew Will would dog him the whole two weeks. He considered earplugs. Bud decided to shower instead. He could still hear Will trying to apologize to him in the hall way. When he got out and wrapped himself with the towel Will was there, big eyed and all this drove Marco over edge. He needed to be alone right the fuck now.

"Dude it's cool just go watch TV to thank me or something" he said trying to get to his room.

"NO WAY! You did too much for me so I'll do whatever you want me to do to thank you" he said firmly.

With that said Marco pushed Will up against the wall and kissed him hard. Will was so shocked, but when he opened his mouth to protest Marco slid in his tongue. And both Will and Marco began to groan and moan into the kiss. Realizing what he was doing Will pushed away from his brother.

Will was confused, hurt, angry, shocked and horny all at once. He stared at his brother and saw sadness in his eyes, but showed no signs of regret. This was enough to throw Will past his limit.

"I HATE YOU!" he screamed before running to his room. Marco stood there in twice as much shocked as his brother. For years he had kept his feelings for Will secret. Only secretly staring at pictures, because it'd be hard to explain if he was caught daydreaming. All his work had been thrown away by one beautiful, sinful and lustful kiss.

End of chapter 1

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