Love That Needs No Words

This story takes place after Ash completes his journey in Sinnoh. In this story, Unova is a non-existent region.

Chapter 1: Welcome Home

It was a beautiful spring morning when Ash Ketchum arrived in Vermillion City with his best friend Brock and his favorite Pokémon, Pikachu. They disembarked the S.S. Anne and walked north, passing through Saffron City and Cerulean City. Then the duo walked west to Pewter City.

" It feels so good to finally be home," said Brock.

" Yeah, are you going to stay here or are you coming with me to Pallet Town?" asked Ash.

" I'm going to go home and see my family first. I'll stay here for about a week, then I'll visit you in Pallet Town," said Brock as he waved goodbye to Ash and walked back to his home.

" I guess that just leaves us Pikachu," said Ash to his yellow friend.

" Pika pika," said Pikachu. Then Ash and Pikachu walked south into the Viridian Forest.

" Do you remember this Pikachu? I still have nightmares about Beedrills and Pidgeys," said Ash, remembering the time he and Pikachu nearly died.

" Oh shoot, that reminds me. I never went to visit Misty. I'm going to die. Oh well she can come find me," said Ash as he continued to walk through Viridian Forest. Finally, Ash saw sunlight, and the trainer and his Pokémon made it out of the woods in one piece. They walked into Viridian City. While walking down the street, Ash saw his old friend and rival, Gary Oak, standing outside the gym surrounding by fangirls. Not wanting to battle now, Ash tried to sneak past Gary. His cover was blown however, when Gary's Umbreon saw Ash and Pikachu and got his master's attention.

" Well well well, who do we have here?" asked Gary.

" Oh hey Gary, I didn't know it was you," said Ash nervously.

" Sure you didn't Ash, and Onix evolves into Mewtwo," said Gary sarcastically.

" Whatever Gary, I'm leaving now, if you want to battle, it'll have to wait," said Ash trying to sneak away.

" I never planned to battle you Ash, maybe you forgot that now I'm dedicated to research and battles are the last thing on my mind," said Gary.

" Okay Gary sure, I'll see you around," said Ash as he began to walk away.

" Oh wait Ash, someone came to Pallet Town a few months ago looking for you," said Gary remembering he had something to tell Ash.

" Who?" asked Ash curiously.

" I'm sorry Ash but I forgot her name, all I remember is that she kicked my ass in a Pokémon battle," said Gary.

" It was a girl?" said Ash even more interested.

" Yeah, just ask your mom, I think she wrote her name down," said Gary as he went back over to his group.

" I wonder who she was?" said Ash to Pikachu.

" Pika?" added Pikachu.

" Oh well I'll find out when I get home," said Ash as he and Pikachu started to walk south on Route One and into Pallet Town. By the time Ash arrived, the sun was setting.

" Finally, we're here! This place hasn't changed a bit," said Ash stretching his arms and walking towards his house. In his mother's garden, a Mr. Mime was watering the plants. Mr. Mime looked up and noticed the black-haired trainer approaching the house.

" Mr. Mime!" yelled Delia's Mr. Mime, Mimey as he ran up to Ash and hugged him.

" Hey Mimey, I missed you too. Where's Mom?" asked Ash. Mimey pointed at the kitchen window.

" Thanks Mimey! Let's go Pikachu!" said Ash as he walked into his house and went straight into the kitchen. Ash's mother, Delia, was doing the dishes and turned around when she heard someone walk in.

" Oh my God! Ash!" yelled Delia as she ran up to her son and hugged him, nearly strangling him.

" Hey Ma. How've you been?" asked Ash trying to breath.

" I'm fine but how are you and how was Sinnoh?" asked Delia.

" It was a very nice region with many great Pokémon. Plus I met a very nice girl named Dawn," explained Ash.

" Is she your girlfriend?" asked Delia smiling.

" No Mom, I consider her like a younger sister," said Ash.

" Oh well, go sit at the table and I'll heat you up something to eat. Pikachu I got plenty of ketchup for you," said Delia. Pikachu yelled out in happiness.

" Thanks Mom. Gary told me that someone came looking for me a few months ago," said Ash as Delia put a plate of spaghetti on the table and gave Pikachu a ketchup bottle.

" Oh yes, she was a very pretty girl. She said that she missed you and wanted to see you. Her name was Anabel," said Delia. Ash nearly choked on his food when he heard the name.

" Anabel?" said Ash, beginning to blush.

" Yeah, she had this amazing power to talk to her Pokémon using her mind," said Delia.

" I met her before I left for Sinnoh. She is the Battle Frontier Brain of the Battle Tower. She wants... she wants to see me?" asked Ash nervously.

" Yes, she seemed to miss you a lot, does she have feeling for you?" asked Delia. Ash put his head into his hands.

" I should've known. The way she smiled at me and wanted to be around me," said Ash, regretting not being able to sense her feelings earlier.

" Do you have feelings for her?" asked Delia and Ash's face turned more red than Groudon.

" Yes... she's a very beautiful girl. I loved being around her and now I feel like an idiot. I'm sorry Mom but tomorrow I need to travel to the Battle Tower," said Ash. Delia kissed his forehead and sat down next to him.

" It's ok Ashy, I understand. But Ash Ketchum, you better return with a girlfriend," said Delia.

" Thanks Mom," said Ash as he continued to eat.

" Anytime Ash, it looks like Pikachu's done eating so I'll take him upstairs and wash and groom him," said Delia as she picked up the happy yellow Pokémon and carried him upstairs.

Ash finished his dinner and went upstairs to his room. He got out his case of many awards and went through it until he found his Frontier Symbols. He pulled out his Ability Symbol, presented to him by Salon Maiden Anabel. He held the Symbol close to him.

" Don't worry Anabel, I'll be by your side again in no time," said Ash quietly. Then Delia walked into the room with Pikachu who was now so clean, he was a brighter yellow color.

" There all better. Ash is that the award Anabel gave you?" asked Delia looking at the gold Symbol. Ash nodded his head yes before putting it back in the case.

" Mom, can you wake me up early tomorrow? I want to get to the Battle Tower as quickly as possible," said Ash, eager to see Anabel again.

" Sure Ash, I'll see you in the morning. Good night," said Delia as she kissed her son good night and walked out of the room.

" Good night Ma!" said Ash before jumping into his nice warm bed. Pikachu cuddled up into a ball at his feet and the two quickly fell asleep.

Meanwhile, near the Battle Tower, a lilac-haired girl was walking home after a long day of battling, alongside her Espeon. Anabel was exhausted and couldn't wait to get to sleep. Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks and closed her eyes. Her Espeon looked at her curiously.

" Sorry Espeon, I just felt a presence which I haven't felt since..." she stopped speaking and a tear formed in her eye.

" Ash is... back," said Anabel smiling. Then the Salon Maiden and her Pokémon continued to walk home. She entered her house and walked into her bedroom. After she got into her bed, she picked up a picture which was on her nightstand. It was a picture of Ash from when he battled her at the Battle Tower. She slowly touched the picture with her hand.

" Please come back to me Ash, I love you," said Anabel as she put the picture down and fell asleep. She then fell asleep, dreaming of the boy of whom she was in love with, Ash Ketchum.

To be continued...